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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 36 Recap

As soon as the queen entered the Qianqing Palace, Yuan Qi seemed to have found a life-saving straw and desperately prayed for the queen to intercede for him. The benevolence of people”, the first time that Zhu Zhanji was so angry at her, the queen withdrew in tears.

Yao Zijin heard the wind and went to see Zhu Zhanji in the Qianqing Palace. Zhu Zhanji leaned on Yao Zijin’s shoulder and complained, sighing that although he was the emperor, he was always wrong. Yao Zijin knew his difficulties and suddenly felt Zhu Zhanji’s forehead hot. , immediately noticed that the emperor was ill, so the imperial physician Xuan Sheng came to diagnose and treat.

Wu Zhaoyi quietly went to the Empress Dowager to tell the truth, saying that the emperor was very annoyed by the empress’s untruthful words, but he had a special liking for Yao Zijin, who was good at flattering.

Yao Zijin told the empress dowager about the emperor’s illness. He really thought that the emperor’s accusation against the empress was inappropriate, and after Meng Shangshi was delegated, the powers and functions of the six palaces were unknown. Too much time for gossip. Every word of Yao Zijin was for the sake of Daming, and there was no personal resentment at all. The queen mother highly praised her for her open-mindedness and ordered Wu Zhaoyi to slap her mouth. Wu Zhaoyi stole chicken and failed to lose rice, and she held Yao Zijin even more.

Yuehua had a nightmare, dreaming that someone was going to cut off her hands again. She was so frightened that she ran to the cold palace and saw that her mother was still cleaning and toiling. It was so miserable, Yuehua was very sad to see it, she ran to You Yifan’s residence, and Lihua cried with rain that someone in the palace was going to break her arm, but she didn’t know how important this arm was to her, and said that the disaster would not get rid of her in one day.

There was no peace for a day, You Yifan listened to her quietly and didn’t say much. Yuehua further wanted to confess to him, but You Yifan directly stopped her from going on, and Yuehua thought that all mother’s love, family and friendship were all in the mirror, so she left miserably. You Yifan looked at the silhouettes posted by the window, and couldn’t help sighing at the swaying flower branches.

Yuehua has always hated Yao Zijin. Wu Zhaoyi wanted to find a caring ally to deal with Yao Zijin. Naturally, he thought of winning over Yuehua. Hearing that Wu Zhaoyi had a way to get rid of Yao Zijin, Yuehua immediately reached a consensus with him.

Yuan Qi heard that none of the men he sent out to buy in Guangdong had returned. He couldn’t help worrying that the fleet would be exposed, so he hurriedly went to the emperor’s desk to find a memorial. Suddenly Wu Zhaoyi arrived unexpectedly, and Wu Zhaoyi already knew that he was attacking the emperor. Wu Zhaoyi had evidence in his hand, Yuan Qi was so frightened that he immediately knelt down, and the two conspired together. In the end, when Wu Zhaoyi went out, Yuan Qi bowed to her and thanked her. Outside the door, You Yifan saw Yuan Qi gave a big salute, and when he turned around, he almost tripped over and became suspicious.

Zhu Zhanji still insisted on handling government affairs even when he was seriously ill. Yuan Qi held the poison given by Wu Zhaoyi in his hand, and he tried several times without success. Yao Zijin took good care of Zhu Zhanji in front of the bed and helped him read the memorial in person. Wu Zhaoyi closely matched the poison in her palace, swearing that Yao Zijin would taste the power.

Zhu Zhanji’s royal pet was ill and refused to eat anything. Yao Zijin took care of him in front of the royal family. Ziping was very anxious. be blamed.

The queen had studied medicine and kindly helped Yantai dispense medicine. Ziping put the medicine into the pet’s snack according to the queen’s instructions, and even specially told her subordinates to hide the medicine so that it could not be eaten by mistake. Yuehua saw all this, and she When people were not prepared, he sprinkled the medicinal powder on Yao Zijin’s meal.

The queen went to the Qianqing Palace to greet her, and Zhu Zhanji looked at her coldly and ordered to be banned from the palace from now on. Yao Zijin’s condition was at stake, and Zhu Zhanji summoned all the imperial doctors to diagnose him. Wu Zhaoyi went to the Empress Dowager to complain, saying that Yao Zijin and Ziping had directed and acted their own bitter schemes. The queen mother called Yin Ziping to ask about the situation, Yin Ziping told the truth, that day the queen gave her the medicine, which was buried under the peach tree after use. medicine.

Ziping also said that the empress was generous and kind, not someone who poisoned her, but someone must have deliberately framed the blame to alienate the empress and Yao Zijin’s feelings, and asked the empress dowager to preside over the overall situation and protect the middle palace. Ziping spoke very pertinently and logically, and the Queen Mother greatly appreciated her.

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