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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 34 Recap

You Yifan was summoned by the emperor, and his men quietly reminded You Yifan that the situation was wrong. Zhu Zhanji first asked him about the locust plague when he saw You Yifan. You Yifan knew the disaster area well. Hearing Zhu Zhanji ask him if he had bribed Zhu Gaochi many times, You Yifan immediately used it. The bronze mirror is used as a metaphor, implying that the bronze mirror itself is not at fault, but that the person looking in the mirror is crooked.

You Yifan’s words were not leaking, and the emperor asked him to circulate the poems he had just written to the officials of the court, prohibiting embezzlement and private payment, as an example. When he met Yao Zijin again, You Yifan reminded her not to slander any more. He was ordered to run the errand and never overstepped.

Yao Zijin’s words revealed that he was just a good disguise, so that he could be an ear and eye who could understand the suffering of the people. After Yao Zijin left, the servants felt that the imperial concubine was obviously embarrassed to You Yifan, but You Yifan smiled.

Zhu Zhanji was worried about the suffering of the victims. There was no rain in the Shandong area, and the palace was still spending a lot of money to purchase paints to repair the tomb of the emperor. Yao Zijin took good care of Zhu Zhanji. Seeing that he was in a bad mood recently, he specially asked Ziping to add some honey to the mint tea to relieve depression. Mr. Mei accidentally talked about his fiancee, and when he heard that he was about to get married, Yao Zijin knew that Ziping must be very sad. .

The He Department quietly revealed to Ziping that the queen has had a poor appetite recently, and many dishes have been returned. Yuehua heard the conversation between the two of them and immediately told Ziping not to mind her own business.

The Empress Dowager wanted to get rid of the malpractices in the palace, so she asked Yao Zijin to re-examine the purchase details in the palace. Yao Zijin found out that the purchases in the palace were flawed. The government is rampant, corruption is rampant, Yao Zijin deliberately let Yuan Qi hear it, and beat the eunuchs to restrain himself.

The Queen Mother invited Empress Hu and Yao Zijin to have dinner together. Empress Hu excitedly talked about Yongcheng building a fortified pagoda for Daming for auspiciousness. Zhu Zhanji just came in and was quite sullen when she heard that Empress Hu supported Yongcheng in building the pagoda. Zhu Zhanji’s mind was different. She didn’t understand why Zhu Zhanji was so opposed to building the tower, but blamed Yao Zijin for it all.

Yao Zijin found that the queen was not interested in the shad given by the queen mother, so it was convenient for Ziping to talk about whether it was because of the last wind and cold that hurt her taste. Yao Zijin asked Ziping to improve the menu and make some folk dishes to improve it. Every time Yao Zijin can give Ziping a good idea, after her advice, Ziping knows what to do.

The empress dowager and Zhu Zhanji went on a tour of the palace together. She was full of praise for the biscuits in the countryside. Yao Zijin saw that the queen was hard to swallow, and only took a bite and guessed that it was made in advance by the chef in the palace. Everyone was preparing to leave, and their subordinates reported that King Wei was missing. In order to delay the time, Zhu Zhanji had to let the queen mother go first. Yao Zijin was worried about Zhu Zhanji’s safety, so he changed into men’s clothes and followed in secret.

Yao Zijin found King Wei by the river. King Wei was playing in the clothes of a servant. Zhu Zhanji asked him how he could run out so easily. At this moment, Yao Zijin pointed to a group of people opposite to let Zhu Zhanji pay attention. Chen Wu I went to inquire in person and found that the people on the opposite side were all the victims of famine in Shandong.

Zhu Zhanji suddenly realized that the prosperity and scenery he just saw was arranged for him in advance, and the unexpected departure of King Wei was also designed by Yao Zijin, in order to lead him to see the truth. . Zhu Zhanji was sympathetic to the victims. After experiencing it personally, he felt that he was not good at managing politics. He was angry and left Yao Zijin. He rode away alone, and You Yifan asked Yao Zijin to ride his horse back.

Returning to the post house again, the queen was also waiting there. Yao Zijin suggested that the chef make some special features to change the taste. Yuehua made chicken porridge, but the queen did not eat much although it was delicious.

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