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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 28 Recap

You Yifan saw the imperial father-in-law hurriedly looking for the imperial doctor, and he didn’t even ask him.

On weekdays, Yuehua personally delivered meals to the royal front, but today Meng Shangshi of the Shang Food Bureau ordered that she could only serve the royal front in person in the future. Yuehua immediately secretly told You Yifan the news. You Yifan had already guessed that the emperor had died, and immediately asked his subordinates to pass the news to King Han. Yuehua heard from outside the wall that You Yifan and the King of Han had frequent exchanges.

The queen hoped that the prince could return to Beijing as soon as possible, and she prayed that the spirit of the emperor in heaven would bless the prince to return safely. Yao Zijin found the little pet that the prince left her in the study. It turned out that the newly married Yaner, Zhu Zhanji, in order to ease his thoughts, drew a lot of small pictures for Yao Zijin before leaving and hid them in the vase and every corner of the study. Yao Zijin removed the vase from the vase every day.

When I got it back, I couldn’t help laughing when I saw the painting. Seeing that the injury has healed, Zhu Zhanji is going to leave the palace for Nanjing. He left his little pet “Inkstone” for Yao Zijin. Yao Zijin saw the kitten’s cute eyes, and even the sound of barking was very good, which made him feel very cute.

Late at night, Yao Zijin found a little thief in the study, it turned out to be Concubine Guo. Concubine Guo was so frightened by today’s events that she knelt on the ground and begged Yao Zijin to save her, and told the whole story of the day.

She said that the emperor picked up the glass at that time and didn’t drink a drop of wine, but suddenly fell to the ground, and the queen Immediately reprimanded Concubine Guo’s intentional testing. Now that the emperor has died, Concubine Guo has naturally taken the blame. Yao Zijin knew that it was a big deal, so he hid Concubine Guo first.

The princess went to the study to check, and Concubine Guo was almost exposed. Yao Zijin became suspicious when he saw the princess, and immediately told the princess that the emperor was ill. The princess did not go to the Qianqing Palace. She cleverly sneaked into the imperial hospital to check the medical history. , found that these days are empty. She understood a bit in her heart, and immediately filled in the medical history.

Fortunately, she added the record in time. At this time, the King of Han was already in front of the Qianqing Palace and tried to see the emperor and medical history.

In the Qianqing Palace, the queen had just stabilized the situation. You Yifan reported that the prince had encountered an accident on the way back and asked the queen to mourn. Then she carried out a corpse. The queen was immediately distraught. Came back in perfect condition! King Han and other foxes showed their faces, and they immediately bowed their heads and declared themselves ministers, and the crisis was finally over.

The first emperor died. According to the palace regulations, all concubines who did not have a prince would be buried. Even if Guo Fang had already had three princes, the queen still recorded Guo Fang’s name in the list of burials. Zhu Zhanji heard the queen Of course, there is no objection. Wu Cairen found out that Concubine Guo was hidden in Xi Nuan Pavilion by Yao Zijin.

She was about to expose it, but the other two talents persuaded her to stop her. The prince and concubine would try to protect Concubine Guo, so that Cairen Wu would not have extracurricular problems. Besides Concubine Guo Today might be their fate tomorrow. The concubines tacitly understood and did not interfere much.

Concubine Guo knew that she was on the burial list. She went to the Shangshi Bureau and saw Yao Zijin peeling the dumplings in person. Knowing that she was doomed this time, she was moved that Yao Zijin was still trying to help her. Yao Zijin personally went to Qianqing Palace with the meal. The tenth prince, King Wei, had been kneeling at the gate of the palace for a long time.

He cried and begged Yao Zijin to help him save Concubine Guo. It’s about the rules of the palace, don’t meddle in your own business. Yao Zijin asked You Yifan to do her a favor. You Yifan saw King Wei crying on his knees and thought that he was crying and begging the King of Han not to kill his mother like this when he was a child.

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