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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 18 Recap

In the first game Yao Zijin won, Yuehua blocked Yao Zijin on the road and asked her what she had done and why she won the game. She clearly felt that the queen had acquiesced. Yao Zijin explained that Wang Mojie loves to worship Buddha, but the real There is a tourist named Zhouzi in the Sichuan map, but there are no monks. The Crown Prince once entered the Huangjue Temple as a monk, and he hated people talking about “monk” and “bald” the most in his life, but Yuehua deliberately put one in the landscaping. The monk, the queen naturally wouldn’t let her win the game.

Yao Zijin pointed out the Wangchuan picture mercilessly. Originally, she wanted to make candied fruit and vegetables on it, but Yuehua stole the Wangchuan picture and deliberately showed off the carving, forgetting that it is the food after all. To enter, it can be seen that her mind is not in her own business, and her cooking skills may stop there.

The conversation between Yao Zijin and Yuehua was heard by You Yifan. He sighed secretly for Yao Zijin’s intelligence, but the buried pen in Wangchuan’s picture made him alert. His conversation with Yao Zijin that day had already alerted her, so he painted A monk appeared in Zhongpingbai. Zhu Zhanji was in high spirits and picked up the poems and poems with great artistic conception. The entourage on the side immediately saw the beauty in the poems. Zhu Zhanji didn’t want people to see Yao Zijin in his heart, so he immediately tore up the poems.

Hu Shangshi informed Su Yuehua that because she lost the game, she would no longer be the official meal of the Shangshi Bureau from now on. Su Yuehua begged to give her another chance, because only she could win Yao Zijin, Hu Shangshi promised to give her one last chance, if she lost The game left the Shangshi Bureau. Concubine Guo saw some clues from the competition. She admired Yuehua’s swordsmanship, but unexpectedly someone used a little monk to successfully capture the queen’s psychology and easily win the competition.

She felt that there must be a master in Shangshi Bureau. Concubine Guo secretly revealed to Meng Ziyun that the emperor was about to lead his ministers to watch Taiye Pond, and the second competition was scheduled to take place in Xiyuan.

Yao Zijin was walking on the path in the palace, and suddenly a broken kite slowly landed at her feet. Yao Zijin picked it up and found that the back of the kite was stained with a cutout of a woman with a face similar to her, and the clothes of a villain. With the same color as her body, Yao Zijin couldn’t help but be happy. She immediately thought that she had climbed to a high place to look at the stars before, but she didn’t expect to meet Zhu Zhanji.

When Zhu Zhanji went to the palace of the Crown Princess, there was no common topic with the Crown Princess, nor did they have the same mind, so he went back to the study after sitting. Yao Zijin remembered in the middle of his cooking practice that he was roasting chestnuts while reading, and fell asleep accidentally. Zhu Zhanji walked up to her and felt that she was sleeping very cute. Interrupted, now that times have changed, Yao Zijin is sweet and sad to think about it.

The guard gave You Yifan a sword at the will of the King of Han. The King of Han received a secret letter from You Yifan and acted like a tiger.

Zhu Gaochi led the ministers to visit Taiye Pond, and the chef carefully prepared for today’s competition. Yuehua and Yao Zijin were both doing their best. Zhu Gaochi appreciated the food brought by Jing. Zhu Zhanji was eating at the seat, and he tasted that it was Yao Zijin. I was a little unhappy with what I did, and for this reason, I was teased by the younger brother of King Wei for having an opinion on the cooking chef.

Yao Zijin was cooking, and a guard called her name to let her go out. Yao Zijin followed the guard for a long time and found that the soles of his boots were stained with mud. Luckily, You Yifan arrived in time to save Yao Zijin’s life.

After Zhu Gaochi’s favorite young son, King Wei, ate the dish, he suddenly fell to the ground unconscious. The emperor was so shocked that he repeatedly declared the imperial physician to diagnose and treat. The hot water has been scalded, otherwise it is poisonous, and the emperor ordered all the people who cook the meals to be taken down.

Yao Zijin just happened to be assassinated by an assassin, so she escaped the catastrophe. She knew that the deer carrageen was clearly treated, so she immediately clarified to Hu Shangshi that Ziping and Meng Shangshi were wronged. When Yao Zijin asked Yuehua to be a witness, Yuehua argued that he had not seen anything, and Hu Shangshi reminded Yao Zijin to act on his own and not to meddle in his own business.

After Yao Zijin went back, she felt like she was on pins and needles. She could always hear the tragic cry of Ziping when she was tortured, so she knelt in front of the Queen’s footsteps, hoping that the Queen would investigate the matter thoroughly. Hu Shangshi has been sending people to follow Yao Zijin secretly. , seeing her go to the Queen to complain about her grievance, Hu Shangshi immediately informed that she would send Yao Zijin to Gong Zhengsi for disposal.

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