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Under the Skin 猎罪图鉴 Episode 1 Recap

Du Cheng, the captain of the criminal police of Beijiang Branch, is a young and old policeman. Du Cheng was recently investigating a case of the corpse of a man with a duffel bag. In order to convince Bureau Zhang of his inference, he even immersed himself in a bathtub to do an experiment. Police officer Jiang Feng went to Du Cheng to report, and the police station received a report.

A female deceased was found in Linglong’s apartment, and nothing was found at the scene except for the loss of a mobile phone. A delivery boy said that he had seen the murderer. Du Cheng took the delivery boy to check the surveillance video in the elevator. Finally, they found out that the murderer had entered a residential building.

Portrait artist Shen Yi has deep knowledge in painting, and his analysis of characters is accurate from the inside to the outside. Shen Yi, who is a teacher in the police academy, was in class when Director Zhang of Beijiang Branch called and asked Shen Yi to help with the portrait. Shen Yi drew the murderer’s face according to the description of the delivery boy, but the delivery boy felt that they were not completely similar. , Shen Yi meticulously asked the takeaway brother’s angle to observe the murderer, and finally he drew a frontal portrait of the murderer.

Director Zhang asked Du Cheng to wait for the portrait downstairs, but Du Cheng did not believe that the portrait would help him at all. Du Cheng asked the police officers to investigate separately, when the murderer discovered the abnormality and was about to leave. The murderer disguised himself as a disabled person in an attempt to fool himself, but Du Cheng, who approached him, saw it at a glance. The murderer ran away, and Du Cheng chased him all the way, and didn’t even care if he was hit by a car. The murderer escaped to a dead end, and Du Cheng subdued him.

Director Zhang of Beijiang Branch is a capable policewoman. She has a bright personality and cherishes talents very much. After the case was solved, Director Zhang called to inform Shen Yi that he could work at Beijiang Branch.

The pre-examiner, Lao Yan, has rich experience. He quickly learned that the murderer was hired to kill the deceased. According to the mobile phone communication information recovered by the technical team, Du Cheng knew the real murderer who bought the murderer and killed him before he finished eating. Take the police to arrest him.

Seven years ago, Shen Yi was already well-known for his ability to draw portraits. A woman wearing sunglasses asked for a portrait of him. Based on a young photo, Shen Yi successfully drew the appearance of the man in the photo thirty-five years later. This man was Lei Yifei, the captain of the criminal police team of Beijiang Branch at that time.

The murderer took the portrait to find Lei Yifei and killed him. Du Cheng was extremely grieved when he arrived at the scene of the corpse as Lei Yifei’s apprentice. The portrait left at the scene led Du Cheng to find Shen Yi. He wanted Shen Yi to draw the woman’s appearance, but Shen Yi couldn’t draw it. The case has not yet been solved, which not only makes Du Cheng unable to let go, but even Shen Yi has been feeling troubled by it.

Shen Yi went to the police station to report that Director Zhang gave him the office of Captain Lei, and Du Cheng found out about the matter and asked Director Zhang to argue. Director Zhang hoped that Du Cheng would stop worrying about it, and Du Cheng took off his work permit and proposed to be transferred from Beijiang Branch. There was another fatal case in the jurisdiction, and Du Cheng had to put down his grievances and continue to investigate the case. Director Zhang asked him to take Shen Yi to the scene, but Du Cheng did not wait for Shen Yi to set off together.

The owner and doctor of the plastic surgery hospital, Liang Yi, died on the fifth floor of the plastic surgery hospital. It was his secretary who reported the case. According to the secretary’s account, the first to fourth floors of the building were the plastic surgery hospital, and the fifth floor was Liang Yi’s private space. There is only one elevator, and no one except himself and Liang Yi has permission to take the elevator to the fifth floor.

The forensic doctor inferred Liang Yi’s death time based on the autopsy, and the cause of death was cyanide poisoning. According to the structure of the house, Shen Yi found that the space on the fifth floor was wrong, and finally Shen Yi found a secret room through a painting, and a large number of indecent videos were kept in the secret room.

In order to protect the privacy of the guests, there is no video surveillance installed in the plastic surgery hospital. The police found a picture of a woman entering and leaving the plastic surgery hospital during Liang Yi’s death from the video recorded by the camera outside the building. Unfortunately, the woman was wrapped too tightly. Unable to see the appearance at all, Shen Yi wanted to use this scene to make a portrait. Shen Yi asked Li Han, a policewoman, to be a model. Du Cheng felt that he was wasting his time. Shen Yi asked Du Cheng if he could use the office if he drew a portrait himself. Du Cheng did not make a decision.

Under the Skin 猎罪图鉴 Episode 2 Recap

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