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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 5 Recap

The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 2 Recap

Although doctors will go all out for every operation, they cannot guarantee that the operation will be 100% successful, and it is precisely this uncertainty that makes some family members extreme when faced with the risk of failure. And impulsively aimed at the hospital, even the chief surgeon who had entrusted his trust.

One day, a family member of a patient came to the hospital to make a riot, and at the same time, because he was very emotional, he almost lost his mind and smashed at Gu Wei. At the critical moment, Lin Zhixiao rushed over without hesitation. Seeing that Gu Wei’s expression changed drastically, he realized that his forehead was covered in blood.

As the medical turmoil subsided for the time being, Gu Wei personally treated Lin Zhixiao’s wound. Before stitching, Gu Wei made a cute doll with rubber gloves in order to relieve Lin Zhixiao’s nervousness. Considering that he only needed two stitches without anesthesia, Lin Zhixiao held back his fear, raised his head and stared at Gu Wei to divert his attention. He was surprised to find that his eyes were very beautiful, and he couldn’t help but blurt out.

When the stitching was over, Lin Zhixiao suddenly remembered that the chick doll had not been taken, and was turning to look for Gu Wei. Seeing his rather lonely back and the uncontrollable trembling of his hands, he immediately decided to take him somewhere. That night, Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei returned to Huaqing University. They were going to go through the window to enter the concert hall, but Gu Wei couldn’t help himself.

So Lin Zhixiao went to the front hall to open the door. Unexpectedly, the door was not locked at all. In order to comfort Gu Wei, Lin Zhixiao stood on the stage and played a “silent performance”, and told about the most confusing time in his life. The teacher who can play the violin made an agreement with the other party that he would be admitted to Huaqing University.

Now that the agreement has been completed, Lin Zhixiao has gradually changed his negative way of life. No matter what happens or encounters difficulties, as long as he comes to the concert hall, he can solve problems here. The two sat next to each other and chatted for a long time. Gu Wei liked Lin Zhixiao’s way of comforting him very much about the past. Compared with other people’s good use of big truth, this kind of talent made him easier to accept.

At this time, the school security heard the news, and Lin Zhixiao subconsciously pulled Gu Wei to escape, and finally left the school smoothly. Lin Zhixiao received the notice of joining the band from the band teacher, and couldn’t help holding Gu Wei’s hand excitedly, sharing the good news with him, yet he didn’t notice Gu Wei’s strange and embarrassing expression.

Seeing Gu Wei wiping his hands with hand sanitizer, he realized that he has a cleanliness addiction, and he couldn’t help joking about what he would do if he had a girlfriend. Gu Wei explained hesitantly, and Lin Zhixiao took out an earphone and gave it to Gu Wei, silently feeling the charm of music, and it was because of this moment that Gu Wei seemed to feel optimism from Lin Zhixiao. , made a choice in his heart.

The next morning, Gu Wei plucked up the courage to visit his wife, but not only did she not complain, she even warmly welcomed him into the house. Although Liang Zhou’s death was a big blow to his wife, she believed that there was nothing wrong with the treatment plan formulated by Gu Wei, so she hoped that he would stop blaming himself for it.

Gu Wei listened to his mother’s words silently, until he mentioned going to the teacher’s study at the end. At the same time, he saw many familiar calligraphy and paintings in the study. He couldn’t help but think of things and people. He remembered his own vows, including the teacher’s earnest teachings. , do not forget the original intention to always have.

Lin Zhixiao came to the hospital to deliver meals to Lin Jianguo, and happened to encounter Gu Wei checking Qiuqiu’s postoperative condition, and then hinted her to go out to talk alone with her eyes. In fact, after much deliberation yesterday, Gu Wei had already decided to perform surgery for Lin Jianguo. He also practiced and adjusted hard during this period to ensure that he could fully adapt to the operation.

Taking into account the risk of the operation, Gu Wei also explained various precautions in advance, including various emergencies that are very likely to occur during the operation. Lin Jianguo stood by the door and heard these words, and he was shocked. He contacted the various abnormal behaviors of his wife and daughter a few days ago, and he was even more afraid of the upcoming surgery.

When Lin Jianguo woke up in the middle of the night, he found that there was no one around him, and his heart palpitated for no reason. While heaving a sigh of relief, Lin Jianguo lost his temper, complaining that they disappeared without saying hello, and even knocked over the soup pot handed by Lin Zhixiao.

The mother and daughter didn’t understand why Lin Jianguo suddenly got angry, they just felt inexplicable, so when they saw Lin Jianguo lying on the bed with anger, they went out to get the mop first. Mother Lin guessed that Lin Jianguo probably knew that he had cancer, but Lin Zhixiao immediately refuted, saying that he had explained to Gu Wei before and would keep the matter a secret.

At the same time, Lin Jianguo got up from the bed again, and immediately took out the cigarette case. He wanted to have two bites, but remembering the scene of his wife scolding him before, he finally held back his craving. Even though Gu Wei promised to do his best for the operation during the day, Lin Jianguo was still uneasy. In his opinion, instead of dying on the operating table, he might as well just live a few days with the flow.

When Gu Wei returned to the office, he found that Gu Xiao had been sitting in a chair and waited for a long time. After inquiring, he found out that he was entrusted by his mother and specially came to ask him to go home for dinner. Gu Wei thought that he had been busy with work for a long time and had not returned, so he reluctantly changed his clothes and followed Gu Xiao out. On the other hand, Lin Jianguo found a reason to leave his daughter, and hurriedly packed his backpack while she was not in the ward, leaving only the note and bank card.

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