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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 2 Recap

Zhang Xianshi strongly objected to Ji Yunhe’s participation in the domestication of the merman. Ji Yunhe promised in public that the merman would submit to Ruling. Ruling asked her to issue a military order on the spot. Ruling asked Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe to tame the body and mind of the merman respectively. Completing the task, you can get the corresponding reward.

The merman was imprisoned in the Siguo Cave. Lin Haoqing pinned his tail to the tree in the sky with a golden sword. He couldn’t move, and he started to shake the mountain. She was bruised and bruised by the electric shock, but she still held on. Siyu didn’t want Ji Yunhe to win, and urged Lin Haoqing to tame the merman as soon as possible. .

Ji Yunhe came to the Siguo Cave, and first rushed over the ban and approached the merman. The merman was very alert and glared at her. Ji Yunhe made it clear that he would not harm him, and advised the merman to live well, and then he could return to his own territory in the future. His own relative, Ji Yunhe, greeted the merman, applied medicine to him in person, and gave him a set of clothes. The merman was very shy and tried desperately to dodge.

Ji Yunhe was amused by him and couldn’t help laughing. Immediately afterwards, Ji Yunhe wanted to pull out the golden sword from the merman’s tail, only to find that Lin Haoqing had cast a spell on the golden sword in advance. Once the golden sword was pulled out, the merman’s beautiful tail would be completely abolished. Ji Yunhe guessed that Lin Haoqing would soon be gone. It will come, and I advise the merman not to fight hard, but to learn to use strength to fight, and then we will get a chance of life.

As expected by Ji Yunhe, Lin Haoqing hurried over and warned Ji Yunhe not to pull out the golden sword without authorization, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. Lin Haoqing attacked the merman again with a spell, and the merman remembered Ji Yunhe’s reminder to use his strength, and he used his whole body Internal force threw the golden sword out, just scratching Lin Haoqing’s face, Lin Haoqing hurriedly went back to bandage, and before leaving, reminded Ji Yunhe not to instigate the merman again.

Ji Yunhe secretly used the immortal seal to block the golden sword, causing her to suffer internal injuries. Luo Jinsang was very worried, but Ji Yunhe disagreed. She wanted to use bitterness to move the merman.

Ji Yunhe and Luojisang came to the Siguo Cave and saw that the merman’s long tail was gone, but had grown legs and feet. Ji Yunhe put on his clothes and healed his wounds. Ji Yunhe found that the merman was looking at her. His eyes changed, so he took out the treasured food and gave it to the merman, firmly believing that the merman would speak within three days.

Ji Yunhe took care of the merman in every possible way, and even chatted with him to make friends. The merman gradually relaxed his vigilance towards her and never said a word. Ji Yunhe wanted to give the merman Ningxue Pill, the antidote for cold frost, and Luo Jinsang persuaded her keep it to yourself. Lin Canglan sent Qing Shu to call Ji Yunhe to remind her to think twice and not give the antidote to the merman.

At the same time, Lin Haoqing came to find the merman, exposing that Ji Yunhe was the highest-ranking spiritual master, her mission was to tame the merman, and she said a lot of bad things about Ji Yunhe, which the merman believed. Ji Yunhe came to give the Ningxue Pills to the sharks, but the sharks didn’t buy it. They threw the Ningxue Pills on the spot and accidentally saw Ji Yunhe’s scars all over his body. Ji Yunhe guessed that Lin Haoqing was behind the scenes. She explained that she had no choice but to be a spiritual master. , I want to get out of here, the merman doesn’t believe it at all.

Ji Yunhe left in despair, and ran into Lin Haoqing when he went out. Lin Haoqing sneered at her and spoke ill of her, Ji Yunhe sneered at him, and the two broke up unhappily. The merman picked up the Ningxue Pill on the ground and ate it, feeling his inner strength greatly increased.

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