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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 10 Recap

Originally, Lin Zhixiao thought he could practice the piano while he had free time in the morning. How could he know that he had just got up from the bed and the bench was not hot yet. Gu Wei called again, saying that he had something to do suddenly today, so he needed time to see the house. In advance, that is, now.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Zhixiao gritted his teeth, but he still pretended to be calm and groomed before going out. Gu Wei thoughtfully bought breakfast, chose Lin Zhixiao’s favorite flavor, and then followed her to visit about a dozen houses, but each of them felt dissatisfied and found faults.

On the other hand, Lin Zhixiao had done her homework and was more familiar with the room than the intermediary. She walked with Gu Wei and introduced her, but Gu Wei’s attitude made her lose her patience, and she turned around and left in a fit of anger. Seeing this, Gu Wei chased out and admitted that she seemed to do it on purpose. If she could guarantee a good rest and stop practicing the piano, there would not be so much trouble.

Listening to Gu Wei’s caring words, Lin Zhixiao was no longer so excited, saying that she had fallen too far behind, and it was this attitude that drove her to spend all her time practicing. But Gu Wei believes that haste is not enough. If Lin Zhixiao does not respect the doctor’s orders, I am afraid that his right hand will never be restored, and he will lose more in the future than he has now.

Because of this, Lin Zhixiao hesitated for a moment, and took Gu Wei to see the next house, which was also the last one, and lobbied hard. Seeing Lin Zhixiao’s expectation, Gu Wei agreed to choose this house, but the rent of the house was too expensive, completely exceeding Lin Zhixiao’s expectations.

Gu Wei didn’t care about the price of the house, he wanted to sign the contract immediately, but Lin Zhixiao suddenly asked him to go next to him first, claiming that he wanted to chat with the agent alone. Gu Wei did not go far, but stood behind the door and eavesdropped on him. Unexpectedly, Lin Zhixiao lied that Gu Wei was his boyfriend, and even said that the two were about to get married, in an attempt to persuade the agency to lower the price.

In order to gain the trust of the intermediary, Lin Zhixiao finally got the intermediary to agree to contact the homeowner with a three-inch tongue, and was willing to reduce or exempt part of the rent. Lin Zhixiao was delighted to thank the intermediary. The efforts of the past few days were finally not in vain. The intermediary sent the house lease contract to Gu Wei’s mailbox, but Gao Xi saw it.

Now that the house has been negotiated, Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei have also solved a major issue. Xiao Shan asked Lin Zhixiao to meet and found that Gu Wei sent her over, so the gossip heart is eager to move. Sure enough, after inquiring about the relationship between Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei, it was accurately judged that Gu Wei liked Lin Zhixiao. It happened that Gu Wei took the initiative to send a message and invited Lin Zhixiao to sign the contract together tomorrow.

Just when Lin Zhixiao wanted to reply, Xiao Shan grabbed the phone to help her reply, declined Gu Wei’s invitation, and then sent a shy and loving expression. At this time, Gu Wei stared at the news in a daze, recalling what Lin Zhixiao said to the intermediary during the day, he hesitated for a moment and called Lin Zhixiao again. Lin Zhixiao resolutely agreed to Gu Wei’s invitation, and Xiao Shan was so angry that the iron was not steel.

At night, when Dr. Du went back to the doctor’s dormitory to rest, he saw Gu Wei sitting alone at the table and smirking. This scene was a scene he had never seen before, and he once thought that Gu Wei was under too much work pressure. It was at this moment that Lin Zhixiao couldn’t sleep, constantly thinking about her relationship with Gu Wei. She blushed because of Xiao Shan’s inference, but also worried that she was being self-indulgent.

Xiao Shan and Gu Xiao met in a bar and mentioned that Gu Wei was full of praise, but in fact it was a cliché in disguise, confirming that Gu Wei was an emotional novice, and he has not been close to women since he was single. Gu Xiao thought that Xiao Shan liked her cousin and warned her not to have other ideas. Xiao Shan felt that the joke was about the same, and said with satisfaction that she understood Gu Wei for her sisters.

Dr. Du woke up and found that Gu Wei was still sitting at the desk reading a book without resting all night, thinking that he was even more strange. Lin Zhixiao just got up to eat when he suddenly received a text message from Gu Wei, with an extremely unnatural expression looking for an excuse to go back to the room to send a message, Lin Jianguo, based on the experience of people who came over, decided that his daughter had someone he liked.

In the process of replying to the news, Lin Zhixiao gradually felt the ambiguity between each other, as if they were a young couple immersed in a passionate love period. As everyone knows, Gu Wei was about to go out at this time, but his mother called him home from the corridor. In fact, after seeing the contract yesterday, Gao Xi deliberately disclosed it to Gu’s parents.

Gu Wei had to go home with his mother first, and sent a message to inform Lin Zhixiao that he would be able to go later, and told her to be careful on the road. Lin Zhixiao was ecstatic to go to the intermediary, but he did not expect that after waiting for a long time, Gu Wei did not appear, and finally the house was sold to others by the intermediary.

Seeing that the house that was about to be acquired was lost, Lin Zhixiao regretted it. On the other hand, Gu’s father had something to say to his son, implying that he should think twice about anything he did, but Gu Wei felt that moving out did not mean alienating his parents. After all, he was an adult in his thirties and would have independent considerations. private space.

Although Father Gu’s attitude was firm, Gu Wei also refused to eat hard, and regardless of his objections, he got up and went out to the intermediary, only to see Lin Zhixiao standing at the door waiting for him, with an expression of eager self-blame. Gu Wei felt that the house could be found again, so he took her to eat hot pot first, but then analyzed the ingredients and commented on animal organs from the doctor’s point of view. Originally, Lin Zhixiao had a great appetite, but Gu Wei made him lose his appetite, so he asked him to close his eyes and pick up a pair of chopsticks called “animal organs” for him to taste.

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