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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 5 Recap

Li Shu taught Chang Yi the secrets of coaxing Ji Yunhe, but Chang Yi never got the point, so Li Shu showed up and told Chang Yi to use his own advantages to please Ji Yunhe. .

Ji Yunhe was eager to save people and rushed in without hesitation. Seeing that Changyi was safe and sound, Changyi looked at Ji Yunhe affectionately, and used mana to attract water. He wanted to bathe Ji Yunhe in person. , but still got wet clothes, Chang Yi hurriedly helped her wipe it. Luo Jinsang was very anxious outside the cave, and loudly reminded the two of them to sleep together.

Ji Yunhe had no choice but to admit that she likes sleeping the most, and Changyi believed it to be true, so she lay beside Ji Yunhe and pretended to sleep. Ji Yunhe carefully looked at Changyi’s handsome face, and she felt indescribably happy. That night, Lishu took the shape of a cat and let Xue Sanyue hug him for warmth.

In the middle of the night, Ji Yunhe’s frost attacked. She was fighting all over, feeling like she was in a world of ice and snow. Chang Yi hugged her tightly and used her spiritual power to keep Ji Yunhe warm, and her body gradually warmed up. Siyu heard that Ji Yunhe had been in and out of the Siguo Cave many times, and she had a close relationship with Changyi, so she hurriedly reported to Lin Haoqing.

The next morning, Ji Yunhe woke up and saw that Chang Yi was hot all over, and only then did he realize that he had sacrificed his life to use his spiritual power to keep himself warm. Ji Yunhe felt sorry for her, but Chang Yi was willing to endure the pain for her. Siyu took Lin Haoqing to hide outside the cave quietly, and saw Ji Yunhe come out of the cave with his own eyes. Siyu determined that Ji Yunhe and Changyi had an ambiguous relationship, and persuaded Lin Haoqing to make up his mind early.

Ji Yunhe had just returned to the residence, and the alarm bell in Wanhuagu rang. Ji Yunhe knew that something big was happening, and hurried to Lifengtang. Qingshu pointed out in public that there was a spiritual master who violated the ban and had an affair with the earth immortal. The elders testify. Lin Haoqing proposed to start the inspection with Ji Yunhe. Siyu determined that Ji Yunhe and Changyi had an abnormal relationship. Qing Shu decided to inspect the others first, and then went to the Si Cave for inspection.

Li Shu was worried that his relationship with Xue Sanyue would be revealed, and hurriedly found an excuse to leave, Lin Haoqing tried desperately to stop them, and the two fought. . Ji Yunhe saw that Lin Haoqing was deliberately blocking Lishu, just to control him. Ji Yunhe went back to discuss with Luokisang, and wanted to steal the Valentine’s Book from Qingshu’s hand. Xue Sanyue just came to Ji Yunhe to discuss the matter. Confused, he broke into Li Fengtang overnight and shattered the Valentine’s Book.

Qing Shu brought Lin Haoqing and others in suddenly and caught Ji Yunhe and Xue Sanyue on the spot. Xue Sanyue even held Ji Yunhe tightly. It turned out that Xue Sanyue wanted to save Lishu last night, and Lin Haoqing sent Siyu to find her to cooperate. Lin Haoqing wanted to defeat Ji Yunhe. He was not interested in Xue Sanyue and Lishu, as long as Xue Sanyue helped him win against Ji Yunhe , put Li Shu out, Xue March had to make concessions.

Xue Sanyue reported that Ji Yunhe had broken the Valentine’s Book. Ji Yunhe tried desperately to defend, and even took out an intact Valentine’s book, and offered to check whether she had an affair with Changyi now. Ji Yunhe dripped his own blood into it. The two drops of blood did not move at all and did not merge at all. Ji Yunhe used facts to prove his innocence. Siyu insisted that Xue Sanyue and Ji Yunhe were working together to be a ghost, Xue Sanyue gave her a hard lesson, and Ji Yunhe suggested that Xue Sanyue and Lishu also test it.

Ji Yunhe asked Zhai Xiaoxing to bring Lishu, Xue Sanyue and Lishu each took a drop of blood, and their blood was incompatible. Siyu suspected that the Valentine’s Book was a fake, and smashed the Valentine’s Book to pieces on the spot, Ji Yunhe picked up a piece of debris , forced Lin Haoqing and Siyu to check, but they didn’t expect their blood droplets to quickly merge together, Qingshu became angry, grounded Lin Haoqing, imprisoned Siyu first in the Siguo Cave, and then severely punished her.

Siyu was locked in the Siguo Cave, and couldn’t help thinking of the past between her and Lin Haoqing 300 years ago. Lin Haoqing rescued the injured Siyu and encouraged her to live well. In order to repay her kindness, Siyu had to practice hard to become a fairy Shi, she took all the troubles to come to Lin Haoqing’s side, and vowed to be loyal to Lin Haoqing for the rest of her life. Lin Haoqing was so moved that she let her stay by her side.

The guards wanted to take Siyu to be tortured, but Siyu injured them and escaped. Lin Haoqing sent someone to call Ji Yunhe to expose the fact that she and Xue Sanyue teamed up to reconcile the lover. Ji Yunhe confessed to this, admitting that she checked Xue Sanyue and Lishu with the fake ones, and Siyu with the real ones. Lin Haoqing Suspecting that Ji Yunhe was in love with Changyi, otherwise she would not have checked it with a fake, Ji Yunhe was speechless.

Siyu suddenly broke in and attacked Ji Yunhe. Thanks to Ji Yunhe’s preparation of realgar in advance, he was unharmed. Siyu threatened to kill Ji Yunhe. Lin Haoqing rushed to protect Ji Yunhe desperately, and smashed Siyu into the air. Lin Haoqing was stunned. Get her back on the spot. Xue Sanyue said goodbye to Ji Yunhe. She wanted to fly away with Li Shu. Before leaving, she gave Ji Yunhe the fragments of the Valentine’s Book.

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