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Legally Romance 才不要和老板谈恋爱 Episode 1 Recap

Qian Wei is a paralegal assistant who just graduated and was interviewed by reporters. Unexpectedly, her boss Lu Xun went back. Qian Wei quickly got up to make room for her boss Lu Xun. It turned out that the reporter wanted to interview not Qian Wei but Lu Xun. It was Qian Wei who pretended to be Lu Xun to be interviewed by the reporter when the boss was away, but when Lu Xun went back, Qian Wei had to step aside. Unexpectedly, the reporter called Qian Wei too much.

Helped them with pickups. Although Qian Wei felt that she was also a barrister, she was directly exposed by the boss. She was just a paralegal, so Qian Wei had no choice but to help them carry the microphone to record the interview according to the reporter’s request.

Back when they were in school, Qian Wei originally won the first place and got a scholarship, but when Qian Wei came to the stage to accept the award, he was chased down by Lu Xun, because Lu Xun turned out to be a special scholarship, which is called Qian Wei was very embarrassed, so he worked hard to surpass Lu Xun, but so far he still has no ability to surpass Lu Xun, he is still working as his assistant, and his salary is only a fraction of other people’s. This makes Qian Wei very annoyed, but there is nothing he can do .

There was a meeting in the office. Lawyer Wu made a suggestion, which was rudely rejected by Lu Xun. This made Lawyer Wu leave in shame and embarrassment. After that, the boss also thought that Lu Xun’s suggestion was very good, just talking to people. The way is too mean, I hope the right rear can change it. But Lu Xun is arrogant and thinks that she has never lost a lawsuit. If he is told to have the attitude, he will wait until he loses the lawsuit. Lu Xun’s arrogant tone can’t do anything to call the boss, who is capable.

Lu Xun received a lawsuit, so he went to this assistant Qian Wei to go to the court to find out the situation. The result was that the evidence that Lu Xun and the others submitted to the court were subcontracted. It was a surprise to Qian Wei and Lu Xun. They clearly kept sufficient evidence. , I just don’t know why it was packaged.

Originally, Qian Wei had applied for a day off with Lu Xun in advance, but Lu Xun threatened Qian Wei if she didn’t take Morris’ case and handed it over to someone else. All the taxi money was reimbursed, and Qian Weibenli didn’t plan to go to work. The conditions given by Lu Xun were very favorable. Hurry up and take a taxi to get the case information. I didn’t expect to be stopped by the receptionist at the hotel, because Qian Wei didn’t wear formal clothes, and their hotel had regulations that they could not enter. Just when Qian Wei was negotiating with the receptionist, his ex-boyfriend Li Chongwen happened to pass by.

Only brought it in. It turned out that the hotel was having a cocktail party, and ex-boyfriend Li Chongwen was a distinguished guest there, and it was also related to the case that Lu Xun and the others were handling, so Lu Xun was worried and asked Qian Weiyi to attend, and he would pass. They were all alumni before, so they all knew each other, but Lu Xun also knew about the relationship between Qian Wei and Li Chongwen before, but now he is Qian Wei’s boss, so there will be some hostility between men even if there is no low wall. There are also male-to-male contests among individuals.

However, it was very embarrassing for Lu Xun that Li Chongwen was still the legal director of Nuomei AES, which they had to face. So Lan He, the head of Nuomei, directly announced at the reception that he hoped Morris and his company would come up with some remuneration and AES settled out of court. As soon as Lu Xun heard it, he came to the stage and explained to the people at the reception that their Nuomi company often copied other people’s games before, but now they would turn against the generals, but Lu Xun knew the whole case well and would never settle with them.

After talking about Lu Xun, he left with ten million. Li Chongwen was very angry at Lan He’s behavior. No matter what she did, she could do it, but Qian Wei could not be involved. Afterwards, Li Chongwen hurried out to find Qian Wei for an explanation, but was scolded by Qian Wei. All their previous evidence was guessed by others. It turned out that Li Chongwen was helping AES. But Li Chongwen has always said to be a good lawyer before, but now he goes against his conscience to help a plagiarized company to do business.

Li Chongwen also has his own reasons. He just wants to make himself a superior person. If he can only be an assistant like Qian Wei, Qian Wei is very angry. Lu Xun can’t listen anymore. Li Chongwen will be looking for him in the future. Her assistant chatted, and now they left with Qian Wei when they wanted to go back to do business.

On the way back, Qian Wei was very sad. He felt that his ex-boyfriend had become so devoted to money, and recalling the past, he cried in a mess. After sending Qian Wei home, Lu Xun also gave her a pair of high heels. Today, she was stopped because she didn’t have formal high heels.

Lu Xun went to the boss and felt that lawyer Wu must have stole the evidence in their safe before leaving the office, which led to the decision of the winning lawsuit. At this moment, Qian Wei went in and told them that it was her responsibility for failing to keep the evidence, but she didn’t do anything wrong with the law firm, so she returned the job card to the boss, hoping that Lu Xun would find a qualified assistant in the future. . Qian Wei packed up and left the law firm. Although Lu Xun sincerely retained him, he had no choice but to leave Qian Wei.

Qian Wei left the law firm’s father to comfort her that she could look for a job without a job, and everything could start all over again. Qian Wei felt that he could have a good talk with his father, but it was just an illusion, and his father disappeared in a blink of an eye.

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