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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 18 Recap

Xue Sanyue gradually woke up, she found that she was not frozen, and remembered that Li Shu saved her in a trance, Xue Sanyue decided to go back to Wanhua Valley to find an antidote. Qingyu Luanniao made a contribution to Lishu and restored his spiritual power to the original. Lishu learned that Xue Sanyue had returned to Wanhua Valley, and chased after him.

The sin immortals were imprisoned in Congji Station. In order to hide people’s eyes and ears, they pretended to torture Ji Yunhe in every possible way, and deliberately made a wailing scream. The guards at Congji Station believed the truth and reported to Ru Ling truthfully. Ji Yunhe devotes herself to cultivation, she is always worried about Changyi outside, even if Changyi hates her to the bone, she still wants to protect his safety. But Ji Yunhe couldn’t gather the spiritual power in her body, she was so anxious, and Gu Huoniao gave instructions, Ji Yunhe benefited a lot.

Ruling heard that Ji Yunhe was tortured to the death, she was very happy, when she heard that Changyi had not been caught, she immediately became furious, and sent Zhang Xian to report to Zhu Ling of Lingshuangtai, asking him to be arrested within three days. To the long-term, or blame everyone, Ru Ling also asked Wanhuagu to send reinforcements. Wanhuagu and Lingshuangtai have always been at odds. Lin Haoqing knows that Zhu Ling is not a good person, but he does not dare to disobey Ruling’s order, so he has to ask Qu Xiaoxing to send someone to Lingshuangtai.

Luo Jinsang overheard Qu Xiaoxing arranging for someone to arrest Changyi. She gritted her teeth in anger and rushed up to argue with Qu Xiaoxing. Qu Xiaoxing advised her to stay calm. Luo Jinsang scolded Lin Haoqing for being weak and did not dare to rescue Ji Yunhe. Going to catch Changyi, and now rescuing Siyu again, Qu Xiaoxing repeatedly explained that Lin Haoqing was trying to save Ji Yunhe, but the time had not come, Luo Jinsang didn’t buy it at all, Qu Xiaoxing didn’t want to explain too much, and hurriedly found an excuse to run away. Zhu Ling received Ruling’s order, ordered to dig three feet in the ground to catch Changyi, and also arrested the people in Wanhua Valley.

Xue Sanyue returned to the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers, she secretly sneaked into the inner hall, and when she heard Lin Haoqing and Siyu discuss the antidote to the frost in the secret room, she quietly hid. Luo Jinsang became angrier the more she thought about it, and decided to personally check what the hell Lin Haoqing was doing. After Lin Haoqing and Si Yu left, Xue Sanyue opened the door of the secret room. She rummaged inside and finally found a few antidote.

Lin Haoqing sensed that someone had sneaked into the secret room, so he brought Siyu back. Seeing that Xue Sanyue was leaving with the few antidote she had, he forced her to hand it over. Medicine, Xue Sanyue resolutely quit, the two fought hard, and Xue Sanyue gradually lost. Luo Jinsang came to help Xue Sanyue in time, Xue Sanyue took the opportunity to slip away, Lin Haoqing pursued her desperately, Lishu suddenly appeared to block Lin Haoqing’s way, Lin Haoqing had to take people away, he sent Siyu to lock Luo Jinsang stand up. Xue Sanyue fled back to Leyou Mountain, and fainted again due to a frost attack. Lishu gave her an antidote, and Qingyu Luanniao saw it all.

Changyi took the initiative to ask to use her own bait design in exchange for Qingxuan, and Qingyao naturally could not ask for it, and they made a careful deployment. Gu Huoniao taught Ji Yunhe how to practice Yin Soul Needle by hand. Due to the limited time, she could only stick to a stick of incense. Ji Chengyu secretly came to see Ji Yunhe, brought her refreshing clothes made of special materials, and revealed that he had reported to Ning Qing that these sinners were soon released.

Qingyao came to Zhu Ling for peace talks with Changyi. Zhu Ling promised to meet tomorrow and wanted to take the opportunity to kill them all. He reported to Ruling as soon as possible, and Ruling decided to rush to Lingshuangtai to capture Changyi in person. Xue Sanyue woke up in a daze and found herself in a cave, mistaking Qingyu Luanniao to rescue her.

Lishu finally woke up, Qingyu Luanniao reprimanded him and warned him not to spend any more spiritual power, otherwise he would be wiped out again, and Lishu was willing to give everything for Xue Sanyue. Xue Sanyue suddenly came to look for Qingyu Luan Bird, Lishu was so frightened that she hurried to hide, Xue Sanyue smelled the fragrance of wisteria flowers in the room, Lishu used to wear this kind of fragrance, she was sure that Lishu was rescued by Qingyu Luan Bird Now, she wanted to go in and look for it, but Qingyu Luanniao hurriedly stopped her, so she had to leave angrily.

Qingyao came to the appointment with Changyi tied, Zhu Ling came later, Qingyao handed over Changyi, and suddenly someone attacked Changyi, Changyi shot back, and then withdrew safely. Unexpectedly, Zhu Ling had already ambushed many people, and had no intention of exchanging the fox king at all. Then Zhu Ling surrounded Chang Yi and others, and Ru Ling suddenly fell from the sky and ordered Chang Yi to be arrested. Chang Yi fought back desperately.

Kongming came to Lingshuang Terrace, which was guarding the emptiness, and used the Immortal Capture Array to subdue all the guards. He took full control of Lingshuang Terrace. Ru Ling was dumbfounded. Changyi pushed Ruling to a corner and vowed to kill her. Ruling moved out of Ji Yunhe and threatened him. Changyi kept saying that he hated Ji Yunhe deeply. Ruling couldn’t help laughing. He also talked about torturing Ji Yunhe. Chang Yi was provoked and killed her. Zhang Xian used his body to protect Ru Ling, and was pierced by Chang Yi’s long sword.

Zhu Ling and Qing Yao were fighting together, eager to rescue the fox king, Chang Yi came to help in time, knocked Zhu Ling to the ground, and released the elixir of the captured people of the fox clan. Qing Yao called on the fox clan to rise up and resist them. Shouting the slogan “Kill Zhu Ling, destroy Shunde, save the fox king, protect Beiyuan”, the people of the fox clan were invincible, and both Ru Ling and Zhu Ling were dumbfounded.

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