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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 17 Recap

After the sudden death of Elder Liuying, everyone in Wanhuagu was in danger. Lin Haoqing didn’t want to watch the people in Wanhuagu lose their lives one by one by the frost, so he had to wake up his personal immortal servant Siyu. When Siyu shot Ji Yunhe to hurt Ji Yunhe, Lin Haoqing beat her back to her original shape in a fit of anger, and then secretly hid her in the snake cave.

Lin Haoqing told Siyu about the predicament that Wanhuagu was facing. Siyu was willing to replace Ji Yunhe as a test product against the frost. Lin Haoqing didn’t want her to make unnecessary sacrifices like Qingshu. The power of the two poles of Qiankun opened up the two veins, Siyu willingly rubbed the ground for Lin Haoqing’s liver and brain, and Lin Haoqing decided to let her see the sun again tomorrow.

Qu Xiaoxing came to Lin Haoqing and was surprised to see Siyu resurrected from the dead. Lin Haoqing did not explain much, and sent him to announce the news of Siyu’s return to the Valley of Flowers. Lin Haoqing didn’t understand that his father forced himself to make choices before, but now as the owner of the valley, he understands that facing responsibilities, he has to make choices.

Kong Ming took Changyi and Rosso to Beiyuan day and night. He would help Changyi heal when he had time, and he had to avoid the pursuit of Lutaishan disciples. Kong Ming made a lot of friends along the way, but he never found a way to help Changyi repair the elixir. Ru Ling sent people to look for long-term meanings, but all came back without success. She poured all her anger on Ji Yunhe and tortured Ji Yunhe in every possible way. Ji Yunhe’s arm was scalded with a deep brand. Changyi’s thoughts turned into motivation, Ji Chengyu reminded Ji Yunhe to beware of Ru Ling, but Ji Yunhe didn’t care.

Kong Ming, Chang Yi and Luo Suo all the way to the north, they came to the site of Fox King Qingxuan, and they were getting closer and closer to Lingshuang Terrace. Lingshuangtai is Ruling’s site. The owner of the station, Zhu Ling, is loyal to Ruling. In addition, the terrain here is dangerous, easy to defend and difficult to attack. Kongming does not dare to break through. Yi firmly believes that Qing Xuan can help them.

Zhu Ling believed in his strong spiritual power, and often led people to sneak attacks on the nearby Qingqiu Fox Clan. The Fox Clan was beaten and displaced and complained. On this day, Zhu Ling heard that the people of the fox clan were haunting nearby, and immediately took them to encircle and suppress them, forcing them to hand over the elixir. Kong Ming, Chang Yi and Luo Suo passed by. From a distance, they saw Zhu Ling struggling with Qingyao, and the tricks were fatal. Chang Yi came to the rescue. Kong Ming let them both go first, and he knocked Zhu Ling over. land.

Qingyao suspects that Changyi is a spy sent by Zhu Ling and is hostile to him. Qingyao’s cousin Qi Feng hurriedly came to meet him, and took Luo Suo as a hostage. Only then did Changyi know that Qingyao belonged to Qingxuan. daughter. Qifeng saw the portrait of the reward notice and recognized Changyi at a glance, and ordered him to be arrested and presented to Ruling, but Qingyao refused to agree. Qifeng wanted to use Changyi as a bargaining chip in exchange for the safety of his clan, so he rushed over. To catch Changyi, Qingyao desperately blocked it, and Kongming arrived in time to make a clearance for Changyi.

Ruling sent Zhang Xian envoy to find all the sinners Ji Yunhe had domesticated, and wanted them to take revenge on Ji Yunhe together, including Gu Huoniao and others. In fact, secretly helping Ji Yunhe silently, Ru Ling’s conspiracy is self-defeating. Qingyao settled Changyi, Kongming and Luo Suo in a very secret cave, and sent a panacea to Changyi. Changyi explained her intention and wanted to form an alliance with Qingxuan to capture Lingshuang Terrace and then destroy the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Qing Xuan was imprisoned in Lingshuang Terrace by Zhu Ling in order to protect the clan.

After Qingyu Luanniao’s unremitting efforts, Lishu’s human form has recovered eight or nine points, and it can be completed in a little time. Lishu wants to change back to human form as soon as possible and meet Xue Sanyue. Xue Sanyue finally found the fairy grass from Daiyu, and gave it to Qingyu Luan Bird at the first time. Qingyu Luan Bird used the fairy grass to help Lishu to restore his human form. Lishu learned that Xue Sanyue was in the cave and hurried over there.

Looking for her, seeing Xue Sanyue Frost attacked and trembling all over, Li Shu used his spiritual power to transfer the cold air into himself, and then quietly left. Lishu spent most of his spiritual energy, and his physical strength gradually became exhausted, and finally fainted in front of Qingyu Luanniao’s door.

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