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Under the Skin 猎罪图鉴 Episode 14 Recap

Lin Min wanted to open an art exhibition, and Shen Yi expressed his support. Lin Min proposed to let Shen Yi open a joint art exhibition with him, but Shen Yi directly refused. Lin Min looked at the words in front of him and told Shen Yi that if he didn’t want others to know the real image, he would come back and paint a real painting himself, which was also for Professor Xu.

Du Cheng bluntly said that Shen Yi had burned all his works seven years ago, so the paintings in front of him are all fakes forged by Professor Xu. Shen Yi excused Professor Xu. He felt that Professor Xu was an artist and would not do such a thing. Du Cheng took out a video to show Shen Yi, and he told Shen Yi that Professor Xu needed a lot of money now, and for the money, Professor Xu might do such a thing.

Under the Skin 猎罪图鉴 Episode 2 Recap

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