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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 40 Recap

Seeing that the Qianqing Palace was about to fall, suddenly the situation changed. Jinyiwei surrounded the entire Qianqing Palace. Zhu Zhanji arrived with reinforcements. He captured the king who was trying to rebel and brought all of them to the Qianqing Palace.

You Yifan did not succeed in holding the Queen Mother, and the conspiracy of the kings of Han and Zhao was revealed. You Yifan knew that he was completely defeated, so he accused Daming of starvation and displacement. Countless courtiers are pampered and do not want to make progress. country.

Zhu Zhanji and You Yifan began to compare swords. You Yifan wanted to die. Zhu Zhanji reminded him that there were not many people who understood the painstaking efforts and ideals of the late emperor. Being so enlightened, You Yifan was extremely ashamed and took the initiative to meet the sword in Zhu Zhanji’s hand. You Yifan was dead, and the rebels were captured.

Fang Dianshan was serving food for the victims, and now the disaster has been brought under control, Mr. Mei came to Fang Dianshan, Fang Dianshan confessed to him that she has always been guarding the wall made of grain and never dared to neglect her duty. She has suppressed her love for many times, but now she has completed Meng Shangshi’s entrustment and has the opportunity to speak her mind. Mr. Mei also admired her for a long time, Ziping watched the harmony between the two from a distance, and silently blessed them in her heart.

The queen mother asked Meng Shangshi to personally deliver the wine to the king of Han. Meng Shangshi and the king of Han used to have an old relationship. She specially made a few snacks to send to the king of Han. She joked that the queen mother had reinstated her official position, and she will serve the king of Han again after drinking.

Add an official into the Jue. The King of Han smiled bitterly. He was still in the camp all his life, but was killed by Lei bought by Zhu Di. He thought he was a hundred times stronger than Zhu Gaochi, but he was driven to the fief after all. She also drank the poisonous wine, and now she can finally thank her by dying to repay the half-life kindness of King Han.

Meng Shangshi went away and Yuehua was released. Meng Shangshi told the Empress Dowager before her death that she was willing to use her life-long virtue in exchange for Yuehua’s immortality. On the last side, Yuehua burst into tears and finally called her mother.

Ziping was awarded the title of Ming Shangshi. When the decree came down, all the maids in the Shangshi Bureau applauded for Ziping Kaxin. Ziping was surprised that the official position of Shangshi used to be out of reach for her, but now it has become a new one. still eat.

Under the moonlight, Ziping sat alone for a long time, looking at the familiar furnishings and utensils of the Shangshi Bureau, she finally made a decision, and left Yao Zijin to leave a letter to leave the palace. She is grateful to Yao Zijin for taking care of her in her heart, and she knows that the real cooking skills are in the world. She will go to the people to experience the best taste in the world and help Yao Zijin see the world. Knowing that Ziping was gone, Yao Zijin drank with tears, and was very reluctant to give up.

Yuan Qi knelt and begged outside the hall. His misdeeds had already reached the level of sitting in a row. Yao Zijin spared his life. Zhu Zhanji couldn’t bear the killing of both uncles and tried to pardon King Zhao. King Zhao was grateful and immediately promised that from now on. At the beginning, he was willing to return the three guards of the palace, and since he went to the high wall of Fengyang, he lived for more than a year, and he never had any bad thoughts in his heart.

The queen took out the red crane top, and she instructed the palace maid to grind ink and prepare to submit a form to resign. Yao Zijin arrived and insisted not to let the queen use the crane top red. The queen had made up her mind. She was already tired of life in the palace, and now she just wanted to hang the pot to save the world and live a peaceful life. Yao Zijin saw the medical book in the Queen’s hand and understood her knot, so he helped her to advise Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji promised to let Queen Hu move to Changle Palace, and all the support was the same as in the past.

On the day Queen Hu left the palace, snow fell in the sky. She sat in the carriage, took a last look at Daming’s palace, and finally breathed the air outside. Finally, her heart was fulfilled, and she was very satisfied.

Yuehua goes to Shangshi Bureau to deliver food every day. Seeing that Fang Dianshan has now become Shangshi, and Shangshi Bureau handles all matters very well, the chefs are united and kind, like warm sunshine, she seems to be back Those days when I first entered the Shangshi Bureau.

Yao Zijin and Zhu Zhanji did their best to manage the people of Daming. In their spare time, they would also paint and enjoy the scenery together. Wu Zhaoyi had been pardoned by the emperor and finally brought his relatives back home for reunion. Yao Zijin often misses what Ziping is doing outside the palace. Zhu Zhanji is worried that Yao Zijin will stay alone in the palace. Yao Zijin admits that being able to accompany Zhu Zhanji is also a joy in life. The flowers are in full bloom!

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