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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 18 Recap

In the face of Gu Wei’s sincere confession, Lin Zhixiao burst into laughter, and responded to the other party in the same way, consummating the previous secret love. After a short period of joy, the two went home together holding hands. That night, Lin Zhixiao was lying on the bed excitedly, tossing and turning, tossing and turning, and suddenly thought of Gu Wei reminding her that she hadn’t had a Coke yet.

Sure enough, Lin Zhixiao took a few sips and found a small line written on the bottom of the bottle: “Lin Zhixiao, I like you”, and finally asked her attitude. The confession that I could see last night was actually postponed to today due to my own reasons. Lin Zhixiao drank the Coke in the bottle in one go, wrote “Me Too” on the bottle with a black marker, and then took a photo. Send it to Gu Wei.

At this time, Gu Wei looked at the photo with a smirk, like a fluffy boy who was just beginning to fall in love, until Gao Xi sent a text message asking him to meet at the bottom of the building, and the smile on his face gradually became solemn. Gao Xi used his drunkenness to question Gu Wei why he chose Lin Zhixiao, but emotional matters are all up to his heart. Gu Wei thought about trying to get in touch with Gao Xi, but the idea that just popped up was quickly dispelled, because they didn’t know what to do at all. suitable.

In Gu Wei’s view, Gao Xi is like a replica of himself, and it is because of the similarity that this relationship ends and only stays at the stage of friends. Gao Xi, who has always been arrogant and strong, did not want to show weakness in front of Gu Wei, so she cried with her back to him, until she left the community before calling the other side of the ocean.

The next morning, Lin Zhixiao woke up and received a text message from Gu Wei, so he came to the balcony and greeted him by phone. Although they seemed to be no different from ordinary neighbors, the eyes they cast towards each other were full of love. Gu Wei even said good morning in the way of a boyfriend, as did Lin Zhixiao.

Because of Gu Wei, Lin Zhixiao was in a good mood all day. Not long after he arrived at the school, he couldn’t help sending a message to Gu Wei, asking him what plans he had for today. Yin Xi found that Lin Zhixiao always smirked while holding her mobile phone, guessing that she must have made a boyfriend, but Lin Zhixiao generously admitted the fact that she was dating Gu Wei under the questioning of Yin Xi and Xiao Shan, and even smugly Show off going to the cinema for a date in the afternoon.

Vice President Gao suddenly came to Gu Wei, saying that Gao Xi applied to the hospital for a leave of absence yesterday, so he wanted Gu Wei to help persuade him. Gu Wei knew the reason, and politely rejected Vice President Gao. Dr. Du came to inform Gu Wei that there was an operation for an emergency patient, and because of this, he had to miss the appointment.

From the afternoon to the dark, for three hours, Lin Zhixiao sat silently in the cinema hall until the end of the show. Gu Wei hurriedly came to explain the reason, and blamed himself very much for this. Fortunately, Lin Zhixiao did not blame him, but half-jokingly said that he had realized that he was in love with a doctor and needed to be prepared to search for missing persons at any time.

Lin Zhixiao led Gu Wei to the theater conductor, introduced to her that her boyfriend did not put pigeons, and proudly praised his handsomeness. On the way Gu Wei drove Lin Zhixiao home, Lin Zhixiao still looked at each other with a fascinated expression, and it still felt incredible that he would have such a handsome and extraordinary boyfriend.

However, Gu Wei always regarded Lin Zhixiao as a child, caring and considerate everywhere, but it made Lin Zhixiao feel uncomfortable, because she wanted to become the woman in Gu Wei’s eyes, not only cute, but also mature and intellectual. So back at home, Lin Zhixiao looked at himself in the mirror repeatedly, and the more he looked, the more discouraged he became. Gu Wei sent several text messages one after another, and finally managed to coax her.

The last date at the movie theater was completely in vain, Gu Wei and Lin Zhixiao changed the time to the weekend. Xiao Shan felt unreliable, so she came up with a coup. She, Yin Xi and Lin Zhixiao would travel with their boyfriends, and secretly help Lin Zhixiao to assist and check. In order to avoid worries, Xiao Shan took the initiative to call Gu Wei and proposed a few people to go out to play, and successfully obtained his consent. At first Gu Xiao was reluctant to go, but after Xiao Shan’s threat, he repeatedly agreed.

On the date of the date, a group of six people set off in two cars. Lin Zhixiao specially dressed up, put on a lady’s dress and heavy makeup, and stepped on seesaw-like high heels. The walking posture was funny and weird. Yin Xi and Jin Shi kept Xiao Shan’s advice in mind, and deliberately kissed me in the back seat. Lin Zhixiao was not to be outdone, and wanted to show affection with Gu Wei. Gu Wei seemed to have received a feeling and took her hand very cooperatively.

When everyone arrived at their destination, they discovered that it was the ancient town that Lin Zhixiao was thinking of. Gu Wei saw that Lin Zhixiao was not used to wearing high-heeled shoes, so he went to the neighborhood to help her buy purple flat embroidered shoes. Xiao Shan and Yinxi next to him were not endearing. Lin Zhixiao could understand Gu Wei’s straight male aesthetic, and pretended to like it very much. And find an excuse to refuse to wear embroidered shoes.

Because the high heels did not fit, Xiao Shan thought of using scotch tape, which made it look more funny. After visiting the attractions, the three couples came to a restaurant exhausted and sat down. Xiao Shan deliberately ordered a couples set meal, in line with the local legend. Only those who love each other eat a single noodle, and then they will grow old in vain. Jin Shi and Yin Xi did not lag behind, and also ordered the couple’s package. Xiao Shan coaxed Lin Zhixiao to participate, but Gu Wei didn’t react, and his expression became a little serious.

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