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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 20 Recap

Yao Zijin was ordered to deliver the meal. Seeing that the tenth prince smashed a large pot of nourishing porridge directly on the ground, she directly took the tenth prince’s hand, knelt on the ground and begged: a meal is not easy to come by, I hope the prince will be considerate of Hoe He. Difficult, now as a prince, you should know how to be frugal, and should not waste food at will. Yao Zijin spoke earnestly, but the tenth prince became angry and shouted that his subordinates would kill her.

Zhu Zhanji heard Yao Zijin’s words in the dark, ordered everyone to retire, and then taught the tenth prince not to be pampered. On weekdays, because he was frail and sick, everyone loved him, but even if he had power, he could not abuse it, otherwise he would not be able to convince the public. The tenth prince admits cowardice on the surface, but he hates it in his heart.

The tenth prince has been leading people to follow Yao Zijin secretly, preparing to punish Yao Zijin. Yao Zijin immediately led the tenth prince to Guo Guifei’s mansion. When Guo Guifei saw his son, he immediately rushed over and hugged him, ignoring what Yao Zijin did. Standing next to Concubine Guo is Meng Shangshi, obviously they have been waiting here for a long time.

With no one around, Yao Zijin wondered why Meng Shangshi was loyal to Concubine Guo, who was thoughtful and cruel. Meng Shangshi smiled and talked about Empress Zhuang, who was kind-hearted and tender, but she still did not end well. As a chef, you must have a city government, a clear mind, and a long-term vision. Meng Shangshi did not tell Yao Zijin that her ideal was to become the first Shang Palace in the Ming Dynasty.

Su Yuehua saw that Hu Shangshi could no longer rely on her. In order to stay in the Shangshi Bureau, she again begged You Yifan to help her. This time, You Yifan used her private power to let Yuehua serve in front of the imperial court. Yuehua did not live up to the holy hope. The emperor was moved when he saw it for the first time. Meng Shangshi went to the Qianqing Palace to deliver meals at the usual time, but he saw Yuehua looking up at her smugly and defiantly.

Meng Shangshi knew about Yuehua’s ambitions. The next day, she was about to transfer Yuehua to another place. At this time, the emperor’s decree had already come down, and Yuehua was promoted to be a chef and specially delivered meals to the Qianqing Palace. Yuehua was soon promoted to the position of the chef. In order to make the emperor happy, she knew that the emperor liked meat, so she cooked a lot of meat to please the emperor.

Seeing this, Yao Zijin kindly reminded her that the emperor’s system is suitable for a light diet, and it is not appropriate to eat more at night, but Yuehua didn’t listen to this, instead thinking that Yao Zijin was jealous of what she did today. Sure enough, not long after the emperor ate too much meat and fishy food, his lungs were too hot, and he started to have nosebleeds after eating meat.

Meng Shangshi took the opportunity to take Yao Zijin to the Qianqing Palace to deliver the cool tortoise paste. When the emperor saw it, he suddenly thought of Concubine Guo, who used to feed him spoonfuls by spoonfuls. It was very sweet. With this delicacy, The emperor once again favored Concubine Guo.

Guo Guifei naturally knew that Yuehua had taken advantage of the superiors to please the emperor by any means. She asked her subordinates to chop off Yuehua’s hand so as not to hinder her eyes in the future. Yao Zijin came in time, and she begged Guo Guifei to open up and let Yuehua go. One life, this time Guo Guifei was able to be favored smoothly because of Yao Zijin’s secret help. Guo Guifei promised to help her realize a wish, and she did not break her promise.

Yuehua still felt that she was right. Originally, she wanted to learn art with Wang Sishan, but Wang Sishan silently took the guilt for Hu Sishan and was moved back to her hometown to hang herself in depression. Yao Zijin asked her if she really devoted herself to studying art. She tried every dish on the recipe one by one, and the menu was memorized by heart, but Yuehua was probably just talking about it and not putting it into practice.

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