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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 17 Recap

I don’t know how long it took, when Lin Zhixiao woke up, Gu Wei had already gone to work, and he left a note before he left, and there were large and small insulation buckets beside him, which were the nourishing soup prepared for Lin Jianguo, and the cooking pot. The white porridge of the Forest School. In fact, last night, Gu Wei had already compiled a reference material about going abroad for treatment. He hoped that Lin Zhixiao could take into consideration his own situation. If he insisted on doing so, he would do his best to help.

Gu Wei, who came to the hospital, explained the surgical plan to Dr. Du, and coughed frequently during the process. Dr. Du thought that Gu Wei was caused by a cold, but Gu Wei actually said that he was infected by a kitten, which made Dr. Du confused, especially when he saw the smile on Gu Wei’s mouth, he was even more puzzled.

Lin Zhixiao thought about it again and again, and finally rushed to the hospital with a thermal insulation bucket, and seriously discussed the treatment options with his parents. At the suggestion of Lin Zhixiao, Lin’s mother readily agreed to continue to stay in the country for treatment. It happened that Gu Wei came to the door of the ward and was very relieved to hear their conversation. Lin Zhixiao looked back and saw Gu Wei, and the two smiled at each other.

With Lin Jianguo’s examination report, Gu Wei announced good news to Lin Zhixiao and his mother. According to the carcinoembryonic antigen index, the chemotherapy results were far better than expected, which means that Lin Jianguo’s decision to treat in China was completely correct. Mother Lin heard it really, and rushed to Lin Jianguo with ecstasy, and Lin Zhixiao couldn’t help crying, and quickly thanked him.

Just when Lin Zhixiao was about to hang up the phone, Gu Wei suddenly apologized to Lin Zhixiao, saying that he had a bad attitude before, one because of work pressure, and the other because he mistakenly thought that she and Shao Jiang were in a relationship. When Lin Zhixiao heard Gu Wei’s words, he couldn’t help being stunned, and asked him nervously what he meant. Gu Wei didn’t explain further, but emphasized the literal meaning.

Just as Dr. Du came to the office, Gu Wei had to hang up the phone first. Lin Zhixiao couldn’t help but be overjoyed, and couldn’t help but share the good news with Gu Xiao afterwards. Xiao Shan knew that Lin Zhixiao was thanking Gu Wei on the surface, but actually wanted to get closer to each other, so she suggested that she could send a song based on her professionalism to be romantic and interesting.

At first Lin Zhixiao strongly objected, but after returning home to think about it for a long time, he mustered up the courage to go to the hospital with the cello on his back, expressing his gratitude by playing a song for him. And on that stage, Gu Wei listened to the music, facing the evening wind, and unconsciously smiled. There are not thousands of words between the two. The “Polka” played by Lin Zhixiao to Gu Wei represented neither clever nor complicated, just as she liked Gu Wei, and believed that Gu Wei could hear her heart.

Seeing that the night was getting dark and the sky was raining lightly, Gu Wei took Lin Zhixiao’s hand and took her all the way to the subway station. While the two were waiting for the subway, Lin Zhixiao curiously asked Gu Wei if he had ever sent others, and what kind of identity he represented if he was not a family member of the patient.

However, the voice of the subway interrupted the conversation between the two. Gu Wei didn’t hear it clearly. He just told Lin Zhixiao to wait for him on the spot, then went to the vending machine to buy a bottle of Coke, and wrote the words of confession on the Coke bottle. , told Lin Zhixiao to drink Coke when he went home.

But Lin Zhixiao didn’t think much about it at all, and he didn’t notice the words on the Coke bottle. He missed the confession because he was reluctant to drink the gift that Gu Wei gave her. At the same time, Dr. Du came to inform Gu Wei to participate in the medical exchange meeting tomorrow. Gu Wei heard that the exchange meeting was changed to the lecture hall of his alma mater, and he couldn’t hide his smile on his face. He looked forward to seeing Lin Zhixiao tomorrow.

However, Lin Zhixiao was waiting for Gu Wei outside the classroom, just in time to meet Gao Xi, and the hospital colleagues were going to have a dinner, so she invited her to join. With kindness, Lin Zhixiao followed everyone to the restaurant. Dr. Yan took advantage of Gu Wei’s time to go out to answer the phone, and took the initiative to introduce to the director and others that Lin Zhixiao’s father was in charge of chemotherapy, and Gu Wei was in charge of the surgery.

Lin Zhixiao stood up to toast Gao Xi, although Gao Xi responded politely, but he didn’t drink a drop. Dr. Yan ridiculed that Gao Xi and Gu Wei were recognized as golden boys and girls in the hospital, and they would inevitably have to toast when they got married. Lin Zhixiao was very disappointed when he heard the words, so he found an excuse to leave first.

When Gu Wei returned to his seat, he noticed that Lin Zhixiao was no longer there, and Dr. Du also quietly sent a text message to explain the situation. Everyone present did not realize the seriousness of the matter, but Gu Wei’s face had already turned ashen. Not only did he scolded Doctor Yan in public, he even announced that his girlfriend was Lin Zhixiao.

Gao Xi looked at Gu Wei with a shocked expression. He didn’t expect him and Lin Zhixiao to develop so quickly. Seeing this, the director hurried to smooth things out, but Gu Wei reiterated that he didn’t want to hear colleagues use him and Gao Xi to mess around with mandarin ducks in the future, because this would not only cause misunderstandings to the people around him, but also make his girlfriend sad.

Lin Zhixiao walked home with red eyes, and the rumors of Gu Wei and Gao Xi kept echoing in his mind, so he decided that it was Gu Wei who was teasing her about her feelings, or that he was just being affectionate. At this time, Gu Wei hurriedly chased after him, insisting on explaining it to Lin Zhixiao, pulling her into his arms and letting her listen to his heartbeat.

Leaning on Gu Wei’s arms, Lin Zhixiao gradually felt the other party’s deep love, which also gave Gu Wei the courage to take out the bracelets prepared in advance as a token of love for each other. The bracelet was left to Gu Wei’s future daughter-in-law by grandma, and it also witnessed the love of the older generation, so when Gu Wei gave it to Lin Zhixiao with his own hands, he had already decided that she was the person he wanted to spend his whole life with.

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