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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 9 Recap

Changyi vowed to die, and used all his spiritual power to shake Lin Haoqing out far away. Lin Haoqing became angry and warned him not to resist, now no one can come to help him, Li Shu died unexpectedly, Qingyu Luanniao fled with Xue Sanyue, Moreover, the frost in Ji Yunhe’s body has already broken out. If he doesn’t get the antidote in time, he will be frozen in eternal sleep within three days. Only if Changyi is willing to cut off his tail can he save Ji Yunhe’s life. Changyi is dumbfounded and he sends Zhai Xiaoxing to Take a look.

Zhai Xiaoxing asked Lin Haoqing what Frost was, but Lin Haoqing did not allow him to inquire. Ji Yunhe was tortured by the frost, and she was exhausted. She guessed that Lin Haoqing would force Changyi to break her tail and wanted to rush out to save Changyi. She struggled to get up and exerted her power, but she couldn’t break the restriction set by Qingshu.

Zhai Xiaoxing came in a hurry and couldn’t wait to know what happened to the frost in Ji Yunhe’s body. Ji Yunhe was eager to save people, but she just said briefly, she asked Zhai Xiaoxing to tell Changyi not to trust Lin Haoqing, even if Changyi broke her tail, Lin Canglan would not let go past her.

Lin Canglan had already handed the antidote to Lin Haoqing, and let him figure it out. Lin Haoqing would not watch Ji Yunhe die from the poison. He sent someone to keep an eye on Ji Yunhe’s injury and wanted to give it to her at the last moment. Zhai Xiaoxing hurried back to report Ji Yunhe’s situation to Changyi. Changyi was worried and wanted to visit Ji Yunhe in person, but he couldn’t get rid of the ban even after trying several times. .

Lin Haoqing came to stop it suddenly and sent someone to escort Zhai Xiaoxing down. Lin Haoqing warned Changyi to cut off his tail as soon as possible, otherwise both he and Ji Yunhe would die. Changyi kept Ji Yunhe’s entrustment in mind and ignored Lin Haoqing’s threat.

Lin Haoqing came to see Ji Yunhe quietly. Seeing that her body was suffering from frost and frost, and her eyes were about to go blind, Lin Haoqing felt very uncomfortable and secretly complained that Ji Yunhe was too cruel. Changyi dreamed that his tail was missing. His father, King Shark, learned that he had donated the shark bead. Now that his tail was broken, he left angrily. Before leaving, he reminded him that he would never return to the sea. When Changyi was sad, Ji Yunhe appeared beside him in time.

As soon as Changyi woke up from the dream, Lin Haoqing came to him and forced him to make an early decision again, otherwise Ji Yunhe would be dead. Changyi didn’t believe it at all, so Lin Haoqing took him to witness it with his own eyes. Changyi saw Ji Yunhe’s body frozen and blind from a distance. She was tortured to death. Ji Yunhe also did not allow Luo Jinsang to tell Changyi about her situation. , and even threatened with an antidote.

Changyi endured the severe pain and cut off his own tail, and offered the elixir on his own initiative. Lin Haoqing sent someone to deliver the elixir to Immortal Fairy in Shunde. Changyi struggled to get up and asked Lin Haoqing for an antidote, stumbled into the house and gave it to Ji Yunhe. . Ji Yunhe gradually woke up. When she saw Changyi’s tail was gone, she immediately understood everything. She was very distressed and rushed out to find Lin Haoqing’s theory. Lin Haoqing advised her to take care of her injuries.

Lin Haoqing witnessed the life-and-death relationship between Changyi and Ji Yunhe, and was completely tired of everything in front of him. He didn’t want to be the owner of Wanhua Valley, let alone continue to be his father’s puppet. He wanted to live a normal life. Lin Haoqing told Lin Canglan what he said. thoughts, and then go away.

Over the years, Lin Canglan has done everything possible to plan for Lin Haoqing, but he doesn’t appreciate it. Lin Canglan is very sad, so he asks Qingshu to push him to the sea of ​​flowers to relax. That was Lin Haoqing’s favorite place when he was a child. Lin Canglan remembered that when Lin Haoqing was under his knees, the father and son happily talked and laughed. Since that incident, Lin Haoqing began to alienate him. Lin Canglan was unwilling to give up and vowed to continue to train Lin Haoqing well.

Changyi was in a coma because of a high fever. Ji Yunhe took care of him carefully. Although the fever subsided, he was still in a coma. Ji Yunhe blamed himself and wanted to go to Changyi’s family for help and send him back to the East China Sea as soon as possible. Chang Yi suddenly woke up, he was willing to stay with Ji Yunhe, never parted, Chang Yi couldn’t help but want to kiss Ji Yunhe, Luo Jinsang mistakenly thought that Chang Yi wanted to bite his lips again to learn the language on the shore, so he came over to help Ji Yunhe, but Ji Yunhe Don’t appreciate it, just blow her away.

Ji Yunhe apologized to Changyi again and again. It was because of her that Lin Haoqing became ruthless. She couldn’t help thinking of what happened when she was a child. Back then, when Ji Yunhe first came to Wanhua Valley, because of loneliness and fear, she often hid in the sea of ​​flowers and cried. He came to accompany her, and hugged his beloved puppy Hua Hua to make her happy, and the two gradually became good friends. Lin Canglan forced Lin Haoqing to choose between Huahua and Ji Yunhe to survive. Lin Haoqing begged hard to no avail. He finally chose Ji Yunhe. The two of them watched Huahua die tragically. Shi, to cultivate Lin Haoqing into a ruthless person.

Lin Canglan forced Ji Yunhe to push Lin Haoqing into the snake cave, but Ji Yunhe resolutely refused to do it, so Lin Canglan gave her the frost poison. Ji Yunhe was tortured to the point of dying, but he still refused to give in. Lin Canglan gave her the antidote, and made it clear that even if she didn’t do it, she would send someone else to push Lin Haoqing down from the snake cave. Ji Yunhe had to do it. From that day on, she became Lin Canglan’s puppet. After Lin Haoqing came back from the Snake Cave, it was like a different person. Ji Yunhe felt very guilty. After listening to her story, he gave her good words and persuasion.

According to Shunde Immortal Fairy’s request, the third round of training the shark was to make the shark Changyi willingly surrender to Shunde Fairy Fairy. Ji Yunhe decided to use this opportunity to let Changyi recover from her injuries. She sent Luo Jinsauna to send out some spirit stones to buy off the elders and let them Agree to change the place for Changyi, and exchange the remaining spirit stones for Changyi for some nourishing medicines.

Lin Haoqing came to the snake cave again, and couldn’t help thinking that after he was pushed down, Ji Yunhe secretly brought him life-saving fruit, and Lin Haoqing was able to leave the snake cave alive. Ji Yunhe was tortured to death by the frost under Lin Canglan. Lin Haoqing witnessed this scene, and secretly vowed to cultivate to the strongest, so that Ji Yunhe would not suffer.

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