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Star Crossed Lovers 蕨草少女的白日梦 Episode 1 Recap

Xinghai Rose is a mysterious planet, and their leader prophet predicted that there will be a catastrophe in the near future, and only the Stone of Prophecy can save Xinghai Rose. But 12 years ago, the stone of prophecy was stolen, and the betrayer Xinghai 019 fled to the earth. His former brother Xinghai 002 was in charge of arresting him. Xinghai 002 wanted to find the stone of prophecy and find out the theft of the stone of prophecy. The truth, in fact, the stone of prophecy is in an earth girl who loves to draw cartoons. Her cartoons depict a star sea rose, but she does not know that star sea rose is real.

A cute girl also sneaked out, her name is Tian Fern. A cold boy talking to a parrot while driving, he is Xinghai Zero Zero Two, as long as he doesn’t find the secret of the Prophecy Stone and catch Xinghai Zero One Day, he will not have a day of peace. Although they have found Xinghai Zero 11’s signal 325 times in total over the years, they have managed to arrest it zero times.

Tian Zhe came to Roaming University, thinking that no one has come to do the task yet, so he has to find the gashapon quickly. But her good friend Bai Sensen also came over and two people were sneaky, trying to complete the mysterious task in the gashapon machine. Sensen also launched a live broadcast to introduce Tian Zi’s inspirational dreams, and also introduced China’s No. 1 cartoonist on the poster, Guomanzhiguang, Feng Liuqing, who is also Tian Zi’s idol.

He is about to hold a fan meeting, but due to too many fans , so the organizer has ingeniously set up a task to find a gashapon, as long as you find the only lucky gashapon, you can get a valuable opportunity to personally guide the teacher tomorrow wind. Tian Zhe came to Roaming Building early in the morning to find a gashapon machine to learn how to draw cartoons with him. Suddenly she took out a gashapon, and remembered that the music was heard by the security guard.

Just when she was about to escape, she found the lucky gashapon, but her hand was stuck in the gashapon machine, and Xinghai Lingling As soon as she used her super power to make everyone still, but Tian Zhe was still able to move, she still watched the conversation between the two aliens. But he didn’t know what they were talking about, and he startled the parrot by asking them to help. Although she is human, she is not affected by the original stone. He rescued Tian Zhe, but accidentally, the two fell to the ground, and Tian Zhe accidentally kissed him.

All of a sudden, the superpowers for everyone seemed to disappear, everyone could move, and it felt a little inappropriate to see the pictures of the two of them. Tian Zhe was a little shy, and quickly got up and ran. Zero Zero One chased out. Here, Bai Sensen also bumped into another boy, and pulled his buttons off, and the two added their contact information to each other.

Tian Zhe called Bai Sensen to tell her what happened just now, and then went home. As soon as she entered the door, her grandmother covered her mouth and told her to keep quiet, because there were mice on the ground. Although she was not afraid, her granddaughter was afraid. The ferocious operation also attracted Aunt Qin.

It turned out that she and her grandmother had been living at Aunt Qin’s house, but his grandmother had a little dementia, and her granddaughter was beside her and kept shouting to find her niece. Tian Zhe thought that if Teacher Feng could enjoy her cartoons tomorrow, they would be able to move out, and they would have to change to a bigger TV and a bigger house.

After Xinghai Ling02 went back and talked to the leader of Xinghai Rose, he was impatient, and after preparing to let him return to the planet, he would send another person to complete the arrest mission. But Tian Zhe’s words could be heard by 002. She could also hear 002’s words, and she was so frightened that she fell out of the car. Fortunately, he arrived in time.

Star Crossed Lovers 蕨草少女的白日梦 Episode 2 Recap

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