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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 25 Recap

Yao Zijin successfully attracted the emperor with delicious barbecue. He tacitly agreed to eat with Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji made barbecue skewers for the emperor himself, and Yao Zijin assisted. According to the emperor’s usual dietary habits, she deliberately changed the oil of the skewers. It turned into milk ghee, and the meat skewers roasted with milk ghee were really delicious.

The father was very happy to eat. Zhu Zhanji casually talked about the past of his childhood. At that time, he went hunting with his father for the first time. The emperor cooked barbecue, and accidentally returned it to burn. The emperor recalled the past and began to feel relieved.

Yuehua also came to deliver the meal. Seeing the emperor eating barbecue, he deliberately said that the barbecue was too greasy, but Yao Zijin said calmly that she added chrysanthemum tea and some seasonings, which was just enough to combine meat and fishy, ​​light and greasy. Yuehua had nothing to say. Zhu Zhanji had been standing in the wind for a long time and his wound was uncomfortable. He left the emperor and returned to the study first. The emperor was worried about his injury and followed him.

Zhu Zhanji was applying the medicine, Yao Zijin analyzed the reason why the emperor sent him out of the palace, Zhu Zhanji finally knew his inappropriateness, he saw the historical events written by Yao Zijin on the paper and couldn’t help feeling his father and emperor Difficulty dealing with politics.

Yao Zijin knew that the emperor was coming, she deliberately praised the current emperor’s illustrious feats, and now the people all praised the wise man of the dynasty, but there was only one thing that was a little inappropriate. When the emperor heard the people praise him for his virtuousness, he was naturally very grateful. He immediately went into the study to hear the only thing Yao Zijin said.

Yao Zijin knelt on the ground and gave advice. The current emperor ascended the throne and granted amnesty to the world. Even sinners can be forgiven, but the family members of sinners are a little stricter. Yao Zijin’s words entered the emperor’s heart, and he felt that a female harem official could tell the truth in person, and specially promoted Yao Zijin from Dianshan to Sishan.

The emperor left the study, and he asked the queen how she treated the innocent and implicated female relatives. With the queen’s words, the emperor immediately planned to promote all the still-surviving female relatives who were implicated and exiled in the past to civilians, and not only that, they also sent fields.

The queen specially asked Jiang Siyao to re-diagnose and treat Yao Zijin. Jiang Siyao reported back to the queen. As long as Yao Zijin did not return to the kitchen to take charge, his right hand would be fine, and his health was only a little tired. Jiang Siyao said congratulations to Yao Zijin before leaving, Yao Zijin Inexplicable. At this time, Mrs. Pengcheng opened the door and came in, directly announcing that Yao Zijin was about to be canonized as a concubine, and arranged that the hairpins prepared by his subordinates should be the best.

Zhu Zhanji found clues about the assassination on the Shangyuan Festival. He went to the palace just to hear You Yifan plead to the emperor that Zhu Zhanji was not the murderer. Zhu Zhanji stepped forward and told the emperor that the gunpowder maker on the Aoshan lantern on the Shangyuan Festival was already there. He was killed the night before, and he was replaced by other people, including an assassin’s master who used to be very close to the King of Han.

The assassin’s affairs annoyed the emperor very much. He already knew the thief’s heart of the king of Han, but he was worried that the relationship between brothers and sisters could not cut the mess quickly. Ziping presented a lot of chrysanthemums to the emperor, and then matched a lot of snacks for the occasion. The emperor was very happy to see it, and immediately gave Ziping a lot of rewards. Yuehua didn’t take it seriously when she saw it. She had been disliked by Ziping for a long time, and felt that she was clumsy and did not understand medical reasoning and would not please the emperor for a long time.

Yao Zijin hurriedly ran to the study in order to avoid Mrs. Pengcheng Uncle. Zhu Zhanji bluntly pointed out her real purpose while covering for her. Hearing that Yao Zijin’s wish was to become a Shang Shi, he immediately refuted that it was simply wishful thinking, Meng Shangshi had been working for decades before she was promoted from a small cook to an adult Shangshi, and it was difficult for her to fulfill her wish after being here for a short time. Despite this, Zhu Zhanji was still willing to help Yao Zijin fulfill her wish, and then he I went to Kunning Palace with my men to ask the Queen for help.

Ziping was ridiculed by Yuehua, she was very unwilling, and then chose to make Bazhen cake to prove her strength, she went to Yao Zijin for help, but the next day, the emperor fainted just after eating a piece of Bazhen cake.

The emperor’s fainting is of great importance, especially after eating the Bazhen cake. Although the imperial doctor diagnosed that the food was not toxic, the princess hated Yao Zijin all day long. After finally finding this opportunity, the crown princess immediately framed the nourishing medicinal materials in the Bazhen cake.

Excessive use. The queen was also very angry. Seeing that Yao Zijin and Ziping were about to be implicated, Yao Zijin immediately pointed out that she knew that the Taiyuan Hospital used too many supplements, so she overcooked Codonopsis and other medicinal materials to reduce the efficacy. The Crown Princess also blamed her for knowing that the prescription of the Tai Hospital was wrong but refusing to tell it.

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