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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 8 Recap

A thousand years ago, Ning Ruochu rescued Qingyu Luanniao’s little servant Lishu. They fell in love at first sight, but they violated the prohibition on the love between earth and heavenly immortals in Wanhua Valley. Ning Ruochu would rather give up everything. Yuluan Bird lives in seclusion in the mountains, and the two of them live a simple and sweet life.

Ning Ruochu combs Qingyu Luan Bird’s hair every day, ties her blue ribbon with her own hands, and swears to comb her hair every day from now on. But the good times didn’t last long, and the spiritual master of Wanhua Valley discovered their whereabouts, surrounded and blocked them, and killed them.

Qingyu Luanniao disregarded Ning Ruochu’s objection and hurt the spiritual master in Wanhua Valley. Ning Ruochu was very angry, and the two had a big fight because of it. Qingyuluanniao wanted to part ways with Ning Ruochu. Not long after, Ning Ruochu’s master passed away. Ning Ruochu secretly returned to Wanhua Valley to deal with the funeral.

Qingyu Luanniao thought that he would never return, but did not expect to come back again. In the ten-square array, Qingyu Luanniao was sealed in it, and Ning Ruochu reunited with her in the name of traveling the world, and the two lived in the ten-square array from then on.

Qingyu Luanniao believed in him so much that she took the initiative to enter the Ten Square Formation and built a small wooden house there. She waited for thousands of years, but Ning Ruochu never showed up. Qingyu Luanniao’s spirit became more and more sad the more she talked, and in the end, she was distraught. Ji Yunhe fell into melancholy after hearing the story of the two of them. hate her.

The Qingyu Luan bird possessed the spirit and began to get angry again, threatening to kill all the imperial masters. She caused a huge wave in the river, and Changyi hurriedly pulled Ji Yunhe into the cabin. He thought that Ning Ruochu could not betray his feelings. , Ji Yunhe has always been preoccupied, Changyi firmly believes that his relationship with Ji Yunhe is rock solid, he wants to persuade Fuling, but Ji Yunhe does not let him take the risk and insists on going to Fuling in person to explain the situation.

Ji Yunhe pretended to be Ning Ruochu and came to see the enchanted spirit of Qingyu Luanbird. Enchanted spirit saw the blue ribbon on her wrist and completely relaxed her vigilance. Ji Yunhe tied the blue ribbon on the enchanted wrist. She was moved to tears, and in the water dance to tune. Changyi sang the “Song of the Merman”, and the melodious singing reverberated in the air. Ning Ruochu suddenly descended from the sky and came to Qingyu Luanniao, and vowed never to leave her again. The two embraced each other deeply, and then floated away. .

Both Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi were deeply moved by the warm scene in front of them, and they couldn’t come back to their senses for a long time. At this moment, a large vortex appeared in the middle of the river. Ji Yunhe guessed that the ten-square array had been destroyed. They had to jump into the vortex, otherwise they would be trapped forever. Ji Yunhe was worried that the two would never see each other again. , teach him rock paper scissors on the spot, the loser must follow the winner.

Changyi and Ji Yunhe drew a fist, but Ji Yunhe won. She held Changyi’s hand tightly and vowed to be with him forever. From then on, there would be no more lies between them. Changyi couldn’t help kissing Ji Yunhe, and then took the opportunity to put the inside of her body. The shark pearl was sent to Ji Yunhe’s body. Ji Yunhe knew that the shark pearl was a long-term life. She was very moved, and the two jumped into the vortex hand in hand.

Qingyu Luanniao brought Xue Sanyue to Leyou Mountain. Xue Sanyue did not eat, drink or speak because of the loss of her beloved one. Qingyu Luanniao used wine to drown her sorrows all day long. She thought about a thousand kinds of harmony.

In the scene where Ning Ruochu met, she did not expect that Ning Ruochu would actually die, and she was so sad that she wanted to die. Xue Sanyue came to Qingyu Luanniao to ask her about her guilt, and forced her to ask about her relationship with Lishu. Lishu even betrayed their feelings for her and was willing to die for Qingyuluaniao. Qingyuluanniao didn’t want to explain more, Xue San Yue was provoked and pressed against Qingyu Luanniao step by step, only to be subdued.

When Ji Yunhe woke up in a daze, he thought that he had finally escaped from the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers. Unexpectedly, when Qing Shu stood in front of her, Ji Yunhe knew that the vortex led to the pond in Lin Canglan’s backyard. That pond was one of the eyes of the Ten Square Array. When Ji Yunhe learned that Changyi was imprisoned in the Siguo Cave again, he complained in his heart.

The elders unanimously demanded that Lin Canglan punish Ji Yunhe severely. Ji Yunhe knew very well that she could not admit to fleeing privately with Changyi, otherwise Changyi would be sentenced to death. I went to the thinking cave to see what happened, but a golden light appeared in the cave, and she and Chang Yi accidentally fell into the ten square formation. Lin Canglan and the elders didn’t believe it at all. Ji Yunhe kept claiming that the merman only believed in her and that only she could tame the merman.

Zhai Xiaoxing arrived in time with Changyi, and Changyi tried his best to excuse Ji Yunhe, explaining in public that he and Ji Yunhe had accidentally fallen into the ten-square formation. When Lin Canglan saw the merman speak, he would no longer hold Ji Yunhe responsible. Ji Yunhe asked Zhai Xiaoxing to take Changyi Taking it back to Si Kuo Cao, Chang Yi obeyed her words. Ji Yunhe took the opportunity to propose that no one is allowed to approach Changyi, Lin Canglan agreed, and in the name of a reward hit Ji Yunhe hard on the shoulder, and the frost poison in her body broke out again.

Ji Yunhe stumbled back to her residence, and Luo Jinsang hurriedly brought the antidote to her to take, but the frost not only did not disappear, but it became more and more serious. Qing Shu was ordered to come and remind Ji Yunhe not to take those pills again. The antidote stolen by the palace was fake, and Ji Yunhe realized that she had fallen into Lin Canglan’s trap. She gritted her teeth in anger. Qingshu warned Ji Yunhe to reflect on it, and set up a barrier in her room before leaving.

Lin Canglan personally came to look for Lin Haoqing, and encouraged him to cheer up and start training the shark in the second round, and he must never lose to Ji Yunhe again. Qingyu Luanniao locked Xue Sanyue in the cave of Leyou Mountain where she used to practice exercises, and set up a barrier there. Xue Sanyue vowed to go out to kill Qingyu Luannia sooner or later, but Qingyu Luanniao ignored her.

When Lin Haoqing came to the Cave of Thought, it was impossible to say that he picked up the sharp sword to cut off his tail for Changyi. Changyi desperately resisted.

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