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Legally Romance 才不要和老板谈恋爱 Episode 11 Recap

Legally Romance 才不要和老板谈恋爱 Episode 2 Recap

Qian Wei felt that Lu Xun was making that kind of porridge for her to drink in the past and now, and suspected that Lu Xun had water in his brain, maybe he did that because he liked Qian Wei. However, my father was very good to Lu Xun, and he had to ask Lu Xun to help him shave. This made Qian Wei think that his father was really looking for trouble, so he wanted to help him shave himself, but Qian Wei had never operated a razor.

Can’t shave, so Lu Xun took the razor and taught Qian Wei how to operate. However, the hospital did not ask them to use sharp objects in the hospital, and the nurse confiscated Lao Qian’s razor, which was very helpless for Lao Qian. If he didn’t shave all the time, his wife would dislike him.

Li Chongwen sent Qian Wei 5,000 yuan to treat his father. Although Qian Wei did not intend to accept it, Qian Chuan just took the bank card and took it to pay the hospital fee for his father.

Old Qian needed a lot of blood to cure his illness, so everyone helped Qian Wei find blood, and Lu Xun even mobilized the whole family to send Qian Wei a blood card, which made Qian Wei feel that Lu Xun really cared about her. When he was in the hospital, Lu Xun was always happy with the old money, and the heart that Qian Wei was holding was slowly relaxed.

Li Chongwen and Qian Weiwei have been chatting on the Internet. Li Chongwen’s roommate saw that they were chatting so ambiguous, and asked Li Chongwen to quickly confess.

Lao Qian had a very good relationship with his mother, so when he was hospitalized, he worried that he would not be able to express his love for his wife in words, so he pressed his mother’s finger three times with his hand to express his love for her.

Qian Wei and Lu Xun happened to see it, so Qian Wei felt that his father gave all his love to his mother, and wanted to share a little bit, but the old money called Qian Wei and Lu Xun want, it was embarrassing to call Qian Wei, tell the old money they It’s just a classmate relationship. I didn’t expect that Lu Xun really pressed Qian Wei three times when he was injured. This is called Qian Wei’s surprise.

Qian Wei was about to rush home and suddenly fireworks ignited. This made Qian Wei very moved. Tears of joy filled his eyes, but at the end of the road was Li Chongwen’s confession. This was also the past they had experienced, but Now Qian Wei’s tears are disappointment for Li Chongwen.

She knows that Li Chongwen in the future will not be the aspiring young man he is now, and he will become a man of money in the future, so the tears are full of disappointment. Just when Li Chongwen went out to confess to Qian Wei, the video on the other side was waiting for Qian Wei to go back.

He was ready to ask Qian Wei to show his love, but he didn’t see Qian Wei after waiting for a long time, so he took it out. Only when I saw the circle of friends of many classmates on my mobile phone, it turned out that Li Chongwen had already confessed to Qian Wei. However, Qian Wei did not agree to Li Chongwen’s kindness. This time Qian Wei was completely different from before.

He was very moved by Li Chongwen’s courtship before, but this time, what Qian Wei wanted was no longer Li Chongwen. Qian Wei had loved Li Chongwen, but all he loved was pain, so now Qian Wei has to choose not to love him anymore. Li Chongwen was confused about Qian Wei’s words, but Qian Wei knew in his heart that the future Li Chongwen was not the person she wanted.

After Qian Wei went back, he saw that the street lamp had been repaired, and Lu Xun also prepared a lamp that Qian Wei liked at the door of the house. This reminded Qian Wei that it was Lu Xun who helped her repair the street lamp ten years ago, and the lamp in front of him was also Lu Xun. Qian Wei was very disappointed that Xun did it for her. I didn’t expect that Lu Xun really liked her. If they did, their purpose of going back surpassed Lu Xun and it would be completely in vain.

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