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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 8 Recap

When Lin Zhixiao was practicing the cello at home, he suddenly received a call from Gu Wei and learned that the email he sent had been received by the other party. Gu Wei took this to make a request to Lin Zhixiao, asking her to focus on the hospital, and divide the 100 houses according to the area and distance, and then divide them according to the rent and the grade of the house, repeatedly emphasizing Lin Zhixiao’s original wish Repay the debt with labor, save the money and regret it later.

Although Gu Wei’s request was very harsh, Lin Zhixiao complied faithfully until he hung up the phone and couldn’t help stamping his feet in place, scolding Gu Wei as Huang Shiren’s inhumanity. On the other hand, Gu Wei stared at the phone and laughed. As a creditor, he could feel that he would use the creditor’s time to tease Xia Linzhi School.

Gu Wei’s behavior reassured Lin Zhixiao, but he was quickly surprised again, remembering that he was a clean freak himself, so he could endure tears dripping on his jacket. Gu Wei smiled and said that her cleanliness had been cured by Lin Zhixiao, and immediately realized that this sentence was too ambiguous, and hurriedly changed the subject, telling her to adjust her state as soon as possible.

On the way back, Lin Zhixiao looked at her father who was sleeping beside her, silently reciting the word “Dad”. The deep love between her father and daughter was buried deep in her heart, and she finally saw the light of day again. Gu Wei looked through the rearview mirror and saw Lin Zhixiao resting his head on his father’s shoulder. His mood was also very complicated, but more than that, he was relieved.

On the other side, Gu Xiao returned to his house in the middle of the night and complained to his mother that he had not eaten enough at Gu Wei’s house. Gu Xiao’s mother felt sorry for her son, so she went to the kitchen to prepare a late-night snack for him. Gu Xiao’s father sat on the sofa next to him and read the newspaper, glanced at Gu Xiao indifferently, and compared the gap between him and Gu Wei.

Also because his father looked down on him everywhere, Gu Xiao was particularly unhappy, and immediately spoke out to fight back. A fierce quarrel broke out between the father and son again. Gu Xiao’s father decided to cut off all his son’s credit cards, but Gu Xiao was very disdainful of this and turned around and left. Gu Xiao, who seems to be very self-respecting, actually waited for Gu Xiao’s mother at the door of the house for a long time. When she came out with a card, she pretended to accept the card and drove straight to the hotel.

Mother Lin stayed in the hospital anxiously, watching Lin Jianguo being sent back by her daughter and Gu Wei, both angry and uncomfortable. After settling down with her father, Lin Zhixiao finally fell into a big rock in her heart. She thanked Gu Wei and separated. In the early morning of the next day, Lin Zhixiao opened the album at home and smiled at the group photo of a family of three. Gu Wei also stood on the balcony and looked into the distance, unconsciously falling into contemplation.

Fortunately, the operation went very smoothly. Lin Jianguo only needed to be hospitalized for observation. If there were no other problems, he would soon be able to recover and be discharged from the hospital. The mother and daughter of the Lin family breathed a sigh of relief in an instant. The big stone that had been pressing on their hearts finally fell to the ground. On the other hand, Gu Wei returned to the office and found a post-it note on the door handle with a thank you message from Lin Zhixiao.

In the days that followed, Lin Zhixiao took care of Lin Jianguo while playing the piano in the ward in the void, never forgetting to practice. It happened that this scene was caught in Gu Wei’s eyes. That night, Gu Wei came to the ward and found that Lin Zhixiao was sleeping beside the bed, so he lightly picked up clothes and put them on her, Qiuqiu on the next bed couldn’t help but snicker.

Gu Wei knew that Lin Zhixiao urgently needed a place to practice cello, so he took advantage of the music charity performance held in the hospital and asked her to participate in it. Lin Zhixiao saw that the band immediately regained its spirits, and after obtaining the consent of the band leader, he played the cello in public.

Standing next to him, Gu Wei nodded and cast an encouraging look at Lin Zhixiao. At the same time, he was almost fascinated. He had no choice but to leave until Dr. Du came to inform him to check the patient’s condition. After several charity performances, Lin Zhixiao’s piano skills have been greatly improved, and he has exercised his courage. During this assessment, he was praised by the band teacher and officially became a member of the band.

After Xiao Shan saw the information, she immediately called to congratulate Lin Zhixiao, and asked about Lin Jianguo’s situation by the way. And Lin Zhixiao said that he was able to be selected, and he also needed to thank Dr. Gu Wei for his help, which just happened to give him a plan to practice, but Xiao Shan on the other end of the phone felt that she was not leaving Gu Wei for three words now, guessing that there was something tricky between the two .

Because of Xiao Shan’s suspicion, Lin Zhixiao suddenly felt a little embarrassed, and found a reason to end the call. At this time, Gu Xiao found Xiao Shan through the positioning of the circle of friends, and discussed asking her to open a bar with him, but Xiao Shan disagreed, thinking that a coffee shop is the best choice. It just so happened that Xiao Shan was also in urgent need of finding a job, so she went home in the evening to think twice, or called Gu Xiao to discuss the details tomorrow.

In order to celebrate his successful election as a cellist, Lin Zhixiao bought some snacks and coke, and came to look for Gu Wei when the doctors were not busy. The two sat on the roof blowing the evening breeze and chatted and laughed. Lin Zhixiao felt that he had known each other for so long, and he must have become a friend.

Calling Doctor Gu seemed unfamiliar, but after thinking about several titles, it was not appropriate, especially when he was called Lao Gu, Gu Wei’s face almost turned black. color. In the end, the title was changed back to Doctor Gu, just as Lin Zhixiao called his father Teacher Lin, which did not affect each other’s feelings at all.

Lin’s mother accompanied Lin Jianguo in the ward, and when she saw her daughter came in to announce the good news, she couldn’t help but be happy. As the orchestra was about to hold a summer performance soon, Lin Zhixiao gave her parents two tickets. Even though her father could not guarantee that she would be able to attend the performance as scheduled, she still sent an invitation.

When Gao Xi came to check the room, he also received a ticket from Lin Zhixiao, and also gave the admission ticket to Gu Wei on her behalf, deliberately expressing that there might be an internal hospital meeting on the 1st of next month. Gu Wei took the tickets sent by Gao Xi, with a smile on his lips unconsciously, so he put the tickets in the book.

Soon it was time for Qiuqiu to go out. Before Qiuqiu left, the doctors bought a cake to celebrate his birthday, and Lin Zhixiao was also there. Qiuqiu distributed the cake very sensible, but Gao Xi made a plan and said that he couldn’t finish it alone, so he wanted to share it with Gu Wei.

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