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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 11 Recap

Regarding the house, there was still a problem in the middle, and in the end, it was not able to help Gu Wei. Gao Xi told Lin Zhixiao that Gu Wei was going to move to his own house and took out the recorded video conversation, which made Lin Zhixiao both angry and sad, so he called Xiao Shan to complain, claiming that he was self-indulgent. And Xiao Shan fought for her good best friend, and ordered Gu Xiao to invite Gu Wei to meet at the coffee shop, accusing him of being irresponsible.

In fact, Gu Wei had already shied away from Gao Xi’s invitation, and his original intention was to live in the community of Lin Zhixiao, but Gao Xi’s video was completely taken out of context, which caused everyone to misunderstand. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Gu Wei immediately took action, so when Lin Zhixiao got up in the morning to go to the balcony, he was shocked that Gu Wei actually appeared next door, and was stunned for a while.

While Lin Zhixiao was stunned, Gu Wei smiled and said good morning to her silently. Lin Zhixiao rushed into the kitchen in surprise and asked her mother that Gu Wei had called her a few days earlier. To find a house in the same community, Aunt Zhang happened to be going abroad, so she recommended both parties to sign a rental contract.

Before Mother Lin could finish speaking, Lin Zhixiao excitedly pushed open the door to find Gu Wei, who just happened to be coming over from the opposite side, and the two greeted each other, unable to hide their joy. Lin Zhixiao ran home with a shy face. At this time, Mother Lin also pushed the door open and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

The next morning, at the urging of his mother, Lin Zhixiao was about to get up and go out to buy breakfast for Lin Jianguo when he saw Gu Wei holding the baby at the door. Gu Wei confessed that he had already married and had a child, and immediately after Gao Xi came out of the room, he took the child gently, leaning against Gu Wei’s arms, looking like a happy family of three, scaring Lin Zhixiao to wake up from a nightmare Come.

When Gao Xi came to check the room, he also received a ticket from Lin Zhixiao, and also gave the admission ticket to Gu Wei on her behalf, deliberately expressing that there might be an internal hospital meeting on the 1st of next month. Gu Wei took the tickets sent by Gao Xi, with a smile on his lips unconsciously, so he put the tickets in the book.

Soon it was the day when Qiuqiu was discharged from the hospital. Before Qiuqiu left, the doctors bought a cake to celebrate his birthday, and Lin Zhixiao was also there. Qiuqiu distributed the cake very sensible, but Gao Xi made a plan and said that he couldn’t finish it alone, so he wanted to share it with Gu Wei.

Seeing this, Gu Wei immediately refused, and also changed the habit of using a fork alone, which made Gao Xi feel very unhappy, but the doctor at the scene did not notice the difference, and continued to ridicule her and Gu Wei for their close relationship. Lin Zhixiao next to him felt uncomfortable, so he could only pretend to be smiling.

After everyone finished eating the cake, they dispersed. Gu Wei walked out of the ward and looked at Lin Zhixiao’s retreating back. He originally wanted to stop her, but Gao Xi suddenly came out. Gao Xi saw that Gu Wei was full of eyes full of Lin Zhixiao, and he became more aware of his position in his heart, and Gu Wei didn’t have the heart to talk to Gao Xi, so she was busy with her own affairs first.

As soon as Gao Xi left, Qiuqiu came out of the office and whispered to Gu Wei’s ear, pointing out that he likes Lin Zhixiao. Because since Lin Zhixiao came to the hospital, Gu Wei gradually began to smile. On the other hand, he usually treats others with a very serious face.

Although Gu Wei laughed and joked that Qiuqiu was talking nonsense, he really couldn’t hide his thoughts. When it was time to part, Qiuqiu walked out of the hospital accompanied by his family. Gu Wei and Lin Zhixiao went to see him in person, while Lin Zhixiao sent a bear doll and Gu Wei brought two medical books. While Qiuqiu expressed his reluctance to Lin Zhixiao, he was actually reluctant to take care of Wei. Both of them were the people he trusted the most, so they also specially prepared small gifts for each other.

In a blink of an eye, the days passed quickly, and it was the day when Lin Jianguo was discharged from the hospital. Lin Zhixiao unhappily packed his things, and Lin mother went to Gu Wei to ask for contact information. Before they were discharged from the hospital, Gu Wei prepared a detailed postoperative care list, which was rigorous and careful, which made people feel warm.

Xiao Shan prepared a plan for the establishment of a coffee shop, but Gu Xiao had no interest in it, sitting across from her in a drowsy state. But Xiao Shan is a man of action. Now that he has made a decision, he must immediately put it into practice. Seeing that she is going to take him to inspect the store, Gu Xiao can’t help but complain.

Since the Lin family was discharged from the hospital, Gu Wei had not seen Lin Zhixiao for a while. He wanted to send her a message but didn’t know how to speak. The same was true of Lin Zhixiao. He was going to add Gu Wei’s friend, so how did he know he set it up? refused to add. On the day of Lin Jianguo’s chemotherapy, the family of three came to the hospital to check in again. Gao Xi is still Lin Jianguo’s attending doctor, and because of Lin Zhixiao’s relationship with Gu Wei, he has a very bad attitude towards her.

Lin Jianguo’s chemotherapy side effects were mainly due to loss of appetite, and he did not eat rice all day long. Although Gao Xi said it was a normal phenomenon, Lin Zhixiao was still worried, so he took the initiative to send a text message to Gu Wei to ask about the method of refeeding. Gu Wei didn’t reply. He came to the ward the next day to inquire about Lin Jianguo’s condition. He talked about several kinds of food in a row. At first, he was listless. It was not until he heard the word “wonton” that his eyes showed a glimmer of brilliance.

Gu Wei will come over and immediately remind Lin Zhixiao to buy wontons near the hospital. Not long after he left, Dr. Du came to round the room, and casually mentioned that Gu Wei was very busy today. After Dr. Du’s reminder, Lin Zhixiao saw a traffic accident in the city on the Internet, and then he knew that Gu Wei was in the emergency room during the day, and it was rare to find time to visit Lin Jianguo, which showed that he cared about Lin Zhi very much. school’s request.

Because of this, Lin Zhixiao was deeply touched and sent a message to Gu Wei in the evening to express his gratitude. Gu Wei took the mobile phone to check Lin Zhixiao’s information, the corner of his mouth smiled involuntarily, and was about to go back, how did he know that a colleague came to jokingly bumped his shoulders with him, causing him to accidentally send a message “No thanks, I’m blind”, so that Lin The school was very confused by this.

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