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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 19 Recap

Lin Zhixiao was inherently unwilling to admit defeat, so he suggested to Gu Wei to eat a bowl of noodles, but Gu Wei suddenly stared at Lin Zhixiao and told her to close her eyes. Xiao Shan and the others saw it clearly and mistakenly thought that Gu Wei was going to kiss Lin Zhixiao. Similarly, Lin Zhixiao and the people present had the same thoughts, and they approached with anticipation.

However, Gu Wei, a straight man, didn’t care about this, and stretched out his hand to tear off Lin Zhixiao’s double eyelid stickers. Lin Zhixiao, who was immersed in sweetness, regained consciousness in an instant, and ran away with embarrassed and speechless excuses. Gu Wei didn’t realize how embarrassing his behavior was, so he stayed where he was and didn’t do anything.

Xiao Shan and Yin Xi chased after seeing this, and analyzed that Gu Wei might be out of face, so he didn’t get close to Lin Zhixiao, so they decided to go shopping for three couples later. Sure enough, when Gu Wei and Lin Zhixiao were alone together, the tense nerves finally relaxed, no longer as restrained as before.

Because Lin Zhixiao attached great importance to this date, and in order to make himself look stable and mature, he suffered from high heels and walked all day, and his heels were red and swollen. Gu Wei took the initiative to put on embroidered shoes for Lin Zhixiao, massaged her ankles very considerately, and repeatedly warned her about the damage to bones caused by high heels.

Seeing Lin Zhixiao answering repeatedly, Gu Wei took off his coat and draped it over her. The two sat side by side and waited quietly for the fireworks festival. Fireworks bloomed all over the sky, Lin Zhixiao quickly closed his eyes and made a wish. Afterwards, he asked Gu Wei about his wish, and Gu Wei said that his wish had already been fulfilled, because the biggest wish was sitting beside him.

It was Gu Wei’s casual love words that directly hit Lin Zhixiao’s heart. As more and more fireworks were set off, almost illuminating the entire night sky, Gu Wei and Lin Zhixiao looked at each other affectionately. Kiss for love. At the same time, Shao Jiang finished his perfect performance, and learned through his agent that he was going to Huaqing University next time and needed a cellist urgently. When Shao Jiang looked through the circle of friends, he found a group photo of Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei, and felt very lost.

Although Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei established a romantic relationship, they did not inform the parents of both parties. As a result, falling in love was like a guerrilla war to avoid being caught by their own parents at any time. After the holiday, Lin Zhixiao went to the school to report, trotting downstairs all the way, getting into Gu Wei’s car extremely nervously, so as not to be discovered by Lin’s mother.

On the way to the school, Gu Wei specially prepared breakfast for Lin Zhixiao. Lin Zhixiao knew that he made the sandwiches, so he was very moved. Lin Zhixiao also ordered couple shirts online. Gu Wei felt naive and said he would never wear them. At this time, Shao Jiang came to greet Lin Zhixiao and mentioned that she had been recommended to perform on stage.

Lin Zhixiao gladly accepted Shao Jiang’s invitation. After all, if the performance is successful, it is very likely that she will sign a contract with the company, and becoming a cellist is her dream. Gu Wei next to him heard that Shao Jiang was going to practice alone with Lin Zhixiao, and his face became very ugly. Lin Zhixiao saw the clue, so after Shao Jiang left, he repeatedly emphasized that Shao Jiang was only his teacher, and his heart started from the beginning. In the end it was only him.

Although Gu Wei regarded Shao Jiang as a rival in love, he was reasonable and knew that the concert would have a great impact on Lin Zhixiao’s career, so he supported her decision very much. Back in the hospital, Gu Wei received the couple’s shirt that Lin Zhixiao bought for him, and happened to hear everyone gossip that Xiao Liu’s girlfriend was pryed away by his first love, so he couldn’t help feeling a sense of crisis, so he wore a couple’s shirt to school to pick up Lin Zhixiao after get off work. .

At the end of the rehearsal in the music room, Shao Jiang deliberately exchanged music experience with Lin Zhixiao, which made her unable to escape for a while. Gu Wei walked into the music room and called Sheng Xiaoxiao very affectionately. Lin Zhixiao was overjoyed immediately and jumped to Gu Wei with joy, letting him hold him for a few laps.

Lin Zhixiao found out that Gu Wei was wearing a couple’s shirt, so he was even happier and discussed where to eat at night, but Shao Jiang didn’t mind being a light bulb and followed them to the restaurant. The three of them had their own thoughts, and the atmosphere was slightly awkward. Gu Wei took off his jacket and deliberately displayed his couple’s outfit with Lin Zhixiao. The conversation between him and Shao Jiang was full of gunpowder.

Shao Jiang was not to be outdone, and when he mentioned the past of him and Lin Zhixiao again, Gu Wei was completely speechless. Taking advantage of Lin Zhixiao’s time to go to the bathroom, Gu Wei immediately said that Lin Zhixiao was his girlfriend, but Shao Jiang thought that as long as he was not married, he would have the opportunity to pursue Lin Zhixiao.

At this time, Gu Wei received a call from the hospital. Because of a temporary emergency, he had to rush back. Shao Jiang could not ask for it, and offered to accompany Lin Zhixiao to dinner, but Gu Wei avoided letting his rival and girlfriend get along alone, so he took a taxi to take Lin Zhixiao home. Shao Jiang received a text message from Lin Zhixiao and had to leave in frustration.

On the other side, Father Gu went home and talked about Gao Xi’s sudden vacation, and learned from Vice President Gao that this matter should have a lot to do with Gu Wei. Mother Gu had already regarded Gao Xi as her future daughter-in-law, so she took the initiative to call Gao Xi and ask her about the situation.

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