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Be My Princess 影帝的公主 Episode 1 Recap

Be My Princess 影帝的公主 Episode 2 Recap

The calm water reflects the colorful clouds, and the mountains in the distance are faint, as if floating on the water. A handsome man stepped on the water and walked into the camera. The surrounding environment was like a fairyland, which made him forget his surprise. There is a pavilion not far away with a woman sitting inside.

The curtain was gently blown by the wind, and the back of the woman inside was faintly looming, with a different style. The piano sounded leisurely, and the man slowly stepped forward. The graceful woman calls herself Minghua, and has been waiting for a man here for a long time. The man wanted to see the woman’s face clearly, but he felt that his body was fading little by little.

The man’s name is Mu Tingzhou. He is a popular figure in the film and television circle and a famous actor. Mu Tingzhou woke up from his sleep, and the figure of the graceful woman in the dream still remained in his mind. He looked into the distance, a smile on the corner of his mouth. When he went out, he seemed to have seen the woman in his dream, but he wasn’t sure. Unexpectedly, the other party was the object of this gathering.

During the party, the rest of the people left one after another, leaving only Mingwei and Mu Tingzhou on the table. At this time, embarrassment was written on their faces. In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, Mingwei took the initiative to ask for the signature, but was rejected by the other party, so she had to return to her seat angrily.

Looking at her phone, Mingwei found that her boyfriend Chen Yao was also in this restaurant. Here, Xiao Zhao, Mu Tingzhou’s agent, also met Chen Yao and invited him to greet Mu Tingzhou. A Shura field was born in this way. Mingwei saw that Chen Yao appeared with Wang Yingying in his arms. On the surface, she was calm, but she had already scolded the scumbag several times in her heart.

When he went out and saw Mingwei hiding in the corner crying, Mu Tingzhou stepped forward. Unexpectedly, he did not say a word of comfort, but took the initiative to take a photo. Mingwei, who was already confused, obediently took out her mobile phone and took pictures with a crying face.

When she got home, Mingwei saw Chen Yao waiting downstairs. In the face of Chen Yao’s defense, Ming Wei didn’t want to hear a word, and decided to break up. But Chen Yao still wanted to stalk him, and Ming Wei couldn’t break free. At this moment, the younger sister Mingqiao stepped forward and chased away the scumbag for Mingwei.

Shen Su of Dongying Group sent a private letter to Ming Wei, saying that the company was planning to make a costume drama and wanted to invite her to audition. Ming Wei, who is still a small translator, is of course very happy. She also wants to become an actress, so she immediately called the other party to confirm the interview.

At the interview site, Mingwei met her nemesis Wang Yingying. In the face of many bosses and teachers, Mingwei still felt very nervous. However, Shen Su liked her very much and encouraged her to prepare well. Mingwei put on a veil and played the guzheng skillfully. Mu Tingzhou followed the sound and was certain in his heart that the woman in front of him was the Princess Minghua he was looking for. At the meeting, Mu Tingzhou defied all disapproval and selected rookie actor Ming Wei as the heroine of this costume drama Princess Ming Hua.

In order to play the roles well, Mu Tingzhou and Mingwei went out early to exercise, actively participated in the script chat, and learned various ancient knowledge about the script. After class this day, Ming Wei met Mu Tingzhou as soon as she went out, but the other party still had an ice face, and it was almost written on his face “No strangers are allowed in”.

In the face of Mu Tingzhou’s doubts about her acting skills, Mingwei is neither humble nor arrogant, saying that she understands her own shortcomings, but also believes that diligence can make up for clumsiness, and that she will definitely complete the script well.

Mingwei met Chen Zhang, who played the role of the consort in the play. The other party is completely different from Mu Tingzhou, and his character is straightforward and lively. After saying goodbye to the director, everyone left one after another. Mingwei originally wanted to wait for Mu Tingzhou to go far before getting on the elevator, but who knew that the other party would take the initiative to invite her.

The confined space was filled with embarrassment, and Mingwei promised that she would work hard. However, Mu Tingzhou hoped that Mingwei would show her sincerity, and he was slowly approaching Mingwei. Mingwei didn’t know what he was going to do, so she could only slowly hide back.

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