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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 38 Recap

Yuan Qi told Zhu Zhanji of the results of the investigation that the mandala flower Wu Zhaoyi used to make spices had been found in her palace. Wu Zhaoyi wondered when Zhu Zhanji suspected her. The emperor called witnesses to see. When there was a British prince, Wu Zhaoyi’s face changed greatly. Above the main hall, the British public clearly opposed the abolition of the queen. I did not expect that the emperor had already arranged the eyeliner.

The British public reported that last night, the accomplice of the king of Han encouraged him to rebel together. Now the spies hidden in the palace have been identified. There are more than 2,000 official accomplices and accomplices led by Han Wang. At this time, the queen woke up like a dream, and the emperor used the name of the abolition to arrest the chaotic party and the rebels.

Wu Zhaoyi naturally got what she deserved, and she was about to be tried. Yao Zijin followed closely and asked if she was being coerced. Wu Zhaoyi burst into tears. Her relatives have been held in the palace of the Han Dynasty all these years, and the king of Han repeatedly threatened her to disturb the harem. In the past, after thinking about it, she came up with the idea of ​​abolishing the queen, but unfortunately, Zhu Zhanji saw it through.

Yao Zijin was puzzled, wouldn’t killing her be more effective than killing the queen? Wu Zhaoyi’s last psychological defense line collapsed. She approached Yao Zijin and confessed that no one has ever covered her with a quilt since she was a child. Even if this life was paid to Yao Zijin’s care, Wu Zhaoyi finally begged Yao Zijin to rescue her family one day.

Yuehua was imprisoned, and Ziping came to prison and asked her if she was worthy of Meng Shangshi and Wang Sishan’s good intentions for her. Yuehua frantically took the bench and smashed her right hand. Now that she can’t make a meal, she simply abolished this hand.

Yao Zijin wanted to intercede with the emperor to avoid Wu Zhaoyi’s execution, but Zhu Zhanji just said that he would wait for him to expedition to eradicate the remnants of disordered parties such as the King of Han. Soon, Zhu Zhanji led the troops on the expedition. Only King Zhao and King Xiang were left in the Qianqing Palace to supervise the administration.

King Zhao neglected his duties and closed the city gate to prevent a large number of victims from flowing into the capital. The Queen Mother was very annoyed when she heard it, and called Yao Zijin specially , severely punished King Zhao in front of her, and ordered him to fast for three days. The Queen Mother calmly handled the affairs of the state. The disaster was serious, and the Queen Mother ordered all disaster relief to be rewarded.

The emperor was out on an expedition, and the refugees in the palace were in turmoil. You Yifan stayed in the palace under the pretext of being ill. When he saw that the time was ripe, he secretly sent a letter to the king of Han, and he could attack the city. The Empress Dowager took Yao Zijin and the Empress out of the palace to check on the disaster.

The situation was more serious than they thought. Although the government opened warehouses for disaster relief every day, there were too many refugees, and there were not enough points. Many children suffered from abdominal pain due to eating poisonous rhizomes by mistake. The exhaustion of the past day has destroyed the body of the queen mother.

The queen mother is ill. She asks the queen if she can take charge of the overall situation. The queen is a little embarrassed. Yao Zijin comforted the Empress Dowager to take care of her health. She was willing to assist her and do her best. Right now, there can be no one in the palace to supervise the administration. In order to help King Zhao and King Xiang share the burden, she offered to be responsible for stabilizing the victims and controlling the disaster.

Empress Hu returned to the palace and rummaged through the needles and stone tools she had used. Yao Zijin recorded the jewelry presented by the concubines of the harem in a register, asking the empress to look at them. Go to the disaster area to consult the patients who have no money for medical treatment.

In the disaster area, a girl was bitten by a poisonous insect. Fortunately, Empress Hu was rejuvenated with a wonderful hand. She did not care about the dirt on the girl and sucked the venom out of her mouth. Finally, the girl was rescued.

The Empress Dowager worried about the disaster and didn’t want to eat. The Shang Food Bureau changed the way to cook, but she was still returned. Yao Zijin brought brown rice and miscellaneous grains to the Empress Dowager in person, and the Empress Dowager finally ate. Fang Dianshan knew that the queen mother was worried about not having enough food, so she immediately knelt in front of the queen mother and said that she had a solution.

She took everyone to see her grain storage. It turned out that a long time ago, Meng Shanggong discovered that the palace was wasted so much, so he stored the cold soup leftovers that were going to be dumped, made grain bricks, and then dried them thoroughly, stacking them one by one. Up, not only is it not easy to be found, but the shelf life of the food has been extended, and now it can finally come in handy. Everyone is sighed. Meng Shangshi’s foresight has saved the lives of countless victims.

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