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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 16 Recap

With the end of the party that night, friends left one after another. Xiao Shan sat at the bar staring at her phone in a daze, thinking that she had caused Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei to quarrel. But Gu Xiao thought that everyone was an adult and would definitely solve his own problems, and he kissed Xiao Shan while he was drunk, and the two also spent the night together.

Until the next morning, Xiao Shan pretended that nothing happened, and when facing Gu Xiao’s questioning, she in turn mocked him for drinking too much and fooling around with others. These words made Gu Xiao fall into self-doubt. It was true that the hangover last night was too serious, but then he slowly recovered his memory and was sure that the woman last night was Xiao Shan.

Because Lin Jianguo is currently in the recuperation period, it is best to keep his body and mind happy, rather than going abroad for so-called chemotherapy at this moment, which will only be counterproductive. Under Gu Wei’s suggestion, Dr. Du took the initiative to call Lin Zhixiao, saying that the hospital believed that the preparations for going abroad for treatment could not be completed overnight.

For the consideration of the patient’s condition, he still hoped that Lin Jianguo would be admitted to the hospital first. Treatment, and it’s not too late to wait until the referral is in place.

The school of Lin had already realized that this was definitely not what Dr. Du meant, and the hospital would not only pay attention to one patient of Lin Jianguo, so they guessed that this matter must be related to Gu Wei, and asked him whose advice he listened to. Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, Dr. Du hurriedly handed the phone to Gu Wei, but Gu Wei didn’t pick it up.

A few days later, Lin Zhixiao and his mother accompanied Lin Jianguo through the hospitalization procedures. Gu Wei came to the door of the ward and heard Lin’s mother’s advice to her daughter. In fact, Mother Lin still doesn’t believe in domestic medical skills. She plans to contact foreign experts first, and then she can go abroad for a follow-up consultation immediately.

Hearing these words, Gu Wei felt very uncomfortable. He turned around and left in a low mood. As a result, he met Gao Xi outside the office and avoided mentioning the matter just now. Gao Xi called Lin Zhixiao to the corridor alone, and couldn’t understand why they blindly believed in others and never looked up to the doctor’s efforts to them.

Lin Zhixiao packed plain wontons for Lin Jianguo, but Lin Jianguo couldn’t help but vomit after taking two bites, and hurried to the bathroom to vomit. And when Lin Zhixiao took things back to the ward, he stood at the door and heard it, which also meant that his father’s health was getting worse and worse. Lin Jianguo lied that he had eaten all of it, and Lin Zhixiao could only respond in response.

On the contrary, Lin Jianguo was lying on the bed and resting, turning his face to the side and not daring to look directly at Lin Zhixiao, as if he was a thief with a guilty conscience. There was silence between the father and daughter, one sat silent, the other lay silent, the room seemed extraordinarily quiet, but no one dared to pierce this layer of window paper first.

That night, Gu Wei passed by Lin Jianguo’s ward and couldn’t help pushing the door in. He saw Lin Zhixiao lying groggy beside the bed. He reached out and stroked her forehead and cheek, and found that she had a slight fever. Just when Gu Wei went out to get the medicine, Lin Zhixiao was awakened by his father’s sleep talk, so he called Lin’s mother, noticed the weak voice on the other end of the phone, and hurriedly took a taxi home.

Seeing this, Gu Wei followed closely, seeing that Lin Zhixiao was about to ring the doorbell, and stepped forward to stop it in time, saying that her current state was not suitable for seeing Mother Lin, and he picked her up and returned to his home. Under the careful care of Gu Wei, Lin Zhixiao’s discomfort gradually eased. Gu Wei also visited Lin’s mother and found that she had the side effect of drowsiness due to taking too many antipyretics, but it did not cause much harm to herself. Take a night’s rest to recover.

Hearing that Gu Wei had instructed nurse Xiao Wei to take care of Lin Jianguo in advance, Lin Zhixiao was very moved and took the initiative to express his gratitude, but Gu Wei suddenly asked why she didn’t ask Shao Jiang for help before, since the two liked each other. However, before Gu Wei could finish his words, Lin Zhixiao immediately refuted that he belonged to another, and had no intention of Shao Jiang.

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere in the room was slightly awkward. Gu Wei knew what Lin Zhixiao was thinking, so he tried his best to hide his joy, stared at Lin Zhixiao and took cold medicine, and then went to the kitchen to cook porridge for her. In the second half of the night, Gu Wei personally fed Lin Zhixiao porridge again, and he couldn’t help laughing when he saw her stupefied appearance.

When Lin Zhixiao lay down and continued to rest, he suddenly grabbed Gu Wei’s left hand to prevent him from leaving, and even hugged his entire arm in his arms. Gu Wei couldn’t bear to break her drowsiness, so he could only sit on the edge of the bed, until Lin Zhixiao woke up, his entire arm was numb.

Lin Zhixiao took the clothes that Gu Wei had prepared for him and went to the bathroom to take a shower, while Gu Wei was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, but unexpectedly heard a scream. I saw Lin Zhixiao run out of the bathroom with his face covered like a ghost, lying on the bed crying non-stop, even refusing to let Gu Wei see his current appearance.

Gu Wei checked carefully and found the rash on Lin Zhixiao’s face, and determined that she drank the bowl of peanut porridge, which caused her allergy to peanuts. Lin Zhixiao felt that he had become ugly, but Gu Wei tried his best to appease Lin Zhixiao’s emotions, saying that in his eyes he was always the most beautiful person.

These words made Lin Zhixiao a little stunned, especially seeing Gu Wei’s affectionate gaze, the two of them couldn’t help but look at each other, and the hugging posture also seemed very ambiguous. Gu Wei let go of Lin Zhixiao after realizing it, and nervously said that he went out to buy medicine first, and went straight to the pharmacy downstairs.

When Gu Wei returned from buying the medicine, Lin Zhixiao hurried to the door, took the medicine and water cup only through the crack of the door, and took it under the other’s instructions. In fact, Lin Zhixiao also wanted to know his image in Gu Wei’s heart, so he couldn’t help but ask, Gu Wei felt that Lin Zhixiao was the smallest tiger cat in the cat family.

Taking advantage of this time, Gu Wei summoned the courage to confess to Lin Zhixiao, but Lin Zhixiao was already lying on the bed and fell asleep, and he didn’t hear what Gu Wei said later. Gu Wei couldn’t hear the response from the room for a while, so he pushed open the door and went in, sat beside the bed and watched Lin Zhixiao’s sleeping face, softly said good night before going to the study to continue working.

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