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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 27 Recap

The emperor was still ill. According to the palace rules, the crown prince could not cross the distance. Yao Zijin persuaded Zhu Zhanji to abstain from restraint and keep the overall situation in mind. Zhu Zhanji remained unmoved. Ask the palace staff to quickly arrange the news that the prince will stay here tonight, and speak very loudly, and his subordinates are preparing to do so, Zhu Zhanji immediately stops it, and then bids goodbye to Yao Zijin with interest. Yao Zijin heard that there was no sound, she turned her head to look, and suddenly Zhu Zhanji’s handsome face came over sweetly and gave Yao Zijin an ecstatic kiss.

In Kunning Palace, the queen heard the report from her hand in the palace that Guo Guifei stood guard in front of the Qianqing Palace for three days, and finally moved the emperor to be allowed to serve in front of the royal palace. In the past few days, Concubine Guo changed her arrogant and domineering aura, but began to please the queen. The crown princess knew that she just sighed that the two had accumulated grievances for too long, and Concubine Guo regretted it too late.

Wu Cairen recently discovered that the concubines and concubines did not seem to be in the house on weekdays, and his subordinates quietly told her that because the concubines of the palaces saw that Yao Zijin was very favored, they all went to Yao Zijin’s courtyard to be the first to flatter her. It was the first time Wu Cairen went to see the Crown Prince and saw many sisters in her yard. He wanted to sneer, but after getting the benefits of Yao Zijin, he suddenly felt that Yao Zijin was not so annoying. Yao Zijin learned that Wu Cairen liked spices, and specially gave her the best bracelet he was wearing. Wu Cairen was naturally overjoyed when he smelled the fresh citrus fragrance on it.

When the Crown Princess heard that the Queen was celebrating her birthday, she couldn’t help but wonder what gift Yao Zijin would give the Queen. Wu Cairen also got the news. In Xinuan Pavilion, she saw that many talents and concubines went to have fun every day. Li Cairen couldn’t help complaining. He was very bored in his own room on weekdays. As for piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, he also needed to meet a bosom friend and feel lucky in life. It is better to come to Yao Zijin to talk, maybe he will meet again. When he arrived at Zhu Zhanji, he was also able to get his hands on it, so that Wu Cairen became more and more angry and left.

The crown princess went to Zhu Zhanji’s study to deliver the wound medicine, and insinuated Yao Zijin by the way, saying that she had recently prepared congratulatory gifts for the queen in Yao Zijin. Recently, Zhu Zhanji was very eager to be beautiful, and at the same time, he was also pleading with her to take the initiative, but Yao Zijin never came to him. Zhu Zhanji was curious about what Yao Zijin was busy with, so he quietly went to Yao Zijin’s residence at night, and the two talked a lot. , Yao Zijin told him a very important thing that Zhu Zhanji must keep in mind.

There have been frequent earthquakes in Nanjing recently. Zhu Zhanji was ordered to go to Nanjing to pay homage to the Xiaoling Mausoleum. Ziping knew that Shaoyuan had also gone to Nanjing with the prince, and couldn’t help but start thinking about it. In the days when the Crown Prince was away, the talented people still went to her to flatter her when she was bored, and then made some stumbles. Knowing that Yao Zijin was going to present a picture of peony to the queen, he seemed to “accidentally” destroyed the picture of peony that Yao Zijin had carefully drawn. Lost.

On the Queen’s birthday, various talented concubines and concubines scrambled to give gifts to the Queen, and the Crown Princess was the first to claim that Yao Zijin’s gift was accidentally damaged. Yao Zijin presented a song and dance to the queen. The tune of this dance and the service of the dancers are also related to the peony. Do you want it. The queen pretended to accuse Yao Zijin of being extravagant and wasteful. Yao Zijin explained that this was the prince’s intention, and he specially sent this song and dance from Nanjing for his birthday.

After the birthday banquet, Concubine Guo personally went to Kunning Palace to congratulate the queen on her birthday. She spoke earnestly and hoped that the empress would not care about her past grievances. From then on, she would repay the empress to show her respect, and concubine Guo toasted the empress with both hands. The queen knew that her city was very deep, and was hesitating whether to take the wine glass. At this time, the emperor came over because he was angry with the affairs in the court in the morning. He picked up the wine glass in Guo Fangfei’s hand and drank it. Concubine Guo was shocked, and it was too late to regret everything.

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