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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 13 Recap

Ji Chengyu brought Changyi to see Ruling, the fairy of Shunde. Changyi insisted on waiting for Ji Yunhe to express her thoughts, so Ruling had to send Ji Chengyu to call Ji Yunhe. In order to please Ruling, Changyi sang a “Song of the Mermaid” to her. Ruling was deeply moved by his melodious singing and promised to grant him a wish. Ji Yunhe knew that Changyi was singing this song for her. of.

Changyi asked Ruling to release Ji Yunhe, and promised to follow her back to Lutai Mountain to enter the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Ruling was worried that Ye Chang had too many dreams and wanted to get Changyi’s shark beads first. Changyi clearly stated that shark beads are the most precious to mermen. You must choose a good day and auspicious day to take it out, and the shark pearl is the most precious thing of the merman, and it cannot be given to others easily. If it is given to others, it is the deepest affection of the merman. This aroused Ru Ling’s curiosity even more. Ji Yunhe heard Changyi’s words outside the door, and left without saying a word.

Ji Yunhe was worried that Ruling would find out that Changyi’s shark bead was missing, which would bring him death. Ji Yunhe came to Lin Haoqing for help, and asked him to let him go on the way to Lutai Mountain. If Ruling found out about this, Ji Yunhe would Willing to take all the guilt, Lin Haoqing was anxious and angry, but Ji Yunhe didn’t expect that Ji Yunhe would not care about life comfort for his long-term intentions, but Ji Yunhe had made up his mind. Ji Yunhe wanted to be free all her life, but she didn’t get it, but if she could lose her long-term intention and regain her freedom, then the final value of her life would become her long-term intention.

Ji Yunhe didn’t want to drag Luo Jinsang down and asked her to leave Wanhua Valley as soon as possible to start her new life. Luo Jinsang wanted to advance and retreat with Ji Yunhe. In order to welcome the immortal master out of the customs, Ru Ling took people to leave Wanhua Valley first, and asked Zhang Xianshi to escort Changyi back tomorrow morning.

Zhang Xianshi brought people to Siguo Cave overnight, and wanted to put shackles on Changyi, Ji Yunhe rushed in time He came to stop him, and he was not allowed to bind Changyi. Zhang Xianshi didn’t listen at all, and even spoke ill of Ji Yunhe. Changyi was angry and knocked Zhang Xianshi to the ground. Zhang Xianzhi was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

Ji Chengyu came to persuade in time, and Zhang Xian envoy led people away in anger. Ji Yunhe wanted to take Changyi for a walk in the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers. Ji Chengyu knew that Ruling had left a magic talisman on Changyi’s body, and he could not escape, so he agreed to Ji Yunhe’s request. Ji Yunhe brought Changyi to the sea of ​​​​flowers, and the two talked on their knees. Ji Yunhe knew that he could not realize the wish of the merman to be one person for the rest of his life. He only wanted to cherish the time spent together with Changyi. Ji Yunhe wanted to accompany Changyi on the way to Lutai Mountain. Take a good tour of the beauty of the world, long-term intentions naturally cannot be sought.

Zhang Xian envoy came to escort Changyi on the road early in the morning, Ji Yunhe excused to choose some rare treasures for Ru Ling, and wanted to take the road to the world. Zhang Xian envoy was worried about the unforeseen branches and resolutely disagreed. Ji Chengyu fully supported Ji Yunhe, and he had to give in.

Xue Sanyue was kicked down the mountain by Qingyu Luan Bird. She hurried to Daiyu day and night, trying to find herbs as soon as possible to restore Lishu to human form. Xue Sanyue suddenly saw a couple of lynx people catching fire mice and chased them. Reluctant to give up, they quickly blocked them in a dead end. The Lynx couple hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy. Xue Sanyue only remembered that she was no longer from Wanhuagu, so she let them go.

Xue Sanyue was penniless, and she was hungry. When she was at a loss, the Lynx couple invited her to stay at home temporarily, and they even cooked fish soup for her. Seeing their love, Xue Sanyue couldn’t help but feel their love. Thinking of her past with Lishu, she had mixed feelings in her heart. She took the fish soup and drank it, and hurriedly said goodbye and left.

Zhang Xian envoy led the team to Lutai Mountain, and Ji Chengyu asked to stop and rest from time to time to cover Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi to travel the world. This time, I was lucky enough to deceive Zhang Xianshi.

When Changyi first came to the world, he was dizzy and deeply attracted by the bustling and lively world. Changyi took a fancy to a waist pendant. The stall owner insisted that he buy a pair. Ji Yunhe bought all the waist pendants on the spot and gave them to passersby. Then, Ji Yunhe also bought all the things that Changyi likes. Qu Xiaoxing and Luojisang waited hard, but they did not see Ji Yunhe coming back with Changyi.

Zhang Xianshi found out that something was wrong with them, and came to eavesdrop quietly, only to know that Ji Yunhe and Changyi had not come back. When he came back, he claimed to be picking mountain treasures with his long intentions. Zhang Xianshi didn’t believe it at all. He opened the brocade box to see what was going on, but was stung by the bees inside and fled in embarrassment.

Ji Yunhe’s frost attacked, and her body gradually became exhausted. She insisted that she didn’t want Changyi to find out. Lin Haoqing gave her a tonic and tried to find a way to ease Ji Yunhe’s pain. Ji Yunhe knew that she didn’t have much time, and she cherished being with Changyi. every minute of every second. Zhang Xianshi led the team to the foot of Lutai Mountain very soon.

Ji Yunhe will be separated from Changyi tomorrow. She brought Changyi to the top of the mountain. She admitted that her favorite is the human world. During the festival, Changyi was very interested, Ji Yunhe took Changyi to appreciate the lanterns, and Ji Chengyu reminded them to come back before midnight.

The street market was very lively, and people took to the streets to admire the lanterns. A little girl named Duoduo gave Changyi a flower and took him to fish for goldfish. The boss gave a red rope to the person who caught the fish. Changyi wanted to use the red rope to keep Ji Yunhe and encourage Ji Yunhe to fish, but she never got the point. , Changyi made the effort to make the goldfish gather under Ji Yunhe’s hook, and she caught a fish without any effort.

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