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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 14 Recap

Zhu Gaochi ascended the throne and became the Emperor of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Zhanji naturally became the crown prince, and Yu An became the crown princess. The Crown Princess had been coughing for a long time, so the Shang Dining Room asked Yao Zijin to make nourishing food and send it to the Crown Princess. Yao Zijin carefully made lotus porridge and sweet-scented osmanthus taro milk, which was fragrant. Sent for Yuan.

Yu’an praised Yao Zijin’s cooking skills, which were light and delicious, and thought of her everywhere, and even asked the prince to send a copy of this lotus leaf porridge.

Hu Sishan brought Concubine Zhuang’s maid and revealed that Yao Zijin personally let Concubine Zhuang out of the palace that day. Yu An was very curious about how Yao Zijin helped Concubine Zhuang out of the palace. Hu Sishan supplemented the knife and said that Yao Zijin gave Concubine Zhuang a phoenix pendant that only the empress could use, and this phoenix pendant was engraved by the emperor himself. Pei left it to the princess. After hearing this, Yu’an’s face changed greatly, and she asked Yao Zijin’s true identity.

When Zhu Gaochi ascended the throne, he promulgated several new laws and regulations, and also reduced or exempted extortionate and miscellaneous taxes. Zhu Zhanji wrote a letter to advise him that he hoped that Zhu Gaochi would not move the capital to Nanjing. Zhu Gaochi insisted that moving the capital to Nanjing would reduce the distance for transporting military rations. Another injury to talent, not only that, A Gu Da is always a nuisance at the border.

Yao Zijin urged his father not to change the rules set by Emperor Zhu Di one by one, otherwise the court would be turbulent. Zhu Zhanji was rejected, and he sincerely persuaded his father and emperor to see the current situation clearly. A heart of benevolence cannot heal the world. Zhu Xi likes him because he has the same mind with Zhu Xi, and Zhu Gaochi took it angrily.

Throwing something to Zhu Zhanji reminded him that the real emperor was now in front of him. Zhu Gaochi asked loudly what was most threatened in Daming today, and Zhu Zhanji answered without hesitation that it was “the vassal king”.

Soon, Zhu Zhanji received the jade pendant from Bei’anmen, and he immediately stood up when he saw it. In the princess’ palace, Yao Zijin refused to answer her true identity. Hu Sishan revealed that Yao Zijin was the concubine appointed by the late emperor for the prince. The queen’s mother personally sent Yao Zijin, who was in the age of cardamom, into the palace.

It was Zhu Di’s general. The jade pendant was handed over to Yao Zijin. Hu Sishan fanned the flames and said that Yao Zijin deliberately concealed his identity to enter the palace, must have a plan, and the scourge of leaving it is better to eradicate it as soon as possible.

Hu Shangshi’s words shocked Yao Zijin. She had been with him for a long time on weekdays, but she never thought that Hu Sishan was such a person. Hu Sishan claimed that although he liked Yao Zijin very much, keeping Yao Zijin alive would threaten the fate of the Hu family, so he had to die. Not possible. It was useless for the Crown Princess to persuade him. Hu Sishan was about to cut Yao Zijin’s throat with the horn, but Zhu Zhanji rushed over in time and hugged Yao Zijin who had fainted.

After Yao Zijin woke up, Zhu Zhanji knew that her name was fake, and asked her angrily why she entered the palace. It turned out that they had met ten years ago, but Yao Zijin changed her name. Forget that girl from the past. Yao Zijin talked about how she was selected by Mrs. Peng Chengbo before she was recognized as the Crown Princess. In order to train her to be a candidate for the Taisun Concubine, her mother taught her carefully and disciplined her very strictly.

When she finally got the phoenix pendant, Yao Zijin’s mother Worrying about his humble background, in order to give Yao Zijin a good reputation, he committed suicide early. But the concubine Zhu Zhanji married was not her, which meant that her mother sacrificed her life in vain. The adoptive mother liked Yao Zijin and quietly sent her to the palace, and Yao Zijin also wanted to see who was the concubine who took her place. Hearing this, Zhu Zhanji took her into his arms distressedly, promising that no one would be dangerous to her in the future.

Hu Shangshi was pardoned because of Yao Zijin’s intercession. She reminded Yu’an to be careful about Yao Zijin. After Yao Zijin is the Sun family, the concubines and concubines of the current harem rely on the emperor’s favor.

When the first emperor was there, he often asked Jinyiwei to keep an eye on the East Palace. After Zhu Gaochi ascended the throne, he immediately consulted the information collected by Jinyiwei. When You Yifan was summoned, he praised the emperor’s benevolence and generosity. Zhu Gaochi had never been a city man. After being imprisoned, he was promoted to the commander of Jinyiwei.

Zhu Zhanji heard that Yao Zijin was unwilling to accept Feng Pei when his men reported that Yao Zijin still had a knot in his heart. Hu Sishan demoted Yao Zijin to a more humble position. Yin Ziping was very sad to hear that. At this moment, Meng Ziyuan came arrogantly. Now that she has been reinstated, the first thing is to keep Yao Zijin in the Shang Food Bureau. Now that the Shangshi Bureau has two Shangshi adults, Yin Ziping is overjoyed, at least they will have someone to support them in the future.

Wang Sishan saw that Hu Sishan colluded with Master Jing, no wonder the ingredients in the Shangshi Bureau were getting worse and worse. It turned out that Master Jing made a profit in the middle. Wang Sishan persuaded Hu Sishan to keep his original intention, but Wang Sishan disagreed.

Zhu Zhanji wanted to take Yao Zijin as a concubine, but Yao Zijin refused flatly. She knelt on the ground and looked at Zhu Zhanji’s eyes and begged to take back her life, otherwise she would choose to become a monk or die. Zhu Zhanji helped her up and asked how to make her stop. Hate, Yao Zijin was silent.

Coming out of Zhu Zhanji’s palace, Yao Zijin was feeding the cat, and You Yifan came over. He knew that Yao Zijin secretly helped Concubine Zhuang out of the palace, and then relied on the prince to get through the difficulties smoothly. It is not a wise move to deliberately create a estrangement with the prince now that all previous efforts have been abandoned. You Yifan wanted Yao Zijin to join forces with him, but Yao Zijin did not agree.

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