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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 39 Recap

Everyone praised Meng Shanggong’s foresight. With these reserves, the disaster victims in the capital could not go hungry for at least half a year. When Yao Zijin left the Shangshi Bureau, Fang Dianshan gave her a copy of “The Collection of Wild Vegetables”. Meng Shanggong was still working as a handyman in the cold palace. Yao Zijin comforted Fang Dianshan. She would tell the Queen Mother the truth and forgive Meng Shanggong’s past mistakes. .

Yao Zijin went to the prison, and saw that Yuehua was now neither a ghost nor a ghost. He was very sorry. Yuehua has not repented until now, and instead blamed her various things on Meng Shanggong’s poor teaching. Yao Zijin took the collection of wild vegetables and told her word by word that Meng Shanggong had been studying wild vegetables on weekdays, and also classified poisonous and non-poisonous plants with pictures, so as not to be eaten by mistake, but unfortunately it was only half completed, even though the Queen Mother has forgiven.

After her, Meng Shanggong still insisted on working in An Le Tang to atone for his sins. Yuehua was shocked when she heard it, but she didn’t expect that the mother she resented all night would be so righteous, Yuehua was almost crazy, and she wanted to see the queen mother like crazy, Yao Zijin walked out of the prison with a flick of her sleeves.

Yuan Qi still poisoned Zhu Zhanji’s tea after all. When Zhu Zhanji was drinking tea, he seemed to have no intention of asking how many years he had been with him, and also told some stories about the life and death of the two during the expedition. Seeing that Zhu Zhanji was about to drink water, Yuan Qi couldn’t help trembling nervously, until he saw with his own eyes that the emperor had put the tea cup to his mouth, he put down the curtain and turned away.

Yuan Qi immediately sent a letter to King Han, who learned that Zhu Zhanji was dead, and immediately launched a rebellion. King Zheng and King Xiang who were supervising the country were successively controlled by the rebels, and all the concubines in the harem were held hostage. They pressed for the location of the queen. Seeing that the lives of the concubines were in danger, Yao Zijin immediately stopped the killing and took them to the ward.

Yao Zijin and the empress were placed under house arrest. At the critical moment, the empress also developed a high fever, which was probably infected with the plague. Yao Zijin tried to call the imperial doctor for consultation. You Yifan was worried that Yao Zijin would also be infected, so he went into the house and asked Yao Zijin to go out.

Yao Zijin insisted on staying here to take care of the queen. You Yifan couldn’t help but ask her what would happen to her if Zhu Zhanji died. With her wisdom, she should not be buried. Yao Zijin took off the jade bracelet on his wrist and threw it on the ground, “I would rather be broken by jade” to clarify his resolve. The conversation between You Yifan and Yao Zijin was listened to by the queen one by one. At this moment, she understood Yao Zijin’s intentions for Zhu Zhanji.

The queen continued to have a high fever, and the imperial doctor immediately fled for her life. Only Yao Zijin was with the queen in the house. The queen pulled down the curtain and wanted to drive Yao Zijin away to avoid infection. Yao Zijin didn’t go anywhere, and the queen entrusted with tears, hoping that she could accompany Zhu Zhanji well and help him accomplish his great cause.

The King of Han broke into the door, claiming that Zhu Zhanji was dead, and forced the Queen Mother to immediately draw up a decree to let him perform state supervision. Neither is You Yifan’s opponent. You Yifan directly threatened the Queen Mother with a sword, seeing that the overall situation was at risk.

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