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Legally Romance 才不要和老板谈恋爱 Episode 12 Recap

Legally Romance 才不要和老板谈恋爱 Episode 2 Recap

Li Chongwen happened to meet Lu Xun on the way back, which made Lu Xun very happy, because seeing that the flowers in Li Chongwen’s hand were not sent out means that Qian Wei did not accept Li Chongwen’s show of love.

Lu Xun sent Qian Wei a message to ask her if she was going to the hospital to accompany her to bed. Qian Wei didn’t reply. Unexpectedly, Lu Xun also went back to the hospital. Qian Wei hurriedly pretended to be asleep. When she catches a cold, she takes off her clothes and puts them on her. The old money, who is pretending to sleep, feels numb.

Tang Lu took Liu Shiyun to play tennis. At the beginning, Liu Shiyun insisted on pretending to be a lady and didn’t dare to catch the ball, but she kept pretending to call Liu Shiyun very uncomfortable, and finally she couldn’t help but use her big moves to deal with the opponent. Tang Lu’s friends feel that Tang Lu’s girlfriend is much better than Tang Lu. However, Liu Shiyun sprained his foot because of carelessness, but Tang Lu thought that there was nothing serious and continued to play. This made Qian Chuan who just passed by was very angry.

He felt that Tang Lu wanted to play and he came to accompany him, and asked Liu Shiyun to take a rest while Qian Chuan replaced him She plays. But Qian Chuan can’t play, and is not Tang Lu’s opponent at all. This makes Tang Lu feel that Qian Chuan is just a rookie and laughs at it. This makes Liu Shiyun can’t stand it, so he gave Tang Lu a racket and told Qian Chuan that they In the future, I will no longer pretend to be a little sheep, and I will continue to be her Jin just now.

Mo Zixin and Liu Shiyun went to the cafeteria to have a meal and felt that Qian Wei could finally get together with them in a dormitory, so Liu Shiyun ordered a lot of meals and asked Qian Wei to go out to eat, but Liu Shiyun told Qian Wei that Lu Xun happened to be there. He also asked her to come with her in the cafeteria. Unexpectedly, Qian Wei had to ask them to go back to the dormitory for dinner on the pretext of being unwell. This made Liu Shiyun feel that there must be a problem between Lu Xun and Qian Wei.

The teacher arranged for Li Chongwen to participate in the competition instead of the law school, but Li Chongwen had to bring Qian Weiwei to start the game, and he also helped Qian Wei make up the class. But Qian Wei was very embarrassed after learning the news. He felt that boss Qian liked him, and his ex-boyfriend was also there to pursue her, which made Qian Wei very troubled. However, Li Chongwen insisted on giving Qian Wei a supplementary lesson to go to the competition.

When Qian Wei and Li Chongwen were supplementing the lesson together, Lu Xun threw a thousand paper cranes from the window, which reminded Qian Wei that Lu Xun threw the same thing ten years ago. Qian Zhihe, meaning that she was a stupid bird, flew first, which made Qian Wei very angry. It’s just that Qian Wei didn’t know that Lu Xun had handwriting for her. When Qian Wei replied to himself, he didn’t expect to be misunderstood by Qian Wei, and turned back to Lu Xun to scold him.

Qian Wei went to the hospital to visit his father, but he didn’t expect that he secretly escaped and wanted to go over the wall to go home. Qian Wei hurried to find the whereabouts of Lao Qian, just in time for him to go over the wall to watch Qian Wei’s game, but Qian Wei would Both the security guard and the nurse called over to put the old money back into the ward.

The game was about to start, Lu Xun’s parents went to see his game, and Mo Zixin sat down to chat with Lu Xun’s parents, but Lu Xun told his parents that his opponent was Lao Qian’s daughter Qian Wei, I’m about to come on stage and tell my parents to wait for the good news. Soon Liu Shiyun came to the stage to be their supporter, but Lin Siyu was already bought by Lu Xun. Lu Xun wanted to show his love to Qian Wei on stage, and the topics they were going to debate were all about marriage.

Qian Wei used a more modern and practical point of view after the Civil Code came into effect, while Lu Xun used a more timely and effective point of view. The views are contrary to public order and good morals, and they told the audience not to listen to them. After several rounds of debate, their debate was a draw. This made it very difficult for the judges of the law school to take a temporary break and overtime to determine the winner.

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