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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 6 Recap

Luo Jinsang immediately told Changyi that Siyu was dead and Lin Haoqing was grounded. Changyi was very happy and used all her spiritual power to make snow for Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe likes snow very much, and she couldn’t get close to her happily. Mouth, Chang Yi willingly stayed on the shore to accompany Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe was very moved, but worried that he would fail Chang Yi, and Chang Yi believed that he would not be wrong.

Ji Yunhe curiously asked how Changyi had offended Ruling, and Changyi told the whole story in detail. Ruling accidentally fell into the water and died, and Changyi rescued her. Ruling wanted Changyi to be her immortal servant, but Changyi flatly refused. , Ru Ling sent someone to arrest him. Ji Yunhe reminded Changyi not to save people casually in the future.

Ji Yunhe told Luo Jinsang what she thought, and Luo Jinsang asked her to go to Xue Sanyue for help. Ji Yunhe decided to consult Lishu first to discuss countermeasures. Xue Sanyue took good care of Lishu, and Lishu took Xue Sanyue away under the pretext of eating the fruits of the flower sea. Ji Yunhe and Luo Jinsang quietly came to Lishu, and Lishu was waiting for them. He had already seen Ji Yunhe and Changyi. When pretending to be a couple, the reason why he didn’t expose it was that he wanted to join hands with Ji Yunhe to get the antidote, so that he could take Xue Sanyue far away.

Unexpectedly, Xue Sanyue suddenly returned. She heard the conversation between Ji Yunhe and Lishu, and then she realized that she had been deceived. Ji Yunhe admitted that she was acting, but now she couldn’t figure out her feelings for Changyi. Ji Yunhe just wanted to get it as soon as possible. The antidote, rescued Changyi and sent it back to the East China Sea. After Xue Sanyue listened to Ji Yunhe’s plan, she was willing to forgive her. Ji Yunhe took out the Wanhua Valley defense map drawn over the years, and revealed that there was a well-guarded ten-square formation here, where the Qingyu Luan bird was suppressed.

Ji Yunhe and Xue Sanyue discussed how to attack Lin Canglan and the guards away, and then went to Lin Canglan’s inner hall to steal the antidote, and Li Shu took the initiative to ask Ying to create a riot within three days. Ji Yunhe felt that Li Shu was not an ordinary person and could not guess his true identity, but his feelings for Xue Sanyue were real.

Li Shu poured medicine in Xue Sanyue’s soup, Xue Sanyue fell asleep quickly, and Li Shu came to the Ten Square Array overnight, and quickly found nine eyes. Lin Haoqing came to Qingshu early in the morning and let her watch a good show with her own eyes. Lin Haoqing, under the name of Siyu, asked Xue Sanyue to come to see Ji Yunhe in Ling Snake Cave, and Xue Sanyue came to the appointment on time. Li Shu came to deliver fish soup to Xue Sanyue and found that she was missing. Li Shu found that Xue Sanyue went to the Ling Snake Cave, guessed that she had been tricked by Lin Haoqing, and hurried over to save people.

Li Shu saw Xue Sanyue from a distance and persuaded her to leave as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, it was Qingshu pretending to be using the illusion technique. Qingshu tied up Lishu on the spot, Lin Haoqing escorted Xue Sanyue, and Qingshu wanted to confront Xue San. Yue and Li were severely punished, and Lin Haoqing took the initiative to ask them to be dealt with. Ji Yunhe came to report the good news to Changyi. Changyi thought she was still angry and planted a flower for her. Changyi wanted to leave Wanhua Valley and continue to be lovers with Ji Yunhe.

Before Ji Yunhe could answer, Lin Haoqing suddenly appeared and wanted to take Ji Yunhe to witness the love between Xue Sanyue and Lishu in violation of the prohibition, so Ji Yunhe had to bite the bullet and go. Lin Haoqing announced in public to interrupt Xue Sanyue’s immortal bone and abolish her cultivation. Ji Yunhe desperately interceded for Xue Sanyue, and suggested to wait for Lin Canglan to leave the customs. Sanyue resolutely quit, Lin Haoqing killed her, Ji Yunhe tried desperately to stop her, Xue Sanyue had already made up her mind to die and did not want to implicate Ji Yunhe.

Li Shu suddenly shot, and a powerful spiritual power erupted from his body. Everyone present was stunned. Li Shu rescued Xue Sanyue and threatened to destroy the Valley of Thousand Flowers. Li Shu used all his spiritual power to destroy Shifang. Array, released the most ferocious Qingyu Luan bird, everyone was shocked by his powerful spiritual power.

The ten-square array was broken, and the Qingyu Luan bird flew into the sky. Li Shu vomited blood and fainted because of the loss of spiritual power. The Qingyu Luan Bird sent spiritual power to Li Shu, and Li Shu gradually woke up. Ning Ruochu challenged, and Ji Yunhe took the opportunity to take Luokisang to the inner hall to find the antidote. Seeing the two of them, Zhai Xiaoxing offered to take care of them.

Lin Canglan had to admit that Ning Ruchu was dead. He was exhausted trying to seal Qingyu Luanniao in the Ten Square Array, and soon passed away happily. When Qingyu Luanniao heard about this, tears flowed uncontrollably, and Lin Canglan shouted loudly. , to make every effort to seal the Qingyu Luan Bird again.

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