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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 16 Recap

Lin Haoqing did not rescue Ji Yunhe, and was injured by Ning Qing. He decided to return to Wanhua Valley. Luo Jinsang refused to do it and wanted to stay in Lutai Mountain to continue to rescue Ji Yunhe. Lin Haoqing had to admit that Ji Yunhe did not go with him at all, and asked him to take good care of Luo Jinsang, Luo Jinsang had to give up, Lin Haoqing secretly vowed to take Ji Yunhe away from here safe and sound.

Although Ning Qing ordered to conceal the news of Ji Yunhe’s arrest, the news of Lin Haoqing breaking into the Immortal Master’s Mansion to save people quickly reached Ruling’s ears. Ji Yunhe wanted to give Ji Yunhe a deep-rooted frost, but Ji Yunhe did not show weakness, and insisted that there was a secret between her and Ning Qing. Ru Ling became angry and implanted the frost into Ji Yunhe’s body. Ji Yunhe once again showed the original form of the nine-tailed fox to fight back. Qing heard the news and came to tie Ji Yunhe up.

Ru Ling was so angry that he wanted to kill Ji Yunhe, but Ning Qing did not agree, so he took Ru Ling away. Ji Yunhe wanted to die, but Ning Qing discovered that Ji Yunhe had the spirit elixir of the nine-tailed fox in his body, and he also possessed the spiritual power of the earth and the gods, and successfully resolved the frost. Ji Yunhe did not expect that Lin Canglan spent a hundred years of hard work on her cultivation finally succeeded. , Although her life was saved, but now she is in prison, and her beloved Changyi has been heartbroken, Ji Yunhe couldn’t help sneering.

Ru Ling has a deep love for Ning Qing, but she never thought that Ning Qing would drive her away for Ji Yunhe’s sake. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. Zhang Xian envoy persuaded her well, and even used a scaled light skirt made of shark tail to make her happy. Ru Ling Ling decided to give Ning Qing a surprise tonight. Ning Qing got up on time for the appointment. Ru Ling dressed up carefully and danced to please Ning Qing. Ning Qing played the piano to accompany her, and the two cooperated tacitly.

At the end of the song, Ru Ling came to Ning Qing affectionately. Ning Qing was furious when she saw Linguang’s skirt, and threw the qin to the ground in a fit of anger, and took off her Linguang skirt. Ru Ling was so frightened that she apologized again and again, and Ning Qing realized that She went too far and tried her best to appease Ru Ling. Ru Ling took the opportunity to ask Ning Qing why she kept Ji Yunhe. Ning Qing explained that she was just treating Ji Yunhe as a medicine man, and Ru Ling was relieved a little.

When Lin Haoqing returned to the Valley of Thousand Flowers, he came to the sea of ​​flowers involuntarily, as if he saw Ji Yunhe when he was a child, and regretted not saving her. Ru Ling tortured Ji Yunhe in every possible way, but Ji Yunhe was safe and sound. She knew very well that Ru Ling hadn’t caught her long-term intentions, so she sneered at Ru Ling.

Ru Ling ignored Ji Chengyu’s block and used the most ruthless trick to torture Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe quickly recovered as before. Ning Qing saw that Ji Yunhe was unscathed, only to find that there was a shark bead in her body that repaired the wound. Ji Yunhe suspected that Ning Qing and Ru Ling had partnered to plot against her, just to verify the power of the shark bead, but Ning Qing denied it, he didn’t want to explain too much.

After Kongming’s careful diagnosis and treatment, Changyi’s injury gradually improved. Luo Suo took him back to the East China Sea. Zhang Xianshi and the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion had been waiting for a long time. Zhang Xianshi was instructed to seal the East China Sea, and he wanted to return Changyi to Ru Ling.

Changyi resisted desperately. Zhang Xianshi claimed that King Shark was disrespectful for his disobedience. Ruling sent twelve golden talismans to break the bones of King Shark. , and also broke his immortal root, Zhang Xianshi took out King Shark’s shark bead and threw it to Changyi, just about to reach out to pick it up, suddenly a sharp sword stabbed at his chest, he grabbed the sword head tightly, Zhang Xian envoy ordered Chang Yi to be arrested, and Rosso used all his spiritual power to block it.

Changyi was hit hard on the back, and King Shark’s Zen staff suddenly fell from the sky. Changyi waved the staff and knocked Zhang Xianshi and the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion to the ground. Kongming came to help in time, and found that Changyi’s elixir had already disappeared. Broken, hurriedly rescued him and Rosso. Changyi dreamed about his father, King Shark, who gave him the Shark family and promised to bless him.

Changyi thought about it again and again and decided to join forces with Kongming to deal with the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Kongming took out the golden lotus to verify again, only to find that Changyi was not his chance. Changyi knew that Kongming had been wanting to seek revenge from the Immortal Master’s Mansion for a hundred years.

But the others were weak, and Changyi wanted to avenge the King of Sharks wholeheartedly. He begged Kongming to bring him, but Kongming reluctantly agreed. He wanted to go to Beiyuan to open the gap, so he brought Changyi and Luo Suo there. This coincided with Tianjun. Tianjun knew that his cultivation was not enough, and he could not fight against Ning Qing and Ruling for the time being. Hexu Shenjun advised him not to worry, Tianjun decided to use Beiyuan’s power.

From the information left by his father Lin Canglan, Lin Haoqing found out that Ji Yunhe had double veins on his body. In a critical moment, he transformed into a nine-tailed fox to protect himself. He knew that Ji Yunhe was safe and sound, and his heart was relieved. He decided to save Wanhua Valley from the frost at all costs. suffering people.

Elder Liuying’s life was in danger of an attack of frost, and Lin Haoqing was powerless with all his spiritual power. Ru Ling brought the King Shark’s shark pearl to demonstrate to Ji Yunhe, threatening to never go back to the East China Sea. He must have hated Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe was so angry that he gnashed his teeth and rushed up to fight Ruling, but he was beaten all over the body. Ji Yunhe was very distressed, and begged Ru Ling to let go of her long-term intentions. Ru Ling was very proud and walked away with a sneer.

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