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Under the Skin 猎罪图鉴 Episode 13 Recap

Shen Yi’s teacher, Professor Xu, went to the police station to find him. Du Cheng invited Professor Xu to the reception room, etc. Professor Xu proposed to see Shen Yi’s paintings. Professor Xu felt very sorry to see Shen Yi’s painting, and he told Du Cheng that Shen Yi was the best student he had ever taught. Professor Xu said goodbye to Du Cheng, and Du Cheng asked him to wait for Shen Yi. Professor Xu said that it was time for him to leave.

Xiao Liu completely recounted Liu Xiaoye’s description of the criminal to Shen Yi, while Shen Yi listened to the changes, the pencil galloped across the paper. Shen Yi looked at the portrait and found that there was a problem, just like when the parts were dismantled and then reassembled, he found that there was an extra part. If it wasn’t a spelling mistake, it must be that this part did not belong to this part in the first place.

Under the Skin 猎罪图鉴 Episode 2 Recap

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