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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 4 Recap

In the middle of the night, Lishu invited Xue Sanyue to the sea of ​​flowers deep in the jungle, where there was a wisteria tree. Lishu clearly remembered that today was the day he and Xue Sanyue had known each other for three years.

There was also a wisteria tree where they met. , He accidentally found out that Wanhua Valley also has it, so he brought Xue Sanyue here and took the opportunity to express his affection to her. Xue Sanyue also fell in love with him, but they belonged to heaven and earth and could not fall in love. Xue Sanyue was separated from him. Impressed by Shu’s true feelings, he agreed to his request on the spot, and the two wanted to kiss deeply under the tree.

Luokisang persuaded Ji Yunhe to report on Xue March, but Ji Yunhe did not expect that the always cold Xue March would be so affectionate, she wanted to be friends with Xue March. Ji Yunhe took the initiative to come to Xue Sanyue for a showdown and wanted to cooperate with her, but Xue Sanyue didn’t buy it and killed Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe desperately broke free and rushed into the thinking cave to save Changyi. Step by step, Changyi loudly stopped Xue Sanyue, and everyone present was stunned.

Lin Haoqing came in a hurry after hearing the news, Luo Jinsang hurried in to report the news, Ji Yunhe again persuaded Xue Sanyue to cooperate with her, Xue Sanyue threatened to kill the three of them to silence, Ji Yunhe suddenly turned around and kissed Changyi, confirming that she also violated Ban and the Earth Immortal fell in love, and promised not to report Xue March, and Xue March believed it.

Lin Haoqing brought people to Siguo Cave, Xue Sanyue took the initiative to make a clearance for Ji Yunhe, and Lin Haoqing had to leave first. Xue Sanyue couldn’t guess the intention of Ji Yunhe and her cooperation, so Ji Yunhe took her to the cold tomb, which is a secret place, where the air-conditioning is threatening, and it is the final belonging of all the spiritual masters.

Ji Yunhe clearly explained that Lin Canglan gave each Frost flowers are planted on the back of the necks of all the spiritual masters. It is not the symbol of the spiritual master at all, but a kind of frost poison. Lin Canglan used this poison to control the spiritual master. The reason why Xue Sanyue did not suffer from frost is because She obeyed Lin Canglan’s words, and Lin Canglan would give her the antidote without knowing it.

Xue Sanyue was dubious. She tried to get rid of the frost on her body, but there was nothing she could do. Ji Yunhe persuaded Xue Sanyue to join her to leave Wanhua Valley. Xue Sanyue asked her to prove that her relationship with Changyi was true. Ji Yunhe agreed, Xue Sanyue Give her three days. Ji Yunhe returned to the Cave of Thoughts, apologized to Changyi for the forced kiss, tried his best to make him happy, and even wiped his body with his own hands. Changyi’s face flushed with shame, and with a wave of his hand, he knocked Ji Yunhe to the ground.

In order to make Changyi happy, Ji Yunhe used a lot of spirit stones to buy food, but the results were unsuccessful. Luo Jinsang felt distressed for the spirit stones, and inadvertently revealed that he wanted to please Changyi. Ji Yunhe had an idea and came up with a good way to give Changyi sent a conch, and took the opportunity to show him that he wanted to be his lover. Changyi put the conch next to her ear and really heard the voice of the sea. Ji Yunhe wanted to kiss Changyi, so Changyi offered to hug him first, and Ji Yunhe hugged him tightly.

Xue Sanyue and Lishu came in and saw Ji Yunhe and Changyi hugging affectionately, believing that they were lovers, Ji Yunhe gave Changyi a book to let him familiarize himself with the language and customs on the shore as soon as possible. Luo Jinsang urged Ji Yunhe to persuade Changyi to cut off her tail as soon as possible, and they had a chance to win, and asked Ji Yunhe to hand over the delicious food and beauty she had recorded to Changyi to lead him to live ashore.

Xue Sanyue lifted Ji Yunhe’s ban and gave her three days to persuade Changyi to break her tail. Luo Jinsang and Ji Yunhe came to Siguo Cave. Your words and my words described the beautiful life on the shore, and Changyi remained unmoved. , and also persuaded Ji Yunhe to go back to the sea with him. Changyi repeatedly emphasized that the tail is the spiritual power of the merman. Unless he voluntarily, the knife and the axe will not be broken.

Once the tail is broken, the merman will lose all spiritual power. He would never be able to return to the sea in his entire life, and a docked tail would also be regarded as a betrayal by the clansmen. His father told him that he would rather die than dock his tail. Ji Yunhe learned the seriousness of the shark’s tail docking, she couldn’t bear it, and hurriedly made an excuse to leave.

Luo Jinsang was unwilling to give up, she came to Lishu for help, and asked him to teach him the secret of pleasing Changyi, so that Changyi would be willing to break her tail for Ji Yunhe, Lishu decided to start with Changyi, he came to Siguo Cave, bitter He tried hard to persuade Changyi to make sacrifices for Ji Yunhe, and even talked about his relationship with Xue Sanyue.

Three years ago, Xue Sanyue was ordered to perform a mission, but she was injured by a beast. She strayed into Qiongling Peak, Lishu’s site, and Lishu treated her regardless of the opposition of her clan, just when Xue Sanyue was about to recover from her injuries. , the clansmen came to Li Shuxing to ask him the guilt, forcing him to drive Xue Sanyue away, but Li Shu firmly refused to agree, and was taught a lesson by the clansmen, Xue Sanyue quietly left after seeing this situation.

When Li Shu thought that Xue Sanyue would never come back, he packed up and left. He didn’t expect Xue Sanyue to suddenly appear, and the two of them resumed their relationship.

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