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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 23 Recap

Zhu Zhanji quietly returned to the banquet after delivering the medicine, and his subordinates asked him why he always helped Yao Zijin secretly. While Zhu Zhanji was distressed by Yao Zijin’s injury, he was angry at why she refused to be the prince’s concubine. Talk about the delivery of medicine.

The emperor did not blame Meng Shangshi, so the competition continued. The emperor was already dazzled by the delivery of several dishes. Meng Shangshi did not take the lead. Yao Zijin offered to deliver the meal in person. The story and the production process are all told in detail, and the origin of the “Jadeite and White Jade Soup” loved by the founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. Yao Zijin was full of literary talent. Because of her eloquent tongue, the emperor left Meng Shangshi to deliver it. several dishes.

Today, there is still no winner. The emperor ordered Shangshi Bureau to cook in front of the royal family. Yao Zijin insisted on going into battle with his injuries. Hu Shangshi chose roast suckling pig, but Meng Shangshi decided to use Ba Gongge hot pot. Zhu Zhanji is full of praise for the choice of hot pot. Hot pot pays attention to fresh ingredients, unlike Jin Gui, who pays attention to ingredients. After using it, he becomes thirsty and angry, so it is not as nourishing and gentle as hot pot.

The emperor smelled the fragrance and walked to Hu Shangshi’s roast suckling pig unconsciously. Suddenly, a unicorn pattern appeared on the back of the suckling pig. Hu Shangshi immediately said that the auspiciousness had arrived, and everyone immediately knelt down and blessed the emperor to summon auspiciousness.

Although the emperor knew that this was a trick to make people happy, he still enjoyed it. The oil of the roast suckling pig splashed on the emperor’s clothes, and suddenly sparks came out and immediately caught fire. The emperor was about to go back to change his clothes. Suddenly, several actors performing off the stage immediately threw a lot of fireballs. Fortunately, Zhu Zhanji was alert and immediately put the The fireball that hit the emperor was intercepted.

The assassin who pretended to be an actor immediately took out a lot of swords from the props, and the banquet was in chaos. Concubine Guo couldn’t avoid it, and ran under the banquet early to escape, while the queen was always beside her nervous about the emperor’s safety. Zhu Zhanji desperately resisted the assassins coming from the tide, but he still fought bravely to kill despite several swords in his body, while the emperor shrank into the dining table and cried out for help cowardly. A deadly momentum.

Finally the assassin was under control, Zhu Zhanji hurriedly ran to his father, the emperor pushed him aside, scolded him for not standing in front of him, and then left the table angrily. Zhu Zhanji’s wound was bleeding all the time. He didn’t want the queen to worry, so he quietly asked his men to call Imperial Doctor Sheng. Yao Zijin saw that he was seriously injured, and immediately went to the Food Bureau to prepare meals.

After a while, his subordinates sent a food box to Zhu Zhanji, which contained peach crisp blood cake, white porridge, and a few light side dishes. After seeing the blood cake, Imperial Physician Sheng praised repeatedly that this kind of tonic is very good for wounds. Zhu Zhan Ji was very relieved to know that Yao Zijin did it.

Hu Shang tried to steal chickens without losing rice. He originally wanted to use the auspicious pattern to please the emperor, but he did not expect assassins to appear at the banquet. He Shu quietly came to deliver a letter to Yao Zijin, asking her to meet Hu Shangshi.

Yao Zijin gave Hu Shangshi a few dishes regardless of his previous suspicions. Hu Shangshi said that her third sister was born weak when she was a child. In order to keep her sister alive, she lied that auspicious clouds appeared when her sister was born, and the result did not take long.

The nearby villages all knew that there was an auspicious daughter in her family, and she became a pawn of the Hu family. Yao Zijin had already guessed that Hu Shangshi injured her right hand. Hu Shangshi held the carved knife in his hand to ask her to take revenge. Yao Zijin tried hard to get the knife back on the table. Food Bureau.

Not long after Yao Zijin left Hu Shangshi’s residence, the crown princess came. She saw Hu Shangshi lying in a pool of blood, and she felt unbearable grief in her heart.

Next to the Shangshi Bureau, Yuehua hurriedly ran to the water tank where the blood was on her hands, and when she heard a voice behind her, she turned her head in shock, it was Meng Shangshi, she knew! Meng Shangshi asked her why she moved her hands and feet in the seasoning. Yuehua immediately cried to her mother, then knelt in front of Meng Shangshi and pulled the corner of her skirt tightly. Meng Shangshi’s skirt was stained by Yuehua’s hands. Bloodstained, she didn’t know it.

Yuehua cried and begged Meng Shangshi to help her. She always liked this mother very much in her heart. She killed Hu Shangshi just to avenge her master Wang Dianshan! It turned out that Yuehua knew that the cooking recipe that Wang Dianshan sent her had not been completed, and would definitely not commit suicide after returning home. Hu Shangshi also admitted that because Wang Dianshan knew too many secrets of her, he had to kill her.

The crown princess found He Shu, the maid next to Hu Shangshi, and asked who was the last person to see Hu Shangshi. He Shu just told Yao Zijin, and rumors of Hu Shangshi’s suicide began in the palace, and Yao Zijin was also full of heart. is doubt.

Meng Shangshi loves her daughter so much, but in the end, she was deceived by Yuehua. Hu Shangshi has been eliminated, and the relationship between Meng Shangshi and Yuehua has become close. Yao Zijin can only do some clumsy chores because her hands are not recovered. Pampered, she angrily pouted and asked Yao Zijin, is she asking for trouble by staying in the Shang Food Bureau, and it is better to be a prince’s concubine than a cook.

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