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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 24 Recap

The assassins who committed the murders on the Shangyuan Festival have found out that these people are all from the dead, and the only two people who were arrested are also killed and injured. The prince has already suspected the two princes, but they are all close friends, and it is difficult to find a good balance for the time being. . The people who came down to report to the Shang Food Bureau came to deliver the meal. Zhu Zhanji happily got up to greet him, even forgetting to put on his hat. Who knew that after going out, he saw Yao Zijin talking to Shaoyuan. The two kept talking, and Zhu Zhanji felt like a big stone had been pressed in his heart.

In the past, when Shaoyuan came to the prince’s place, the prince greeted him with a smile, but today he saw that the prince was always staring at him with a long face, leaving Shaoyuan on his back, and the two played chess together. Zhu Zhanji seemed to ask unintentionally. Whether he is married.

The guard saw that Zhu Zhanji’s wound opened again, and couldn’t help complaining that Zhu Zhanji was seriously injured in order to protect his body, but he let that You Yifan take advantage of it in vain. Zhu Zhanji disagreed. He personally went to You Yifan’s residence and found that the furnishings in the house were extremely simple, but there were quite a few scrolls, including astronomy, geography, calligraphy, painting and music. It seemed that this You Yifan was proficient in all literary and martial arts, not just a martial artist, Zhu Zhanji. Zhanji looked at You Yifan with admiration.

After Zhu Zhanji left, You Yifan was given a death-free gold medal by the emperor because of his meritorious escort. Yuehua came to deliver meals to You Yifan, and You Yifan gave Yuehua a list of the emperor’s meals, and told Yuehua to follow the recipe for the emperor in the future. meal. Yuehua took the meal order and gave him medicine when he saw that he was seriously injured. During this period, Yuehua couldn’t help feeling that she often longed to meet someone who would give her medicine when she was a child, but unfortunately she didn’t wait, and You Yifan directly admitted that he wanted to Luckily, I waited for it myself.

You Yifan was chased and killed, and when he was seriously injured, he fainted in front of a family’s door. Fortunately, Yao Zijin rescued him in time. After Yao Zijin healed his wounds, he thought he was a beggar and gave him three meals a day. of. At that time, You Yifan didn’t know who the detained woman was, but when he was able to save her, he saw that Yao Zijin had been called into a sedan chair and sent to the palace.

Mei Shaoyuan was called by Zhu Zhanji to have a meal together. Mei Shaoyuan saw all kinds of delicious food brought by the Shang Food Bureau and was hooked-the dishes in it were all his favorites, and he discussed a lot with Yao Zijin Interesting stories and beautiful conversations about meals, Zhu Zhanji saw that the two were chatting with gusto, and couldn’t help but feel sour in his heart. Mei Shaoyuan could see what Zhu Zhanji was thinking, and he got up knowingly and said goodbye.

Mei Shaoyuan met Ziping on the way back. Ziping had a ghost in her heart because she gave him locust balls last time. She was about to turn around and run away. No, Mei Shaoyuan took out a purse from his body, saying that it was Zi Ping’s remuneration in the restaurant before entering the palace. At that time, he was worried that Zi Ping was young and wasting money, so he kept saving for her, thinking about waiting for her in the future. I will give it to her when I need it. Now I see that Ziping also has a good prospect, and I can finally return the money bag to the original owner. Ziping was holding the purse in her hand, and she felt sighed in her heart.

Some clues about the assassins in Shangyuan Festival have been found. According to the investigation, this person is Zhu Zhanji’s young teacher. The emperor was very angry when he saw the memorial, and immediately ordered Zhu Zhanji to be expelled from the palace to Nanjing. Zhu Zhanji received the imperial decree and had a premonition that the person behind the design was vicious. This person’s assassination technique failed but he alienated their master.

Yao Zijin came to deliver the meal, Zhu Zhanji watched her set the tableware, and admitted that he would find a way to send her out of the palace to return her freedom, and would accompany her lover for life in the future. Yao Zijin said that her lover was not Mr. Mei, and she did not tell Zhu Zhan The name of the person in the heart of Ji Xin, seeing the beautiful woman in front of him, Zhu Zhanji reluctantly said that he was going to Nanjing soon. Yao Zijin began to offer advice to help him not have to leave the palace to go to Nanjing.

Yuehua always finds a way to deliver meals to the Qianqing Palace. The emperor is very kind to her when she eats happily. Yuehua deliberately revealed that Concubine Guo ran to safety early during the assassination on the night of Shangyuan Festival. The emperor finally understood Guo after hearing this. Concubine Side was not worried about his safety at all, and when she heard Concubine Guo was coming to serve in front of the royal family, she immediately shouted back.

Zhu Zhanji knew that his father was going to the school grounds, so he rushed there early. The emperor saw that he was going to leave angrily, and suddenly a strong flavor of barbecue came out. The emperor couldn’t help but stop and promised to stay with Zhu Zhanji. Dine together.

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