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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 15 Recap

Mother Lin felt that her kindness was not rewarded, so she went back to her room and was sulking. Instead, Lin Zhixiao talked to her father in the living room to understand why he refused to follow the arrangement to go abroad. In fact, Lin Jianguo was not unreasonable, but he had thought of many possibilities and also considered the economic situation of his family.

After all, the cost of traveling abroad is much higher than that in China, and it will cost more than 300,000 yuan for various inspections. Waiting for experts to come for consultation at that time is not only troublesome and time-consuming to treat diseases abroad, but also a problem of food, clothing, housing and transportation. Therefore, Lin Jianguo was reluctant to go abroad in the bottom of his heart, and regardless of whether the stomach ailment could be cured or not, he first considered the future life security of his wife and daughter.

After confirming his father’s true thoughts, Lin Zhixiao went to the room to comfort his mother Lin, and saw her mother sitting by the bed alone crying non-stop, revealing her difficulties intermittently. She is both a wife and a mother. While paying attention to her husband’s condition, she also has to take into account the other party’s emotions. She has been worried about this for a while recently, and she has to pretend to be strong in front of her daughter during the day, but Lin Jianguo’s words today really make her feel chilled. .

Lin Jianguo stood at the door and eavesdropped on the conversation between the mother and daughter, and felt very uncomfortable. In order to appease Mother Lin’s emotions, Lin Zhixiao accompanied her to rest in the room, while Lin Jianguo slept on the sofa in the living room. That night, Lin Zhixiao looked at his mother’s sleeping face, and secretly vowed in his heart to make himself more mature, to be a responsible adult, and to take good care of the family.

The next morning, Gu Wei came out of the operating room. He wanted to send a message to Lin Zhixiao, but he edited a line, and after a moment of hesitation, he clicked Cancel Send. Shao Jiang came to the hospital to ask Gao Xi for detailed operation records about Lin Jianguo. How could he know that after Gu Wei came in, the atmosphere immediately became subtle.

Knowing Shao Jiang’s intention, Gu Wei emphasized to him again that only the patient himself and his relatives were eligible to receive medical records. As soon as he finished speaking, Shao Jiang deliberately added that he would become a relative soon, and then turned around and left. These remarks angered Gu Wei, and also made Gao Xi feel strange. He believed that it was up to him to decide whether or not to go abroad. As a doctor, he had no right to interfere. Gu Wei didn’t refute, got up and went out to check the room.

At the same time, Lin Zhixiao prepared a hearty breakfast for his parents, and criticized and educated Yu Lin Jianguo and Lin’s mother, saying that there is no need to worry about going abroad for treatment. . It happened that Shao Jiang sent a message about meeting Lin Zhixiao at the old place. Lin Zhixiao didn’t care about breakfast, so he was about to go out. When he walked to the entrance, he noticed that Lin Jianguo softened his attitude to make Lin’s mother happy. At first, Lin’s mother was a little awkward, but very They burst into tears and laughed, and the two were finally reconciled.

After Lin Zhixiao arrived at the school, he went to see Shao Jiang alone before class, and then he knew why he left without saying goodbye and why he went abroad for further studies. Four years will change many people and things. Compared with the simple and straightforward Lin Zhixiao in the past, she now has a different perspective on people and things, and is very grateful to Brother Shao Jiang for making herself confident and even liking music.

It’s just that Lin Zhixiao’s relief made Shao Jiang very uncomfortable, as if the intimacy between each other was weakened. Lin Zhixiao also had a music class. Before she left, she explained about going abroad for medical treatment. Because of her father’s attitude, I am afraid that she would need to continue to discuss a compromise solution, and she could not give Shao Jiang an answer for the time being.

Gu Wei, who was busy with the operation in the afternoon, drove home, and happened to see Shao Jiang and Lin Zhixiao talking downstairs, especially some of Shao Jiang’s ambiguous actions, which made him very uncomfortable. Gu Xiao found that Gu Wei was drinking in a bar, and he knew that he was trapped by love, but the iron tree, which had not bloomed for more than 30 years, withered before it had time to bloom.

In order to make Gu Wei forget Lin Zhixiao completely, Gu Xiao took him to the carnival night before the opening of the cafe. The atmosphere at the scene was no less than that of a bar, but it was not suitable for Gu Wei. Under Gu Xiao’s gesture, the women next to him came over to chat with Gu Wei, but he ignored it completely and drank to himself.

Originally, after careful consideration, Lin Zhixiao felt that she still needed to consult Gu Wei more in terms of medical treatment, but Gu Wei was not at home, and she couldn’t get in touch with him, and no one answered the phone. At this time, Gu Xiao took advantage of Gu Wei’s entanglement by a woman, so he picked up Gu Wei’s mobile phone and sent a message to Lin Zhixiao directly, claiming that he was “not free”.

Seeing Gu Wei surrounded by women, Xiao Shan couldn’t help but misunderstood, and sent a few photos to Lin Zhixiao directly on her mobile phone. When Lin Zhixiao woke up, he found the photos in WeChat, and he was instantly angry, but he didn’t know that Gu Wei didn’t stay for long last night, and left the cafe soon.

Lin Zhixiao went to support Xiao Shan to celebrate the opening, and turned a blind eye to Gu Wei, and Gu Wei hoped that she would not be emotional, let alone make naive and reckless decisions, after all, she was Lin Jianguo’s attending doctor. Gu Xiao came to look for Gu Wei, and just heard Lin Zhixiao questioning Gu Wei about drinking with others, so he stepped forward and accused her of interfering in her capacity. These words were like a slap in the face, and Lin Zhixiao immediately regained his sobriety.

Therefore, Lin Zhixiao did not make a big noise, and announced on the spot that he decided to take Lin Jianguo to go abroad for treatment, then got up to say goodbye to Xiao Shan, and left without looking back. Gu Wei returned to the hospital office, called his friend Lao Xu in person, and asked him about information about seeking medical treatment abroad.

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