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Be My Princess 影帝的公主 Episode 2 Recap

The border wars have been unfavorable for years, the people have been displaced, and the people are struggling, so the Taifu recommended himself to be transferred to the border. The night was quiet, and Princess Minghua looked at the moonlight, wondering what she was thinking.

In the elevator, Mu Tingzhou said that he could teach Mingwei’s acting skills, but he had to see her sincerity first. Saying that, he slowly approached Mingwei. Mingwei recalled the conversation with her sister Mingqiao a few days ago, and she couldn’t help but guess that Mu Tingzhou was going to treat her with unspoken rules.

Seeing that Mu Tingzhou had no intention of stepping back, Mingwei had an idea, and bluntly said that she thought a good actor should work hard, understand the role better and more deeply, and collide with the opponent actor to be cremated. Mu Tingzhou seemed satisfied with this answer, but he only gave Mingwei one day to prove his strength.

Although this also means that Mu Tingzhou accepts herself, Mingwei still feels very pressured, after all, she has never acted. When she got home, she started practicing without stopping, but she couldn’t help but get angry when she thought that the opponent actor was the hateful Mu Tingzhou. On the other hand, Mu Tingzhou is also practicing his lines at home. When I was free, I lit an incense stick, put on a mask, and meditated quietly.

Before you know it, the time has come to the next morning. Ming Wei hurriedly packed up and went out, but she didn’t expect Mu Tingzhou to be sitting in the dressing room. Today is Ming Wei’s first play in her life, and there is no accident. The director on the side was so angry that he almost wanted to curse, and Mingwei felt very sorry.

Again! Again! Again! This sentence has almost filled the whole day. The director was so angry that he hurriedly went to Mu Tingzhou Xingshi, who recommended Mingwei, to ask him the guilt. Mu Tingzhou is very sorry and asked the director to give Mingwei another chance.

When she was resting, Mingwei couldn’t help hiding in the corner and sobbing. Seeing this, Chen Zhang stepped forward to comfort her and invited her to have dinner together. When Chen Zhang talked about the embarrassment of his first filming, Ming Wei smiled again. With Chen Zhang’s encouragement, Mingwei’s mood gradually became clearer.

At night, Mingwei went to Mu Tingzhou for answers. Although he had already guessed the other party’s answer, Mingwei couldn’t help but feel aggrieved when he said he didn’t recognize him. Mingwei wanted to leave, but Mu Tingzhou offered to teach Mingwei. Mingwei was very happy, but she couldn’t help but muttered, Mu Tingzhou always likes to talk in half.

The sun was shining brightly, and the sight was full of colorful flowers and trees. Princess Minghua was chasing butterflies in the yard like a kitten. Just when she was about to catch the beautiful butterfly, Taifu appeared. The arrogant princess thought that Taifu had scared away her butterfly, so she ordered him to retrieve it for her.

However, the grandfather refuted and admitted that he did not feel guilty. Just as he was talking, the butterfly landed on the princess’s head, and Tai Fu only touched it lightly and grabbed the butterfly. The princess was very happy and looked at the butterfly with joy. This scene has been approved by the director, which is a great encouragement to Mingwei. After that, whenever it was time for a break, she would study the script carefully and ask Mu Tingzhou for advice humbly.

Taifu became the princess’ teacher, and the two were almost inseparable. They went to the street to watch the lantern festival together, which was very unpleasant. In the midst of laughter and fights, an indescribable emotion secretly rose up. Taifu knew that he had taken the initiative to love his father, so he asked his life to go to the battlefield.

At the gate of the city, the princess stopped the carriage and asked him why he left without saying goodbye. The princess knew that Taifu had her own mission, she just wanted to give away her sachet, but she was still rejected by the other party. Taifu deliberately alienated the princess, but in fact, his heart was not uncomfortable.

Chen Yao is the investor of this drama, and naturally he has the opportunity to visit the crew. Seeing her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her, Ming Wei naturally didn’t look good. She also learned from Chen Zhang that Chen Yao had previously invested in film and television dramas just to pursue actresses, and she was even more annoyed. Unexpectedly, Chen Yao sent a text message and asked her to meet at night. Mingwei knew her own conditions, so she couldn’t help but guess that she was designated as the heroine, and Chen Yao was behind it.

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