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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 19 Recap

After all, the tenth prince fell ill after eating dishes by Zhu Zhanji’s side. Moreover, he ate a special offering from the Shangshi Bureau. Although Zhu Zhanji didn’t say anything when he returned to the academy, he was very uneasy in his heart. Zhanji reported that Yao Zijin would be punished by caning, and Zhu Zhanji ordered his subordinates not to mention Yao Zijin’s name again.

Hu Shangshi once again reminded Yao Zijin that asking the Empress for mercy now may be able to avoid the caning, but Yao Zijin did not submit, and Hu Shangshi had already ordered those who executed the caning to be more ruthless.

Yao Zijin was obviously overwhelmed by the four slapsticks. When You Yifan came, he persuaded Yao Zijin to recognize the current situation early, otherwise even if he tried to save him this time, the same thing would be inevitable soon. Yao Zijin declined You Yifan’s good intentions, she would not die for something that violated her principles, and there was nothing wrong with the people in Shangshi Bureau.

After all, Zhu Zhanji went, and the prince’s men reminded Yao Zijin that as long as the prince was soft, the remaining two sticks would be fine, but Yao Zijin stubbornly refused to ask for help, and finally the board was over, and Yao Zijin passed out. Zhu Zhanji personally picked her up and sent her to the Tai Hospital, and ordered Ji Lan to take good care of her.

Zhu Zhanji quietly went to visit Zijin in front of the bed. Seeing her sallow little face was bloodless, she couldn’t bear it. Recalling that Yao Zijin once said that she didn’t want to be Zhu Zhanji’s concubine, and she didn’t want to live only for him. So reluctantly went out quietly. Zhu Zhanji’s entourage was puzzled. He clearly saved her life but hid behind her back and refused to show up. Zhu Zhanji ordered his subordinates to thoroughly investigate King Wei’s illness.

After Yao Zijin woke up, she immediately dragged her injured body and knelt in front of the queen. Although she was not present at the time, she was able to ensure that every meal prepared by the Shangshi Bureau was strictly in accordance with the royal rules. Don’t dare to overstep. The palace heard that Yao Zijin had no evidence, and was about to leave, but Yao Zijin sincerely told the queen that the queen could not get rid of the poisoning incident.

Yao Zijin’s words surprised the queen secretly, and she immediately took someone to Guo Guifei’s house. Sure enough, Guo Guifei was crying to the emperor with pear flowers and rain, that the queen must have sent someone to poison the tenth prince. The queen arrived in time, and Zhu Zhanji and the crown princess also came. At this time, the emperor no longer trusted the queen, and he threw her aside with a flick of his sleeves, even if the queen asked the imperial physician to come to diagnose the pulse to prove her innocence.

Zhu Zhanji informed the Crown Princess of Ming Dynasty to consult the pulse, and the emperor had no reason to refuse. After the diagnosis, the Crown Princess said that it was not poisoning but a common back gangrene. This kind of disease is very common, and the imperial doctor of the Imperial Hospital insisted that it was poisoning. Obviously, someone must have ordered it. , The Crown Princess has always been free from competition in the world, and she will definitely not lie.

Zhu Zhanji took the emperor’s younger brother to his house for treatment in person. After taking the decoction, the tenth prince’s condition improved a lot. On weekdays, the princess always looked weak. She didn’t expect that she would still have a pulse. In the middle of the night, when she heard that the princess woke up from a nightmare, Zhu Zhanji learned about the experience of the princess before entering the palace.

When the truth came out, Hu Shangshi went to see the queen and was locked up. He was reprimanded to kneel outside the door. The Crown Princess asked Yao Zijin to deliver the meal, and then punished him for kneeling straight with the lunch box for half an hour. The poor Yao Zijin had just been beaten to pieces by the cane, and he just knelt on the ground and couldn’t move against the sun. The princess reminded her that she should not avenge the queen, and also mentioned the first queen. Zhu Zhanji clearly knew that the Crown Princess was dissatisfied, but this time, Shang Shi still won in the end.

Ziping finally returned to the Shangshi Bureau. After seeing Yao Zijin’s torture, she was in unbearable pain while walking. She felt very sad. Yao Zijin also saw that Ziping was scarred in the prison. The two loved each other. The friendship has grown deeper.

Meng Shangshi returned to the Shangshi Bureau, Wen Zhangshan was ordered to be demoted to Shanglin Garden, Yao Zijin was promoted to Dianshan, and Ziping also got the position of Zhangshan, Hu Shangshi was demoted, and Yuehua began to suffer. See you soon. In the past, those who were good at flattering and flattering in the Shangshi Bureau always flattered Yuehua. Seeing that Yuehua had no prospects, they all turned to Meng Shangshi.

The tenth prince had just recovered from a serious illness and had a poor appetite. He refused to eat all the meals sent by the Food Bureau. All the cooks tried to improve their meals, but with little success. Yao Zijin carved some cute little rabbits out of carrots, and the tenth prince looked at them and threw them on the ground.

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