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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 12 Recap

Lin Canglan died suddenly, and rumors spread in Wanhuagu. Lin Haoqing locked himself in the inner hall and refused to come out, nor to see anyone. Qu Xiaoxing had no choice but to come to Ji Yunhe for help. Ji Yunhe obtained Changyi’s consent and came to persuade Lin Haoqing in person.

Ji Yunhe moved Lin Haoqing with reason and affection, and promised that as long as he needed, he would always accompany him through the sad days. Only Lin Haoqing was willing to open the door and come out to see her.

Ji Yunhe wanted to get the antidote as soon as possible and left Wanhua Valley with Changyi. Lin Haoqing invited her to attend the Wan Succession Ceremony before leaving, and Ji Yunhe agreed. Today is the day when Lin Haoqing officially became the owner of the valley. The spiritual masters and the elders all came to participate in the ceremony. Lin Haoqing changed his past gentleness and kindness.

After the ceremony, Ji Yunhe said goodbye to Lin Haoqing. Lin Haoqing suddenly changed his mind and asked Ji Yunhe to stay. He wanted to give the merman’s long-term intentions to Shunde Fairy. Ji Yunhe scolded Lin Haoqing, and Lin Haoqing ordered her to be locked up and not allowed to leave Wanhua Valley for half a step. At the same time, Qu Xiaoxing brought someone to arrest Changyi, but Changyi resolutely quit. Qu Xiaoxing reminded him not to resist, and to think of Ji Yunhe, Changyi had no choice but to capture.

Ji Yunhe used all her spiritual power and finally broke through the barrier set by Lin Haoqing. She hurried to think about the cave to save Chang’s meaning, and found that he was not there at all. Ji Yunhe pressed Qu Xiaoxing hard, and did not ask the whereabouts of Changyi, so Ji Yunhe had to come to Lin Haoqing to ask his guilt, forcing him to let him go.

Lin Haoqing brought Ji Yunhe to the secret room and took out the letter left by Lin Canglan. Only then did Ji Yunhe know that the immortal master forced Lin Canglan to bring frost to the people who took refuge in Wanhua Valley, so he regularly sent Zhang Xian envoy to deliver the antidote. Lin Canglan pretended that Taking refuge in the immortal master, he secretly searched for a way to crack the frost. He found that the earth immortal and the heavenly immortal could control the frost, so he teamed up with Qingshu to find someone to try. As a result, those people died one after another, only Ji Yunhe survived, Lin Canglan thought Use Ji Yunhe to break the frost, completely get rid of the control of the immortal master, and then revive the Lin family.

When Ji Yunhe learned the truth, she was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She didn’t expect Lin Canglan to use her as a test. Ji Yunhe suddenly had a frost attack. Lin Haoqing gave her an antidote and persuaded her to leave Changyi. If she insisted on going with Changyi, A month at most. Because there are two spiritual forces in Ji Yunhe’s body, he will either break through the frost limit, or his meridians will be cut off, and there will be no more vitality. At this time, Ruling, the fairy godmother of Shunde, brought people to Wanhua Valley to witness the progress of Xun Shark with his own eyes. Qu Xiaoxing hurriedly reported to Lin Haoqing, and Lin Haoqing brought Ji Yunhe to see Ruling.

When Ru Ling wanted to wait for the immortal master to leave the customs, she would give him the merman as a gift. Ru Ling claimed to be traveling in the mountains and waters near Wanhua Valley, and let Changyi accompany him. Changyi was very resistant. Unwell and unsuitable for long-distance travel, Ruling became angry and forced Lin Haoqing to teach Ji Yunhe a lesson. Lin Haoqing reminded Ji Yunhe not to resist, Ruling refused to forgive, and killed Ji Yunhe, forcing her to give orders to Changyi. Ji Yunhe vowed not to obey, Lin Haoqing and the elders knelt down together to plead for Ji Yunhe, and Changyi knelt down to admit his mistake.

Ji Chengyu, a disciple of the Immortal Master’s Mansion, came to hear the news and begged Ruling to give him a few days of grace. Ruling was willing to give up because of his senior brother’s face, and promised to give Ji Yunhe another ten days. Not lightly. After Ru Ling took the people away, Ji Chengyu returned to Ji Yunhe and briefly described his experience. He once had a like-minded immortal servant, but after being accepted by the immortal master, there was no news. Ji Chengyu advised Ji Yunhe to concentrate on training the sharks, not to Have feelings for long-term intentions, otherwise you will also try the pain of separation.

Ji Yunhe secretly made up her mind to save Changyi even if she desperately tried to save her. She came to Siguo Cave and promised to release the barrier on him as soon as possible so that Changyi could escape far away. Changyi insisted on walking with her. She will definitely get out safely and let Changyi take out his shark bead first, in case of emergency. Changyi has already worked hard to keep the shark bead in Ji Yunhe’s body forever. He wants to advance and retreat with Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe turns around and leaves .

Ji Yunhe knew that she had no way out. She didn’t want to implicate Changyi, so she secretly vowed to send Changyi away, otherwise Ruling would lose her life if she learned that Changyi had no shark beads. Lin Haoqing revealed to Luo Jinsang and Qu Xiaoxing the news of Ji Yunhe’s near death. Luo Jinsang was very sad, but Ji Yunhe didn’t care. Instead, he asked them to help save Changyi.

Changyi was angry and refused to eat or drink. Luo Jinsang gave him food and advised him not to wait for Ji Yunhe. Changyi didn’t listen at all. Ji Yunhe refused to see Changyi for eight days. Changyi had to ask Ji Chengyu for help. He wanted to see Shunde Xian. Ji Ruling interviewed.

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