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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 16 Recap

Zhu Zhanji brought Yao Zijin to the pharmacy of the Taiyuan Hospital, and his men sneaked into the pharmacy to open the door quietly. Zhu Zhanji asked Yao Zijin to help find a medicine for the disharmony of qi and blood. He did not completely trust Jin Yiwei’s people, and he felt relieved when Yao Zijin was there.

Yao Zijin quickly found the right medicinal herbs, and the two hurried back to the palace. The queen’s condition was getting worse day by day. She dragged her sick body and asked her subordinates to support her to see the emperor. The emperor asked her to hurry back to recuperate. , I am worried that the Queen will be happy.

Once the diagnosis of Imperial Doctor Sheng is wrong, Long Si will not be guaranteed. In addition, there is Concubine Guo’s instigation next to him. Concubine Guo fanned the flames and added that the group consultation of several imperial doctors in the Imperial Hospital called it a happy pulse. would be wrong. Concubine Guo was determined to take the opportunity to get rid of the empress, but the empress’s pleadings were to no avail, she was disheartened and decided to leave.

The queen returned to Kunning Palace, and the prince followed her closely. He brought Sheng Taiyi in a sack, and his guards held their swords next to Pan Siyao’s neck, telling her to stop talking. After the diagnosis, Imperial Physician Sheng broke out in cold sweats. He concluded that the empress’s meridians were blocked, qi stagnation and blood stagnation, and she could no longer use nourishing Chinese medicine, otherwise her life would be more dangerous.

The Chinese medicine practitioners headed by Pan Siyao repeatedly rejected him, saying that Imperial Physician Sheng was nonsense and the prescriptions he prescribed were extremely dangerous.

Zhu Zhanji took the Queen Mother’s hand, and he let the Queen decide whose prescription to use. No matter who the Queen listened to, he fully supported it, and from now on, he will guard the safety of his mother’s palace. The queen was so moved that she asked Imperial Physician Sheng to prescribe medicine immediately.

The Chinese medicine doctor headed by Pan Siyao immediately went to the emperor to reveal the news. The emperor came overnight and pointed to Zhu Zhanji’s nose and asked him why he listened to Imperial Doctor Sheng’s nonsense. Standing in front of the queen mother’s palace, the queen used the medicine of Imperial Physician Sheng to reduce a lot of bruises, and her condition improved.

In order to help the Queen’s concubine to cure her illness, Yao Zijin stayed up all night by the kitchen of the Shang Food Bureau and spent her qi and blood cooking meals for the Queen. The Queen used the medicine of the imperial physician and adjusted her diet. However, Hu Sishan always took advantage of the fisherman. Every time Yao Zijin finished the meal, Hu Sishan always took Yuehua to deliver the medicinal meal to the queen, and naturally got a lot of benefits from the queen.

Ziping fights against Yao Zijin, but Yao Zijin feels that it is a blessing to suffer a loss. Working hard to cook on weekdays will naturally accumulate a lot of experience. In the long run, she will become an irreplaceable cook.

Most of the queen’s illness was cured. When she was able to walk, she smashed the spinning wheel she used. This spinning wheel was handed down to her by Queen Xiaoren. On weekdays, she abide by the rules of etiquette and abide by the duty of being a wife. , And at this time of life crisis, Zhu Gaochi even disregarded decades of husband and wife kindness for the emperor’s heir, and the queen was completely chilled.

Concubine Guo’s favor became more and more popular. The emperor arranged official positions for Concubine Guo’s family, and more and more awards were awarded. The queen dismissed it when she heard it. .

The princess came to Zhu Zhanji, took the initiative to sort out the books, and repaired the broken guzheng. Zhu Zhanji didn’t have the same enthusiasm for her as before. Hearing that Yu An wanted to move over to be a company, he refused directly, and the princess left. Afterwards, Zhu Zhanji asked his subordinates why Yao Zijin hadn’t delivered the meal, and his subordinates said that Yao Zijin had just come to see the princess, so he put down the food box and went back. Cooked and delivered.

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