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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 10 Recap

Lin Haoqing stood on the top of the snake cave and recalled the past. Zhai Xiaoxing hurriedly came to him for a theory, and asked him what he wanted to do to Ji Yunhe. Lin Haoqing used despicable means to force his long-term intention to break his tail, but he did not kill Ji Yunhe. Obviously, it gave Ji Yunhe a chance of life. Lin Haoqing didn’t want to explain too much, but Zhai Xiaoxing insisted. He first came to Wanhua Valley and was cared for and cared for by Ji Yunhe. The two of them quickly became good friends. Zhai Xiaoxing couldn’t stand by and he wanted to save Ji Yunhe.

Lin Haoqing saw that Qu Xiaoxing really wanted to save Ji Yunhe, so he kept him by his side. Lin Haoqing could not protect Ji Yunhe, otherwise his father Lin Canglan would kill Ji Yunhe. Lin Haoqing wanted to help Ji Yunhe through Qu Xiaoxing. Qu Xiaoxing was stunned when he said that Lin Canglan had brought frost to all the spiritual masters in Wanhua Valley. As long as they were obedient, Lin Canglan would inadvertently give them the antidote. Qu Xiaoxing was stunned. , Lin Haoqing does not allow Qu Xiaoxing to inquire, only when he is the owner of the valley can Ji Yunhe truly be free.

Because Ji Yunhe attacked Lin Haoqing, Lin Canglan sent someone to arrest Ji Yunhe in Li Fengtang, and asked Qingshu to whip her thirty red tails as punishment. , Lin Haoqing tried desperately to save Ji Yunhe, but Lin Canglan didn’t buy it at all, and let him continue to smoke Ji Yunhe. Lin Haoqing couldn’t do it, but Ji Yunhe encouraged him and handed him the whip himself.

Lin Haoqing picked up the whip and slammed it down hard. Ji Yunhe couldn’t stand still in pain, and the whip broke in two on the spot. Lin Haoqing’s hand was injured because the whip was cut off. Elder Mu Ze couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up to plead for Ji Yunhe. Lin Canglan had to give up. Lin Haoqing saw that Lin Canglan was coughing non-stop, so he brought herbal medicine to him. At the door, he heard that Lin Canglan told Qing Shu to cut off Elder Mu Ze’s antidote and let him suffer a little. Lin Haoqing heard this and hurriedly left quietly. Unexpectedly, Lin Canglan not only used the frost to control the spiritual master, but even the elders were not spared.

In fact, Lin Canglan deliberately let Lin Haoqing hear these words and guessed that he would do something. Lin Canglan devoted all his efforts to Ji Yunhe, and wanted to use her to temper Lin Haoqing’s will. Seeing that Ji Yunhe’s century-old practice was about to succeed, Lin Canglan wanted to Lin Haoqing learns to control Ji Yunhe as soon as possible, so that he can trust Wanhua Valley to him, and then Lin Haoqing can defeat that old enemy. Lin Haoqing was upset, Qu Xiaoxing gave him a jar of wine to relieve the pressure, Lin Haoqing made up his mind and vowed never to let his father continue to make mistakes.

Lin Haoqing called Ji Yunhe to the Spirit Snake Cave and faced her for a showdown. Lin Haoqing knew for a long time that Lin Canglan forced Ji Yunhe to push him down. He wanted to join forces with Ji Yunhe to defeat Lin Canglan with the Locking Array, and promised to give Ji Yunhe the antidote after the matter was done. Make sure she’s safe and sound. Ji Yunhe was dubious, and Lin Haoqing had to say that Lin Canglan used frost to control the spiritual master and the elders. Only by completely overthrowing him can the Wanhua Valley be peaceful. Ji Yunhe asked Lin Haoqing to be the owner of the valley. one time.

Luo Jinsang came in a hurry and persuaded Ji Yunhe not to believe Lin Haoqing’s words. The two of them couldn’t fight against Lin Canglan at all. Ji Yunhe wanted to save Changyi, so she brought Lin Haoqing to Huahai to practice the Locking Spirit Formation. Ji Yunhe was not at ease with Changyi, so he hurried back after saying goodbye to Lin Haoqing. Ji Yunhe brought Changyi to the jungle, where she planted vegetables and fruits, and taught Changyi the skills of living on the shore. Ji Yunhe roasted sweet potatoes and Changyi share.

Ji Yunhe settled down on Changyi, and came to Lin Haoqing overnight to practice the formation, and asked Luo Jinsang to take good care of Changyi before leaving. In the middle of the night, Lin Haoqing came to apologize to Lin Canglan, and brought him a decoction to relieve cough. Taking the opportunity to check his pulse, he found that Lin Canglan’s spiritual power was very weak. Lin Canglan picked up the decoction and drank it, and gave him a bottle to treat the trauma. The medicine, before leaving, Lin Canglan suddenly stopped him, but in the end he hesitated.

Lin Canglan was seriously injured because he was severely hit by Qingyu Luanbird, and suddenly vomited blood. Lin Canglan knew that his time was short, and he wanted to train Lin Haoqing to be stronger so that he could deal with the real enemy. And he himself was Lin Haoqing’s last sharpening stone, and then Lin Canglan sent Qing Shu to call Ji Yunhe and continued to deliver spiritual power to Ji Yunhe, wanting her to continue to hone Lin Haoqing. Lin Haoqing hid outside the door to see clearly.

Ji Yunhe went to Huahai and Lin Haoqing to practice formation every night. Changyi was suspicious of Ji Yunhe’s whereabouts, so she followed her quietly, but was stopped by Luo Jinsang, and Changyi gave Luo Jinsang many pearls, tempting her to tell her The whereabouts of Ji Yunhe. Changyi hurried to the sea of ​​​​flowers, just to see Ji Yunhe helping Lin Haoqing to bandage the wound, Changyi hurried forward to stop, Ji Yunhe explained again and again, and explained her and Lin Haoqing’s plans and details, Changyi wanted to help Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe didn’t want him to take risks, but Ji Yunhe had no choice but to agree.

Ji Yunhe gave Changyi a new dress. Changyi liked it very much. He wouldn’t let Ji Yunhe and Lin Haoqing get too close, let alone help Lin Haoqing relieve the pain by touching her head. Neither did Qu Xiaoxing and Luo Jinsang. Ji Yunhe knew he was jealous. , promised to kill him only by touching his head.

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