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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 22 Recap

Yao Zijin’s brother entered the palace at the request of the queen. He knelt on the ground and begged Yao Zijin to agree to be the prince’s concubine in the face of his deceased mother. Yao Zijin scolded his brother for his own glory and wealth, regardless of the brother and sister relationship. Hearing Yao Zijin’s brother’s words, Ziping rushed in with a big broom and drove Yao Zijin’s brother away.

The Shangyuan banquet is about to start. Once Hu Shangshi and Meng Shangshi declared war in front of everyone, this competition is their last competition. If Hu Shangshi loses the game, she will pack up and leave the palace. From now on, I will never step into the Shangshi Bureau again. This game is very important, Yao Zijin took the initiative to invite Ying to play with the injury, Meng Shangshi understood her intention, she nodded and agreed, and then continued to point Yao Zijin in the details.

Finally, the Shangyuan Banquet went on as scheduled, Zhu Zhanji leaped up vigorously, and he personally lit all the lantern displays in the Shangyuan Lantern Festival, which won everyone’s applause. Above the main hall, the competition of the Shangshi Bureau officially started. Yuehua presented her two delicious dishes.

The emperor was very happy, and when he was about to use Yuehua’s dishes as the top grade, Yao Zijin presented her nine-color brocade box to the table. Above, the nine dishes all used seasonal vegetables, nine kinds of knife skills and nine methods, the emperor tasted the dishes and praised the nine-color brocade box, and immediately announced that Yao Zijin’s dishes were the winner. Yuehua cast a jealous glance at Yao Zijin and stepped back. The queen looked at everything and found it very interesting.

When Yao Zijin returned from serving the dishes, her hand was aching. The imperial doctor once said that only acupuncture and moxibustion can relieve the pain for a while. Yuehua walked out from the side, and she mocked Yao Zijin with disdain for being self-aware and having no strength to persist in the competition. Recessing, she said that even if these hands do not obey, Yuehua will be convinced to lose.

For the second dish, Yao Zijin and Meng Shangshi worked together to make roast duck. The emperor couldn’t stop after tasting it. The duck meat was roasted to the extreme, and the heat was evenly mastered. Every dish was very good. So beautiful, it’s hard to tell from top to bottom.

This competition is in full swing, and it is even more important to the future fortune of Shangshi Bureau. Hu Shangshi and Meng Shangshi are even more energetic, and they will bring their beloved disciples to defeat the other side. The third dish was foie gras. Ziping saw Hu Shangshi sneaking out with Yuehua, she followed quietly, and she closed the door when she saw Hu Shangshi taking someone to the goose pen. Ziping immediately brought the news to Meng Shangshi.

The emperor greatly admired the delicious goose meat. He couldn’t help but ask about the method of this meal. Meng Shangshi took the lead to tell the emperor the cruel way of this dish. The emperor heard that this goose meat was a goose. It was made by burning alive. He was furious and was about to take Hu Shangshi down.

Unexpectedly, Hu Shangshi clarified that this method was not using open fire, but coarse shell ash, which was called “burning goose without fire”. Meng Shang eats and steals chickens without losing rice. The emperor hates this kind of trick the most. He was about to speak to punish him, but the witty Concubine Guo changed the topic in time.

The game was still going on, Yao Zijin still insisted on staying by the side of the case, Ziping felt bad for Yao Zijin’s hand, so he took the initiative to take Yao Zijin’s work and let her rest for a while. Yao Zijin delivered the medicine, and Fang Dianshan delivered the ointment to Yao Zijin’s hands. After applying the ointment, the pain in both hands was relieved a lot.

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