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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 3 Recap

The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 2 Recap

Lin Jianguo had already had symptoms of coughing up blood. Similarly, Lin Zhixiao also clearly felt that something was wrong, but she knew her father’s character very well, so after thinking about it, she decided to try to persuade her father to review. However, Lin Jianguo insisted that he was fine, but in fact he was unwilling to face the truth, and even got angry about it, stunned his daughter yelled out.

At this time, Gu Wei passed by the ward and happened to see Lin Zhixiao crying out of the room. Lin Jianguo went to the front desk alone to ask the nurse for a pen and paper, and he had to be discharged from the hospital. Seeing this, Gu Wei stepped forward and reminded Lin Jianguo to think more about his family. If he left today and any unforeseen events happened in the future, his wife and daughter would surely regret it for the rest of their lives.

And Gu Wei’s words made Lin Jianguo suddenly realize, the hand holding the pen paused, Gu Wei knew that it worked, so he turned and left. On the other hand, when Mother Lin returned to the ward, she found that Lin Jianguo had voluntarily performed the examination, which was something she and her daughter could not wish for. At first Lin Zhixiao felt puzzled, but when he saw Gu Wei standing not far away, he knew it was related to him.

With the more detailed re-examination report, it is absolutely certain that Lin Jianguo has stomach cancer. Fortunately, it was found in time, and there are still rescue measures. Lin Zhixiao and his mother were in heavy hearts. They concealed something from Lin Jianguo, but only revealed that it was a severe stomach ulcer, and told him to recuperate in the hospital.

Mother Lin found a whole box of cigarettes under the bed, and she was so angry that she scolded Lin Jianguo. Lin Zhixiao saw it in his eyes and felt distressed as well, and went out the door with tears in his eyes. Qiuqiu watched Lin Zhixiao go to the rooftop, and because he didn’t know how to comfort him, he found a reason to lead Gu Wei there.

As a doctor, Gu Wei can only supplement with the professional knowledge he has learned, indicating that Lin Jianguo has a high probability of recovery, which is the so-called early detection and early treatment. Lin Zhixiao understood what Gu Wei meant, and tried to control her grief as much as possible. Gu Wei and her were not friends, and it was inconvenient to exaggerate.

Lin Zhixiao was originally a student of the music department, and was especially familiar with cello music. She immediately heard Brahms’ double concerto. She knew not only the title of the song, but also the story of Mishamysky. This legendary musician has experienced ups and downs in times of war. Even so, he never gave up his dream of music, so he was also a spiritual mentor who encouraged Lin Zhixiao to persevere.

Dr. Yan, who was in charge of performing surgery on Lin’s father, explained the medical plan for the Lin family’s mother and daughter in person after Gao Xi introduced his identity. According to Lin Jianguo’s current situation, he decided to undergo radical total gastrectomy, which meant that the patient’s stomach should be completely removed. Lose. Mother Lin couldn’t accept this fact, and Lin Zhixiao suggested that Dr. Yan use Gu Wei’s surgical plan, and maybe some of it could be reserved.

Dr. Ke Yan refused directly and categorically, believing that he had a set of medical concepts that would eliminate all possible postoperative recurrence risks for patients. After Lin Zhixiao waited for Dr. Yan to leave, he took the initiative to apply to Gao Xi for the operation to be performed by Dr. Gu. Gao Xi readily agreed and just took advantage of this incident to keep Gu Wei.

In order to impress Gu Wei with her sincerity, Mother Lin paid her own money to entrust her daughter to buy gifts. In the afternoon, Lin Zhixiao carried a large package of small rolls of gifts, and greeted Gu Wei very attentively, reminding him that his work was too tiring, and he should eat more fruits and supplements to nourish him.

Gu Wei didn’t pay any attention to it at all, and he was still busy with his work, but he still did not dampen the enthusiasm of Lin Zhixiao. He even recommended many supplements for hair growth to him. into the Mediterranean. Listening to Lin Zhixiao’s words, Gu Wei couldn’t bear to reply that he didn’t need it. How could he know that Lin Zhixiao took out another box of kidney nourishing supplements, which is known as a gas station for 30-year-old men.

Hearing Lin Zhixiao chattering in his ear, Gu Wei was really troubled, and a sharp look scared her away. When Gao Xi saw Lin Zhixiao standing at the door, she knew that her plan had failed, so she went into the office alone, expressing her willingness to accompany him to study in the academic field, and unconsciously held Gu Wei’s hand, revealing love in her words .

Unexpectedly, Lin Zhixiao suddenly pushed in the door, saw Gao Xi’s deep affection for Gu Wei at a glance, and was about to leave wisely, but Gu Wei immediately found an excuse to stop her. Lin Zhixiao knew how to wink, so he sat next to him cooperatively. Gao Xi could not stay any longer, so he had to leave first.

Seeing Gao Xi’s retreating back, Lin Zhixiao analyzed her relationship with Gu Wei extremely gossip. Gu Wei supported Lin Zhixiao on the grounds of washing oranges, and then went to Dr. Yan with Lin Jianguo’s report, hoping that he could Distal gastrectomy was adopted. Originally, Dr. Yan had an opinion on Gu Wei, but now he is even more dissatisfied that he stole his limelight, claiming that both schemes have risks, so his own scheme is more suitable for Lin Jianguo.

At the same time, Lin Zhixiao and Xiao Shan met outside the hospital and mentioned his father’s operation with a sad face. Before, he hoped that Gu Wei would be the chief doctor, but the other party refused to live or die, and Dr. Yan made her uneasy. After Xiao Shan heard what happened to Lin Zhixiao, she took the initiative to make suggestions and let her try another way to impress Gu Wei.

The so-called man is for money, and the bird is for food. Xiao Shan believes that money can settle everything, including Gu Wei, who seems to be aloof and serious, must bow down under the thick red envelopes. The inexperienced Lin Zhixiao finally listened to Xiao Shan’s suggestion. After coming to the door of Gu Wei’s office, he repeatedly practiced how to euphemistically express his sincerity. It happened that this scene was caught in Gu Wei’s eyes.

Hearing Gu Wei’s voice behind him, Lin Zhixiao turned his head with embarrassed expression, and ran away when the other party was distracted, disappearing in a flash. Gu Wei looked at Lin Zhixiao’s gossip, not only was he not disgusted, but he couldn’t help but laugh.

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