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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 3 Recap

The merman was refreshed after taking the Ningxue Pills, and he was secretly delighted, thinking about the sudden heat waves on the walls of the cave, and the misery of the merman being roasted. When Zhai Xiaoxing learned of the incident, he immediately reported it to Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe read the allusions, it was recorded that the merman valued love and righteousness, and he also knew the favor. Ji Yunhe didn’t want to watch the merman suffer, so he decided to help.

Lin Haoqing guessed that Ji Yunhe would not stand idly by, and he also removed the guards of the Siguo Cave, leaving only a few people to pretend, just to lure Ji Yunhe to save the merman, and Ji Yunhe was held accountable for violating the law, so he could pay no fee. Soot blower wins. Luo Jinsang turned into a butterfly when she heard Lin Haoqing and Siyu talking about this conspiracy, she stopped Ji Yunhe immediately, Ji Yunhe was eager to save people, she couldn’t care about the other, so she let Zhai Xiaoxing and Luojisang put on her big robes to cover their heads and faces Lead the guards away.

The guard mistakenly thought that Ji Yunhe had rescued the merman, and pursued them relentlessly. When the guard found out that he had been fooled, Ji Yunhe had already rescued the merman from the cave and encouraged him to live well. The merman was very moved and said Ji Yunhe word by word. Ji Yunhe was very happy. The alarm bell in Wanhua Valley suddenly sounded, Lin Haoqing personally came to the door to find Ji Yunhe’s dignitaries, Ji Yunhe did not allow anyone to search, Siyu took the opportunity to kill Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe was scratched by a dagger without any defense, Lin Haoqing glared at Siyu.

Qingshu hurried over to find out the situation, Ji Yunhe admitted that the merman was in her room, she just wanted to protect the merman from being hurt by Lin Haoqing, Qingshu couldn’t make the decision, and brought Ji Yunhe and Lin Haoqing to Lifengtang to see Lin Canglan and the elders. Ji Yunhe firmly believed that the merman would be able to speak soon, and Lin Canglan promised to verify it in person tomorrow.

Lin Haoqing complained that Siyu shouldn’t have hurt Ji Yunhe by himself. He accidentally found that Siyu used his own snake blood to poison Ji Yunhe, and he was pressing her hard. Siyu had to admit that the dagger that stabbed Ji Yunhe was poisoned, and Lin Haoqing was so angry that he gritted his teeth. , forced Siyu to come up with the antidote. When Ji Yunhe returned to her residence, the snake venom in her neck started to attack. She fell into a coma after being poisoned. Luo Jinsang cried anxiously. The merman reluctantly pulled out the scales to heal Ji Yunhe.

The merman had to endure the pain that pierced his heart when he pulled out the scales. In addition, he was seriously injured. The merman collapsed to the ground because of his lack of physical strength. Ji Yunhe was very anxious, and the merman gradually woke up. For the life-saving grace, Luo Jinsang found that as long as he bit the shark’s lip, he would speak his mind fluently. Ji Yunhe promised to find a way to escape from Wanhua Valley with the merman tomorrow. The merman called himself Changyi and was willing to do it with Ji Yunhe. friend.

Lin Haoqing came to deliver the antidote to Ji Yunhe, and when she saw that she had recovered as before, he reminded her to be careful not to play with fire and set herself on fire. Ji Yunhe returned to the room and saw with her own eyes that the merman sacrificed his tears to make small pearls to pay her. Ji Yunhe felt very uncomfortable. She lied to stabilize the merman, just wanting to win tomorrow and fight for her own escape. The capital of the Valley of Flowers.

Lin Haoqing warned Siyu not to touch Ji Yunhe with a single finger. Siyu saw that Lin Haoqing’s feelings for Ji Yunhe were unusual, and was severely lectured by Lin Haoqing. Early the next morning, Lin Canglan led someone to squat outside the door of Ji Yunhe’s room. Ji Yunhe told Zhai Xiaoxing to take her away together, so as not to find out that Changyi was deceived and sad.

Ji Yunhe assured Lin Canglan that the merman would be handed over soon. When Ji Yunhe returned to the room, a beast suddenly broke in and arrested him. The merman resisted desperately, and even protected Ji Yunhe with his body. Indistinguishable. Xue Sanyue, the head of the Wanhua Valley War Department, arrived in time, and effortlessly subdued the beast and retrieved the elixir to Lin Canglan.

Lin Haoqing came later, Ji Yunhe guessed that the beast was arranged by him, Lin Canglan urged Ji Yunhe to let the merman Changyi speak, Changyi saw the scene in front of him, and had a grudge against Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe promised to explain it to him in the future, and Changyi said nothing. After that, Ji Yunhe had to admit that he failed because of his greed for merit and teaching.

Lin Haoqing persuaded Ji Yunhe to quit, but she resolutely quit, and moved out of Ruling to talk about things. Lin Canglan wanted Lin Haoqing to win the title. He wanted to retreat and practice, so he had to promise Ji Yunhe to continue training the sharks.

Xue Sanyue offered to supervise Ji Yunhe and Lin Haoqing, and asked them to each People train sharks for three days. Xue Sanyue severely punished Changyi, he was sweating profusely in pain, Ji Yunhe was worried, and hurried to Siguo Cave, Lin Haoqing came later, Xue Sanyue announced that Ji Yunhe would not be allowed to train sharks for three days as punishment, Ji Yunhe had to Angrily left.

Attendant Lishu came to accompany Xue Sanyue, Xue Sanyue whispered to him, Ji Yunhe saw it all, she led Luo Jinsang to quietly ambush outside Xue Sanyue’s residence, and suddenly saw Lishu sneaking away, they were close Then follow.

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