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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 9 Recap

When Lin Zhixiao saw the ticket, he remembered that he had entrusted Gao Xi to hand it over to Gu Wei, so he immediately went to the balcony to open the window, and sure enough, Gu Wei was still standing downstairs. The two looked at each other on the phone, and Lin Zhixiao thanked Gu Wei. Seeing that it was not too early, he told him to be careful on the way home.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Zhixiao received the friend request from Gu Wei. She ecstatically agreed, and then said that she would wash the coat and return it to him tomorrow, but Gu Wei felt that there was no need to wash it. That night, when Gu Wei came home, he found his parents sitting in the living room with ashen faces, as if they had been waiting for him for a long time.

Father Gu reiterated that Gu Wei was not too young, it should be time to think about starting a family with Gao Xi, and even scolded him for not being able to distinguish his identity, and he was always too close to patients. In the opinion of the old couple, it is a perfect match for a doctor to marry a doctor, because the two share the same ideas and ideals, but Gu Wei is reluctant to let his parents arrange his life, and he has no plans to get married, so he looked for housing information on the Internet and prepared Move out and live alone.

The next morning, Lin Zhixiao got up to receive news from Gu Wei, and happily cleaned Gu Wei’s suit, because he took the wrong detergent, which caused the coat to be stained, especially the suit was not suitable for washing. Mother Lin found that this suit was very wrong. It looked more spacious and similar to a man. Lin Zhixiao hurriedly found a reason to fool her, and lied that it was popular, and sent her mother in a few words.

Because the clothes were destroyed in his hands, Lin Zhixiao took the initiative to go to the hospital, not only offered to apologize, but also expressed his willingness to buy the same one to compensate him. Gu Wei smiled helplessly, and asked Lin Zhixiao to stretch out his hand. Lin Zhixiao thought that the other party was going to punish her by slapping the palm like a teacher, but in fact Gu Wei wanted to check her injured right hand.

Excessive practice some time ago caused Lin Zhixiao’s right hand to have problems, Gu Wei told her to remember to get an orthopaedic department. As a punishment for washing bad suits, Gu Wei only asked Lin Zhixiao to help him get a cup of hot water. Unexpectedly, Gao Xi recognized Gu Wei’s special water cup at a glance, and was very dissatisfied with this.

Gao Xi reminded Lin Zhixiao not to go to the hospital all the time. After all, Lin Jianguo had already been discharged from the hospital. At least he should be careful. Before waiting for Lin Zhixiao to explain, Gao Xi grabbed the water glass from her hand, took the water and sent it to Gu Wei in person. Lin Zhixiao remembered that the backpack was still in the office and could only wait at the door.

It happened that Dr. Du passed by, and Lin Zhixiao took the initiative to say hello, revealing that Dr. Gaoxi didn’t seem to like him. Dr. Du disagreed, saying that in addition to Gao Xi’s good looks towards Gu Wei, everyone else was always cold. Lin Zhixiao listened to Dr. Du’s words ignorantly, but he never reacted. In fact, he had already become Gao Xi’s subconscious rival in love.

Originally, Gu Wei thought it was Lin Zhixiao, but when he saw Gao Xi, his smile instantly diminished. Gao Xi deliberately walked to Gu Wei’s side, pretended to read the materials with him, and tried his best to get closer, while Gu Wei was busy with his work, ignoring Gao Xi’s ramblings, and responded indifferently.

Gu Xiao slept in a daze in the hotel, but he didn’t expect his mother to suddenly come to pick him up, mainly because Gu Xiao’s father was on a business trip, and he could stay at home during this time. Considering that a certain amount of money is needed to open a coffee shop, Gu Xiao tried his best to borrow money from his mother. At first, Gu Xiao’s mother refused with a strong attitude, but then she couldn’t stand his stubbornness and agreed to transfer the money for the last time.

Gu Wei accompanied Lin Zhixiao to make an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist. At noon, he took her to a nearby restaurant to eat and ordered some food that was beneficial to her recovery. Gu Wei hinted that Lin Zhixiao stretched out his hands. Lin Zhixiao misunderstood this action until he took out the disinfectant and suddenly remembered that he was used to it as always.

Lin Zhixiao hadn’t forgotten about the laundry, and was going to buy another one as compensation. Gu Wei didn’t take it to heart at all, but asked her to find some suitable housing for him. In the afternoon, after seeing the orthopaedic specialist, Lin Zhixiao returned home with a disappointed expression, especially the information in the orchestra group hit her harder.

Lin’s mother came to the door and called her daughter but didn’t respond. It happened that Gu Wei called, and it was not difficult to hear the sound of the piano on the phone, so she called Lin Zhixiao again and deliberately asked her to help him find a hundred suites of source materials tonight. , and send it to the mailbox tomorrow. Lin Zhixiao complained a lot, considering that Gu Wei’s clothes were indeed damaged, he had to obey the arrangement and directly change Gu Wei’s nickname to a capitalist, but he did not know Gu Wei’s good intentions.

It was almost dawn in the second half of the night, and Lin Zhixiao finally found enough properties to send to Gu Wei’s mailbox. On the other hand, after Gu Wei received the email, he said that he had already received the email, so he made a request to Lin Zhixiao, and asked her to focus on the hospital and divide the 100 houses according to the area and distance. The rent and the grade of the house were divided, and it was repeatedly emphasized that Lin Zhixiao was willing to pay off the debt with labor, so that he would not regret it later.

Although Gu Wei’s request was very harsh, Lin Zhixiao complied faithfully until he hung up the phone and couldn’t help stamping his feet in place, scolding Gu Wei as Huang Shiren’s inhumanity. At the same time, Gu Wei stared at the phone and laughed. He suddenly felt the pleasure of using the creditor to tease Xia Linzhi School.

And Gu Wei’s abnormality also made Dr. Du feel that he was not as dead as before. Lin Zhixiao finally finished everything, but not long after it was posted, Gu Wei called again and told her to accompany him to see the house, and the appointed time was tomorrow morning.

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