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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 14 Recap

Ji Yunhe and Changyi came under the wishing tree. Changyi learned that writing down a wish and hanging it on the tree might come true. He wrote on the spot “May my loved one be safe and happy for the rest of his life”, and Ji Yunhe asked him to read it out loud to the sky The immortal listened, and Changyi obeyed obediently. Ji Yunhe also read it aloud, and secretly prayed that Changyi would be safe and healthy for the rest of his life. Lin Haoqing saw this scene from a distance and vowed to protect Ji Yunhe.

The fireworks are brilliant in the sky. Ji Yunhe and Changyi watch the fireworks together and enjoy the sweet moment with Changyi. At this time, Qu Xiaoxing quietly walks past Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe knows that Lin Haoqing has arranged everything, so she brings Changyi to the cabin in the woods. , Lin Haoqing and Qu Xiaoxing have already arranged this place. Ji Yunhe wanted to stay here with Changyi until midnight, Changyi gave her scales and pearls, and took out red ropes and tied them to their wrists. Ji Yunhe moved Changyi to keep the first gift she gave him, the conch, which made her feel more distressed for Changyi’s unreserved love for her.

Ji Yunhe couldn’t help kissing Changyi, hoping to meet him sooner in the next life, and the two stayed with each other until midnight. Ji Yunhe and Changyi said goodbye. Ji Yunhe dazed Changyi, put him on the bed, and set up a barrier in the room. Ji Yunhe used all his spiritual power to help Changyi break Ruling’s restraint, and then bid him farewell with tears.

Ji Yunhe asked Lin Haoqing to take Changyi away. She had to go back alone to face the bloody storm. Lin Haoqing was worried that Changyi would not leave. Ji Yunhe knew that Changyi hated being deceived the most. If Changyi knew that Ji Yunhe had been using him, she would completely give up and leave of. Luo Jinsang and Qu Xiaoxing came later. They heard Ji Yunhe’s words. Luo Jinsang wanted to live and die with Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe didn’t want to implicate her. ground, and then returned to camp without looking back.

The guards found out that Changyi was gone, and exclaimed in fright. Ji Chengyu suspected that Ji Yunhe had let him go, but Ji Yunhe denied it, so Ji Chengyu had to send people to look around. Qu Xiaoxing tried his best to soothe Luo Jinsang to sleep, but Changyi woke up suddenly and found that Ji Yunhe was gone. Tortured to death, he did not stop Changyi.

Changyi hurried back to the camp to find Ji Yunhe. In order to make him give up completely, Ji Yunhe kept claiming that she had never loved Changyi, but was using him all the time. Now that she has got the shark pearl, Changyi is useless, and Changyi is dumbfounded. . When the guards heard the news, they came to arrest Changyi, and Changyi made an effort to knock them to the ground, grab Ji Yunhe and run away.

Lin Haoqing and Qu Xiaoxing walked halfway and saw Ji Yunhe and Changyi being chased and killed. Changyi took Ji Yunhe to the top of the mountain, and there was an abyss in front of him. Ji Yunhe advised Changyi to give up as soon as possible. Changyi didn’t believe that Ji Yunhe would betray him and believed that she had difficulties. Ji Yunhe said a lot of heartless words and made it clear that she had never He was sincere to Changyi, raised his dagger and stabbed Changyi, and cut off the red rope on his wrist. Ji Yunhe pushed Changyi off the cliff.

Ji Chengyu and others arrived later, Ji Yunhe put on a stance to fight them to the death, Ru Ling rushed over, Ji Yunhe wanted to kill her to avenge Changyi, Ruling sent Ji Chengyu to the bottom of the cliff to find Changyi, Ji Yunhe desperately blocked, not allowed Anyone jumping off a cliff, she wants to buy time for her long-term survival. On the way to block, Ji Yunhe suddenly had a frost attack, she stood up with force, Ru Ling ordered random arrows to be fired, Ji Yunhe dodged left and right, and was finally defeated due to lack of physical strength, and she was shot all over her body.

Ji Yunhe struggled to stand up, Ru Ling shot through her body, Ji Yunhe squatted there motionless, Ru Ling mistakenly thought she was dead, and vowed to burn her ashes. Ji Yunhe suddenly jumped up, she turned into a nine-tailed fox fairy, pressing Ru Ling step by step, Ru Ling was so frightened that she retreated, and begged Ji Chengyu for help. Beat to death. Immortal master Ning Qing came suddenly and knocked Ji Yunhe unconscious with one palm. He was very interested in Ji Yunhe’s identity as a non-immortal and non-demon. Ning Qing sent Ji Chengyu to take Ji Yunhe back, and he was not allowed to tell anyone about it.

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